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Join Dr. Arminta for a discussion with Dr. Travis Corcoran about his journey to opening several clinics in the Netherlands and Europe.  The discussion grows deeply into philosophy, psychology, and physiology.   Dr. Travis shares with us a persp
Dr. Arminta talks about Gratitude and its impact on your health and life. Find out how expressing Gratitude can offset stress responses and put your body in a greater state of ease. Learn simple ways to express Gratitude on a daily basis.
Join Dr. Arminta for a discussion with one of her old chiropractic classmates.  Dr. Michael B Dibley is a chiropractor that is making ways to spread the message of human potential globally.   Hi is the founder of the 360 Group that began in Nor
Take a listen to Adrienne’s health story.  Her personal journey inspired her to help others navigate a different way to approaching their health.  Adrienne founded WellBe to facilitate change by helping you get and stay well, and demanding a sy
Join Dr. Arminta for a discussion with Nicole Shelton of Alleviation Therapy.  Nicole talks about her journey into massage therapy and her passions of helping moms thru pregnancy and after.  Nicole works with soon to be mom’s specializing in pr
Join Dr. Phelps as she discusses homebirth options with Midwife Dawn Finney.  We talk about what got Dawn into the midwifery profession and the different levels of midwifery.  We talk about different options for parents to be on how to keep the
Don't be ful'd by the Flu.  Learn the when and why behind the Flu Season.  Dr. Arminta talks about what you can do to help boost your immune system and what supplements can help.  Find out about the efficacy rate and risks associated with the F
Dr. Arminta talks with Integrative MD Dr. Sally Ellebracht-Gerke from Be the Change Healthcare about a different approach when it comes to medicine.  We talk to her about her journey from the traditional clinician model to the more integrative
Tune in to Dr. Arminta as she touches base about the importance of Chiropractic and why its vital to kids developing properly.  Learn how chiropractic care for kids offers your family a solid foundation for health. Dr. Arminta touches on pregna
Join Dr. Arminta as she talks with Kalle Lemone and Kimber Dean of Nourish Café.  We talk about how the idea of Nourish came about and the mission of the restaurant.  We discuss how the love of whole nourishment of food can be fun and easier th
Did you know that nearly 20 million Americans suffer from some form of thyroid disorder?  And 1 in 8 women will battle with this in their lifetime?  Learn about the most common thyroid disorders their symptoms. Find out how to get tested and wh
Join us for conversation with Dr. Lynn Rossy to learn about her expertise on mindfulness.  Learn about her journey in teaching mindful eating not only locally but worldwide. She is the author of The Mindful Based Eating Solution and is now the
Join Dr. Arminta and David Boatright, owner of Fed From the Farm.  Learn about what restorative agriculture is why it is detrimental to providing the most nutrient dense food available.  Find out why they are able to prove a consistently superi
Join Dr. Arminta as she delves into Essential Supplementation.  Find out what supplements she considers absolutely necessary for every person and learn why they play such a vital role in your health.  Learn what "Core Four" supplements Dr. Armi
Know your options when it comes to the care you need.  Join Dr Bridget Gruender of Liberty Family Medicine to a unique approach to primary care.  Dr. Gruender owns and runs Columbia’s premier DPC clinic or Direct Primary Care Clinic.  DPC clini
Learn the critical role that consistent good zzz’s play in your overall health.  Learn what chronic sleep deprivation does to your body and how recent studies have sleep deprivation linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and chronic pain.  Learn how to
Tune in with Dr. Arminta as she is joined by Nate Kesterson and Scott Schutte, founders of Columbia Strength and Conditioning.  They dive into the importance of moving your body and mental steps to take in order to set yourself up for success.
Let’s talk about stress.  Stress is one of the main ways your body gets sick and has a hard time adapting.  Learn from Dr. Arminta the physiological effects of stress and what that looks like in terms of symptoms and dis-ease.  Look at the diff
Join us for a wonderful conversation with Racheal Wittenberger owner of Mindful Movement.  Learn what got Rachael into Physical Therapy and what she does at Mindful Movement.  We talk about Rachael’s clinical passions of the pelvis and her new
Dr. Phelps talks about the importance of whole foods and approach to eating cleaner.  Step by step form lets eat real food, to the importance of eating organic.  We discuss the fat myth and how healty fats are some of the most important nurient
Dr. Arminta is joined by Rachael Sparks of Inner Spark Consulting and author of What Is Stopping Me?.  They discuss different types of energy work that can help your body heal from past emotional trauma.  Tune in as they talk about Reiki, Psych
Kristen Williams founder and owner of Hempsley shares with us the about the health benefits of cannabis.  We will talk about the endocannabinoid system and how CBD can fulfill a nutrient deficiency that can lead to a variety of health complicat
What is this thing called chiropractic and why does everyone need to be checked? Well we want to start from the beginning.  Just 17 days after your parents came together to create you, you being to form something called the neural streak which
Erin Brown founder of COMO Wellness Conference.   Erin shares her story of why she started CoMo Wellness Conference and the purpose of having it in Columbia, MO.  The conference began in 2017 and will have a different topic each year to focus o
Dr. Arminta tells her story and shares her passion on why she wants to bring you a podcast to help you live a more vitalistic lifestyle.   Tune in weekly for expert advice on how we can learn to be proactive about our health.  By learning how t
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