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#044 - Isabel Andrews & Caitlin Pontrella | Art of Retreat LIVES

Released Sunday, 19th July 2020
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Isabel Andrews and Caitlin Pontrella explore public attitudes towards parkour and its practitioners using public spaces and how both art and play may relate. Tune into this episode for a conversation on art, parkour, and public perception.

Isabel hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts where she works as a coach with Parkour Generations Boston, jumps on things, and makes art. Her artwork is deeply influenced by her movement practice, and in return the way she thinks about movement has been greatly informed by her study and practice as an artist. She is very interested in the ways people connect to their various environments

Caitlin is a founding member and a current director of the United States Parkour Association, executive director of Parkour Visions and the director of the Art of Retreat. Over the past 10+ years she has worked in both private and public sector, founding parkour companies, leadership events, working with city governments to incorporate play initiatives, and building over 40 pop-up playgrounds along the way. She is also an architect and a play researcher, a burner and a prolific writer.

Art of Retreat LIVES are off-the-cuff conversations recorded live with an online audience. Lead by John 'Hedge' Hall of Access Parkour.