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Victorian Scribblers Season One

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Creation Date October 7th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 15th, 2021
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  1. Show Notes: As promised, a quick overview of non-academic, but informative and entertaining podcast episodes about Victorians / Writers. The History Chicks (a podcast I love and highly recommend): Queen Victoria (part one here, part two here) L
  2. In which I take on Jane Austen…and provisionally outline what actually counts as “Victorian.” Fortify yourselves, because I put on my ranting pants.  DISCLAIMER: in this episode, I state that Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1902. In fact, she
  3. “Our words are giant when they do us an injury, and dwarves when they do us a service.” I. WILLIAM WILKIE COLLINS II. Historical Context: a. 1824 — George IV is 4 yrs in to his 10 yr reign, having succeeded his mentally unstable father, …
  4. EPISODE 2 – WILKIE’s WRITING “Our words are giant when they do us an injury, and dwarves when they do us a service.” 2 parts: PROCESS & PROSE PROCESS: –19 out of 23 novels serialized in periodicals –newspapers and/or “magazines” which ranged fr
  5. Scholars used to think that the 3 volume novel (or triple decker) was the most prominent form of novel publication in the Victorian era. It was certainly the most bourgeoisie, middle-class status symbol form of the book in the nineteenth centur
  6. DISCLAIMER: the audio quality on this episode is not great. I hit a sharp learning curve and didn’t anticipate the editing problems I’d run into. In Ep 3 (Part Two), the quality is a bit better–in Episode 4 and beyond the quality is back to …
  7. 1852: we know she started acting. Now, I mentioned this briefly in the Wilkie Collins bio episode, but to the Victorian mind, actors were all loose and not respectable. A young lady who took up acting was, by society’s estimate, a RUINED young
  8. Episode 4 Part One: Process and ‘Herself’ Ch. 1-2   6 August 1887, article titled “Miss Braddon at Home” in the Cardiff Times and South Wales Weekly News. Based on her archives, we also know that she kept working journals where she recorded obs
  9. Episode 4 (Part Two): “Herself” chs 3-5 & discussion Shout-out to new Patron, Lyn Baines! Thank you for helping make this podcast possible! Special halloween sound effects recorded by Daniel Simion, CC license here. I did some digging about the
  10. UPDATE: Anna would like to clarify that the Braddon centenary conference, in which the Braddon Association participated, was organized by Anne-Marie Beller of Loughborough University in the UK. Hi listeners! In today’s episode, I (Courtney) cha

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