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Gregg is a psychologist of the highest degree. He's a deep thinker and has mapped out a profound understanding of existence. Today we talk about wisdom - what it is and how to get it, use it and share it. We talk about balance - how to balance
Jordan is one of the most insightful cultural observers alive. He has uniquely described to us the 'Deep Code' of our culture, in an incredibly nuanced and articulate way. He has been one of the biggest intellectual influences in my life in the
Yes, that's right. Fuck greatness so that you can set yourself free to be filled up by what is right in front of you. Fuck greatness so that you can feel the joy that comes with being right where you are. Fuck greatness so that you can escape t
How to Party? Strange subject, but it might be more nuanced, helpful and healing than you ever imagined. I tell my tale of how I learned how to party, what the basic elements are, and how you might make a party for yourself that helps you conne
I want to share the most profound resources that I've found on the path towards improving my relationships - all of them. As I gain more insight towards this aim, I'm constantly amazed at how it illuminates my relationship with myself. I hope t
I'm back from a paragliding competition and my mind has been running nonstop thinking about the analogies between the gaggle of paragliders working together to fly fast and the human cooperation on earth. In this episode I explain a lot of my
We all have a shared thread of..... trauma. It is trauma that makes us take our first breath. It is trauma that shapes our psyches, our personalities, and ultimately, our relationships. We are amidst an epidemic of denial to this fact. We are c
I have had a deeply introspective spring, and at a wedding or two, I've had seemingly strange pieces of advice arise in me. In this episode, I go through some of these pieces of wisdom and elaborate on them. Don't let your divorce ruin your w
Marianne Van Dijk from Cup of Empathy joins me to discuss Nonviolent Communication, an approach to communication based on principles of nonviolence. It is not a technique to end disagreements, but rather a method designed to increase empathy an
Dr. Sean is an ER Doctor practicing in Tucson Arizona. He has a very unique perspective on how the medical industry is out of whack and what it might look like for doctors and patients alike to have a more sane and integrated view of medicine.
I'm back! Thanks for being here! In this episode we go for a long wander down some concepts in relationship and worldview that have been pivotal for me. They are concepts that encourage me, guide me and inspire me, and my hope with this episod
I'm gonna share some deeply vulnerable shit about my past, my relationships, my life and my mistakes and misunderstandings - all in hopes that it can begin to unwind and alleviate the misunderstanding that was alive in me, that might be alive i
What is the purpose of your life? Do you know? I've had a few insights recently that have changed how I look at my life's purpose and I want to share them with you. I won't promise a 5-step program that will enlighten you instantly, I can't do
I've been on hiatus lately. Here's why, and here's what I've learned. Love you. Thank you so much for listening, for being a part of my life and my transformation. This podcast has changed my life and I'm so happy to share it with you. If y
Tania is an inspirational speaker, opera singer, business woman and social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Mind Medicine Australia, a non-profit working to legalize psychedelics for clinical use in Australia. Her history is quite unlikel
Arran and I dive deep on the current state of gender relations, masculinity and what it is to be a man. This conversation has far reaching implications and is, I think, imperative to consider right now. Follow Arran's work on his twitter @arr
Gavin McClurg is one of the legends of American paragliding. He's been the NatGeo Adventurer of The Year, he's competed in the Redbull X-Alps 3 times, he's sailed around the world and he's the host of the best paragliding podcast out, The Cloud
Gregg is a professor of Psychology at James Madison University in Virginia. He's a heavy hitter in the game and is the author of 'A New Unified Theory of Psychology'. In this episode we talk about the tool that risk, and specifically paraglidin
Our identity loops - the process in which we are guided, affirmed and given feedback - are broken. They used to be closed by our parents, our families, our communities. Now they are being highjacked by social media. There is a wave of depressio
John is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. In this talk, we discuss how ancient cultures and tribes had rituals, ceremonies and initiations into personhood that we have lost in modernity. We discuss the origins of these rit
Daniel is a Stoic Philsopher and hosts a weekly 'Metagame Mastermind' at The Stoa. In this episode we talk about parenting, how our own upbringings were good, but flawed. We talk about creating a series of milestones in a child's life, with cor
Andrew is a REAL philosopher; this will become clear very quickly in this episode. Andrew brings us his thoughts on three things; humanism (how we pinhole existence into the realm of human concerns and social interaction), Psyicalism (seeing th
Matt is a BASE Jumper and deep thinker. In this episode, he proposes the unlikely position that is essentially; "If you are going to jump off the bridge, at least let me come with you. At least share with me your thoughts before you go." This i
Gregg is a professor of Psychology at James Madison University in Virginia. He has done extensive work in an attempt to bring the disjointed field of psychology into coherence, and authored the book A New Unified Theory of Psychology. He's bril
Jared is a podcaster, meditator and thinker. In this episode we talk about the cancel culture mob, how it feels to be chased and more. We also talk about Memetic Mediation - basically a term for getting people of varying ideologies to actually
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