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One of our biggest challenges being human is developing TRUST. It can be a confusing and seemingly illusive experience. Building trust in your process has to begin with how well you trust yourself. Ask yourself right now, “Do I trust my process
Loss... Just saying the word stimulates powerful feelings in us. We have constructed our reality around it. We lose jobs, we lose family members and friends, we lose love, we lose money, we lose respect, and ultimately we lose our life. Kind of
We have the responsibility, and privilege, to be alive at this time in humanities evolution. We say ‘privilege’ because our ancestors paved the way; LITERALLY, for us to be here now, for us to have the luxury to explore our spirituality and to
This is the third in my series on Awakening with Jewels Arnes and Jennifer Thompson. This series is in preparation for the virtual retreat created by my Guest Hosts called “Activate Your Evolution”. (www.activateevolution.com) On this episode w
Why do we follow a leader? Think about this for a long moment. Is it because as a ‘follower’ we don’t believe our own ability? Is it because we don’t want the responsibility of being a leader? Are you the leader of your life? Do you step up as
I love being inspired by a thought, or a sentence. That is what happened with todays show. Nothingness to nothingness is the journey. Take a moment to consider this. We came from 'nothingness' and we will go back to it when we die. So why are w
As we approach the end of the year, we encounter another deeply impactful astrological event- a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4. What are your beliefs about truth? Honestly? Integrity? Uprightness? How is our connection and alignment
BRING you birth chart! This is going to be a hands-on experience. On this adventure, powerhouse Astrologist, teacher and speaker, Shellie Enteen, will be taking us through the lunar eclipse in Taurus- happening on November 19! A Lunar eclipse
We live, for as long as we do, in a state of duality. That duality often confuses us and distorts the reality of our energy. The duality is our soul and our ego. The soul is holding the space for our journey- all of it. The ego is the conscious
All of us have a desire for growth, but do we truly grasp what that actually means? What does it mean to grow? How do you create the space for growth? What do you do to create a fertile environment for your growth? What happens when we FEEL gro
Intuition is a form of communication. We use many ways to communicate- our tone, our energy, our bodies, our eyes, our word choices, and quite a few more. When we are unconscious, we tend to communicate through whatever story is dominant in our
In this episode we will be reviewing Chapter 13 from my book, "Fear Is A Choice". Imagine what our human experience would be like if we embraced our Spark; that aspect of each of us that is God. What if instead of moving through a treadmill o
We are ALL feeling it. The pull, the urge, the prompt, the voice, the calling. We are ALL experiencing it. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do I experience it? The last is truly the most important question. This experience ca
This continues to be a powerful time getting to see how we internalize our external experience, how inexorable change will occur, and reveal the stuff and things that are deeply affecting our personal and human experience. The outer planets are
On today's show I will be diving into Chapter 11 of my book "Fear Is A Choice". There are two distinct perspectives of emotions- one that is ego driven, and one that is guidance driven. As we walk through this powerful chapter I will break thes
I recently read a definition of abundance that really struck me, “…the cultivation of respect for the creative energy of the Universe”. I would express it another way: the cultivation of respect of/for Self. What does that mean? When we cultiva
Our brain is a complex, powerful and impactful organ. It can and does do a lot of stuff. I like to think of my brain like a stereo- in order to hear anything specific, or to enjoy a particular type of music, I've got to TUNE the frequency to a
On this show I will be exploring Chapter 7 of my book, "Fear Is A Choice". From the chapter: "..the core belief that we are separate from God stimulates feelings of unworthiness, as in “If I am separate, it must be because I am not worthy of Go
We are being inundated; pretty much on a daily basis, with powerful energies and influences that are deeply impactful to our psyche and energy. Many call this time the awakening. Regardless of how you label it, there is A LOT going on, and we a
In the book The Watchman’s Rattle, author Rebecca Acosta starts with the questions, ‘Why can’t we solve our problems anymore?’ This powerful idea; and reality, is challenging to embrace, but must be in order to create effective, positive change
On this show we talk all about Chapter 2 of "Fear Is A Choice". We will review the chapter in depth and talk about the evolution of fear in the human experience, and how it become a staple in our consciousness diet. We will explore the ways we
We are in what is called “the retrograde cycle”. With Uranus going retrograde last week, all of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) are currently executing their retrograde cycle. This creates a powerful ‘push’ energeticall
When you are called, or invite, Pacha Mama into your experience your relationship with fear is illuminated. What does that mean? We experience and indulge in many different types of fear. When we are burdened by a fear of self, or fear of ‘who
We continue to be deeply influenced by the Aquarian energy, as the outer planets continue their dance on the way to even more transformational energies. What we are experiencing now is this- YOU WILL EVOLVE. How are you handling these energies?
AI- Artificial Intelligence. What is it? Why is it? On this episode I am joined by celebrated author, Peter Jennings to do a deep dive on this controversial and powerfully charged topic. Is it arrogance that guides our exploration, or conscious
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