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Creation Date October 24th, 2019
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Winnipeg podcasts
  1. Join James Beaver and a guest as they watch the silly, the weird and the bizarre of movies.
  2. Music talk radio. Interviews and live shows with local independent artists since 2012. Selected as Winnipeg's "favourite local radio show or podcast" by readers of The Uniter for the third consecutive year. Nominated for a 2019 Canadian Podcast Award. Archival episodes are broadcast on 101.5 FM (and in Winnipeg on Sundays at midnight. Most of the songs in the podcast's current format are provided (or performed live) by the guests themselves and used with permission.
  3. Stefan & Shena ruin the internet with a podcast filled with smut weekly. Sometimes with guests...
  4. Welcome to the Club!!! If movies had an afterparty this would be it. My name is Steve, and together with my friends we put out a new show every Monday at noon and have been doing so for years.As always… Peace-Steve
  5. Great interviews from an even greater city!
  6. A podcast showcasing the great city of Winnipeg and the amazing people who live here. Hosted by Nicolas Bueno and Kanen Ling. Support this podcast:
  7. Podcasting LIVE from one of the MOST haunted cities located DEAD center in North America - Winnipeg, MB Canada. Join us as we explore the unknown! Welcome to Giving Up The Ghost Each week we will cover, explore and share our research of unexplained paranormal phenomena in Winnipeg and surrounding areas! Join your AudioCurators Jas and Sherrie as they discover the dark side of local history, Urban legends and their haunting origins as well as everything that goes bump in the night. Are you afraid of the dark? well, you should be. For more information on Sherrie’s Art and Gallery please view her talent at more information on Jas’s publications and fiction writing, please visit her website and her FB page
  8. Each week James Korba and Adam Giardino, along with their special guests, bring you their perspective on all topics encompassed inside and outside the squared circle within the realm of professional wrestling.
  9. Kirk and Trevor discuss PTSD with Dr. Mike Hart founder of ReadyToGo Clinic. Dr. Hart talks about how PTSD, migraines, IBS and some other conditions are due at least in part to an endocannabinoid deficiency. That means cannabis is an obvious treatment for PTSD. Also hear how cannabis can also be used in sports medicine and about Kirk's Runners' High on the Columbia Ice Fields. Music by: Bif Naked - Santa Claus is Comin to Town - - (Yes we got a SOCAN membership to use this song all legal and proper like) Additional Music: Desiree Dorion Marc Clement Links: Dr. Mike Hart's Joe Rogan Interview (Episode 1246): Scientific American "The Case of a Woman Who Feels Almost No Pain Leads Scientists to a New Gene Mutation" - March 30/19 - Jacquelyn Corley - Readytogo Clinic - Mike Hart Book - Friendly Fire: Why Vets Are Ditching Pills and Lighting Up to Treat PTSD - Benzodiazepines for PTSD: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis. Guina et al. Journal of Psychiatric Practice. July 2015 - Reductions in Circulating Endocannabinoid Levels in Individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Following Exposure to the World Trade Center Attacks. Matthew N. Hill et al. Psychoneuroendocrinology. Sept 2013. Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Reconsidered: Current Research Supports the Theory in Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel, and Other Treatment-Resistant Syndromes. Ethan Russo. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. July 2016.
  10. Real Life Winnipeg is a 15 episode podcast series featuring well-known people in Winnipeg talking about their journey to success and self-actualization. The podcast focuses on each individual’s stories of triumph, disappointment, failure, and the lessons they learned from these experiences.These individuals will discuss what experiences have shaped their lives, and lessons they have learned throughout their lifetime. The series targets those individuals seeking guidance or direction in life, and those who simply enjoy hearing stories about well-known personalities. The featured guests include broadcasters, physicians, entertainers and sports figures. The public may have been acquainted with these individuals through the media but the podcasts will focus on the lesser known factors that contributed to their accomplishments in their respective fields. The series includes uplifting messages and advice given by each subject. The podcast series is intended to emphasize the fact that everyone, regardless of social status or fame, has times of success and struggle. The podcast is done in a candid story-telling style
  11. A Winnipeg-based music podcast and UMFM radio show created by Ashley Bieniarz since 2015. Each episode features interviews with emerging or established local music-makers to connect fans or influence other musicians who are thinking of starting a performing career. Through stories of songwriting, album releases and tours from around the world, listen to the unique journeys of local artists who love what they do.
  12. An interview based Podcast where your fearless Host, Chris Maxwell, digs deep to reveal the interesting stories form the guest perspective.. From the serious to the not so serious, no topic or conversation is off limits. #NYNP
  13. Host Libby Jeffrey's travelling mind loves to find people who make their own rules, set big goals and are guided by curiosity. Subscribe and embrace your travelling mind- after all, "well travelled" starts at home!
  14. Marc Battle and Scott Forbes bring you all the good, good, whole wheat info about your kids. Marc is an internationally acclaimed children's advocate and early childhood education instructor, while Scott almost failed Marc's class (there's a ton of information y'all, don't judge). They are also both fathers, and love talking about kids.
  15. Surviving the New World seems like an impossible task. Young Philip Parson has found himself alone, destitute, and embarked upon a difficult journey homeward. PHILIP'S APOCALYPSE is an all-new style of podcast by PAST BEDTIME STUDIO, starring Michael Johnston as Philip, featuring Phillip Ens as the Credits Announcer. Written by J.B. Stephen, with Ben Arzhang. Music composed and performed by J.B. Stephen. Produced by Ben Arzhang.
  16. Host Andy Cole talks with all kinds of people - creative types or otherwise - and then they write a song together. Episodes consist of an interview, some candid clips of the songwriting process, and then the finished song itself.
  17. Navigating creative pursuits and daily struggles. With as many fart jokes and puns as we can fit in.
  18. A look into the history of the Warcraft Universe.
  19. Released every Monday at 5:00am (Saturdays with a paid subscription). Seanorama is a father and husband, and all around Geek. Todd FastFretFingers is his brother. Together, they are the SeanGeek Podcast. The podcast is unrehearsed, unedited and raw. Just like real life is supposed to be. Our hosts discuss the geeky side of music, comics, movies, video games, and RPG games, usually while on the road.
  20. Past Bedtime Talks is a talk series from Past Bedtime Studio where we discuss storytelling, production, related topics and anything else we find influential in our creative pursuits.
  21. We all know real life is the inspiration for if not all, most of the movies we love to watch come from. A Movie just watches better when you know that parts of our culture and history make it to the big screen don’t you agree? Born out of weekly nights pontificating about cinema while ingesting chicken wings and cheap beer The Reel Debaters found a way to argue movies outside of the box. Hosted by Micheal Petrow, a few comedians, some film professionals, a pop culture nerd and a rotating door of cinafiles they sit down each episode and answer some of films least debated arguments like “Who would make a great Prime Minister” or “What ensemble cast would you want to be a secret Santa to” Welcome to where Real Life meets Reel Life.

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