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Play a space game requiring super technical, minor adjustments to thrust vectors and yaw? More like YAWN, amirite? In 288, we're playing Activision's (squee!) 1983 space shuttle simulator SPACE SHUTTLE: A JOURNEY INTO SPACE. Instead of, we supp
Belgian listeners! Episode 287 is for you! On this episode of ATARI BYTES, we're playing the 1982 Coleco game SMURFS: RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S CASTLE. The game features those super annoying beloved blue cartoon characters the SMURFS! And we're terr
Our Olympic fever shows no sign of breaking. The mercury has shot out the top of the thermometer, splattering all over this week's episode.  In 286 of ATARI BYTES, we're playing VIDEO OLYMPICS, one of Atari's 1977 "original nine" games. There's
In ATARI BYTES episode 285, we're playing the David Crane (squee!) 1983 Activision (squee!) title DECATHLON in honor of the increasingly misnamed 2020 Olympics! With ten events, is this game ten times the fun? We've got our tank top and tight s
Episode 284 of ATARI BYTES gets its groove ON with the 1982 Sega port of ZAXXON! (That's a terrible set up. But the episode is good. I promise. Probably. Maybe. Look, just listen, please. ) This week's short story: ZACH'S ON Thanks to Kevin McL
Intellivision Month 2021 concludes this month in ATARI BYTES episode 283. We're playing TRON DEADLY DISCS, inspired by the "cult classic" movie. It's a collision of cult classic movie and cult classic podcast! (I might be delusional.) This week
INTELLIVISION MONTH 2021 barrels forward on ATARI BYTES 282. Much as we do with the twisty maze that is life, we're winding our way through the twisty maze of Mattel's 1982 Intellivision offering NIGHT STALKER, a/k/a the 2600 game "Dark Cavern"
You're gliding along peacefully, when suddenly your periscope shoots upward. Through the murky depths you are shocked to see rocketing toward you... ATARI BYTES episode 281! Intellivision Month continues this week with Mattel's 1982 nautical ad
INTELLIVISION MONTH 2021 has arrived in episode 280 of ATARI BYTES!  *Deafening cheers erupt* **Also an angry stampede out the door by some Atari purists** We kick things off with Mattel's 1981 title STAR STRIKE, which may or may not be inspire
Doing something a little different this week in ATARI BYTES episode 279. Setting aside the games (Wait! Come back!) to share some thoughts I had while working a booth at a recent convention to promote the show and my books. In short, I noticed
Take a deep breath. Smell that? That's episode 278's equine-filled game. On this week's ATARI BYTES, we're playing the 1980 horse-racing game, STEEPLECHASE.  Jockey your way to this episode and mount your steed. This week's short story: STEEPLE
What's that in your teeth? Why, it's another episode of ATARI BYTES! In episode 277, we take a huge, wet bite out of TOOTH PROTECTORS and let juices drip down our chin. This is the Johnson & Johnson (yes, the one-shot vaccine people) 1983 mail
This planet sucks. Wait! Don't go! This isn't political or cultural commentary. THIS PLANET SUCKS, a self-published Greg Troutman title from 1997, is the name of this week's game on ATARI BYTES. So, absolutely NO sucking to be had in episode 27
For those of you who lack the physicality to dance to the time warp, ATARI BYTES episode 275 has you covered. In the 1983 Coleco port of TIME PILOT, the time warp requires no dancing, just wave after wave of aerial dogfighting. Not even Tim Cur
In ATARI BYTES episode 274, we're playing LASER GATES. Two guesses what this game is about. Wrong! It's monkeys and gonads, obviously. (You gotta listen to the show to understand that.) This week's Bad Poetry Corner: IF WARREN ZEVON'S A ROBOT T
One day in April 2021, ATARI BYTES drifted into Data Age's 1982 game BERMUDA TRIANGLE and was NEVER SEEN AGAIN. Episode 273 is the chronicle of that disappearance.  If you look up, you might see your host mooning you from the spaceship. This we
This week's ATARI BYTES episode, 272 for those scoring at home, is totally tubular (that's for you Gen Xers) Or is it? We're playing the unfinished 1984 effort TEMPEST, which tries to translate the 3D tubes the action plays out on on the arcade
ATARI BYTES 271 revisits an old friend. A twitchy, large-nosed, profanity-obsessed friend who just won't just hold still for goodness sakes. We all have a friend like that. If you're not sure about that, it's probably you. It's Q*BERT'S QUBES,
Guys, if life has taught us nothing else, we all should know by now that we must pick up our balls. This is especially true in Atari's 1983 let's-stick-it-to-em-and-see-how-mad-they-get, QUADRUN, our focus for ATARI BYTES episode 270. Tune in t
In episode 269 of the ATARI BYTES podcast, we play SOLAR FOX, the 1983 CBS Electronics port of Bally/Midway's 1981 arcade game. Much like Icarus, we fly a wee bit too close to the sun, but do we get burned? Listen and find out! This week's shor
ATARI BYTES episode 268 is bubbling over with tasty goodness. We're playing PEPSI INVADERS, a 1983 cartridge created by Atari to cheer up sad Coca-Cola sales people sad about losing the "cola wars" to Pepsi. This episode is both sugar and caffe
In 1979, Twentieth Century Fox unleashed an iconic sci-fi movie called ALIEN. In 1982, Atari released the game version, in the maze style of iconic game Pac-Man. In 2021, the podcast ATARI BYTES did an episode about ALIEN, episode 267. It was..
We're back to cram more square pod pegs into your round ear holes. It's another cubist's delight in 266 with RUBIK'S CUBE 3D. The three "D"s are "delightful", "delicious" and "de-wonderful", to borrow from an old song.  Or are they? Tune in thi
ATARI BYTES episode 265: Back in the 1970s, Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik, we assume, decided to see if he could drive people insane. He designed a cube consisting of a bunch of smaller cubes of many colors. He said, "Here, take this cube. Mess
On episode 264 of ATARI BYTES, we went back to the beginning; a bit of a palate cleanser after the disturbing "Porky's" last week. We take a look at PONG, the game that started it all. The original came out in 1972 with an Atari port in 1975. F
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