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A weekly Business, Marketing and Education podcast featuring Jodi Krangle
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Episodes of Audio Branding

“If you're not thinking about sound and audio strategically and intentionally as it applies to every part of the mix in marketing, every touchpoint, every channel, every platform, then you're likely going to be doing yourself a disservice.” --
Sound is a subject I’m very passionate about, and it’s more important than we think. When I started this podcast I wanted as many people as possible to know that their audio shouldn’t be an afterthought. But as I spoke with people about this to
“This is about an enhancement. This is about a more immersive experience, not even an immersive audio experience, but an immersive experience because even if we tried and we just wanted to experience one sense, we can't." Jeanna Isham This week
“I really like creating but it is a lot of work and one thing that I have noticed is that companies and even industries do not fully understand the potential of sonic branding.” Jeanna Isham This episode's guest has over twenty years of audio e
“Voice does communicate so much more meaning than what you can read. No matter how well written it is, it's still the voice that really carries the meaning of the feeling of that, and you know as a voice actor how important that is and how much
“It's a gift to listeners. If you make your podcast a gift to listeners, they'll appreciate the fact that you gave them that gift and they'll remember you for that and they'll think better of you for that as a brand.” Jeff Vidler   This week's
“I came into the world listening. Other people came in noticing, visually, or touching things, tactically, which is why there are sculptors and visual artists, and some of us were just innately oriented toward the sound of the world.” - Michael
"In tone therapy, we've created a space which is both safe and intriguing so we can solve some of the discomfort problem with mindfulness meditation and we can also solve some of the boredom aspects of it." - Michael Joly   This episode’s guest
“Producers are people who are interested in developing and creating new ideas that expand human awareness and human consciousness.” Randall Libero   This week is part two of my interview with online media authority Randall Libero. He's an execu
“All throughout this, in the background, it's been, for me, a study about the effect of media on human consciousness.” Randall Libero When it comes to creating a brand and being known as an authority in your field, podcasting truly is the new
“In space, no one can hear you scream.” At least not according to a certain famous movie tagline, and for the most part, it’s absolutely right. Sound as we know it travels as vibrating waves through matter, and there just isn’t enough of it in
“The convenience and service AI Voice will afford is part of the power of this system.” Dr. Teri Fisher AI Vocal Biomarkers  “When you take a digital photograph, in addition to getting the image, there’s data that’s captured by the camera.” He
Dubbed as “The Voice Doctor”, Dr. Teri Fisher believes that voice technology is the next operating system and the future of computers and artificial intelligence. We talk about breaking down the complexities of this technology to its most basic
Matching Audio to Your Brand When Kevin’s company begins a brand project, they start from the perspective of the first sound that will strike an audience’s mind. Kevin looks for the video's vibe and creates a complementary soundtrack that goes
“Music has been a part of my life for my whole life and I didn’t realize that most kids don’t grow up with that kind of music exposure.” Kevin Elliot Filmmakers who understand sound and why sound is essential to their production are a favorite
Machine learning has helped shape just about every aspect of our digital lives, whether it’s deciding which Netflix show or YouTube video to recommend to us or even teaching cars to drive themselves. One of the most innovative uses for machine
In the first part of my interview with Julia Langley, we discussed everything from how she’s transformed her career with life changing events to a few quick exercises that are great for helping singers and speakers to visualizing sound. I can’t
This is the first part of my interview with vocal coach and professional singer, Julia Langley. She is a vocal coach for singers and speakers and it’s her unique perspective that makes this interview one worth listening to. Julia also shares in
Most of us grew up learning that the human body has five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Everything we know about the world around us comes to us through these senses. We see colors and we hear music. We taste whether our coffee h
This is the second part of my interview with Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. In the first part, we discuss their business, Lotas Productions and how both Jim and Sam got into this industry. In this second part, we dive more into the industry of voi
Matching Audio to Your Brand When Kevin’s company begins a brand project, they start from the perspective of the first sound that will strike an audience’s mind. Kevin looks for the video's vibe and creates a complementary soundtrack that goes
I’m really excited to be speaking with these two guests - Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. Jim is one of the powerhouses behind Lotas Productions and has spent his career looking for the perfect voice for each project he’s been a part of. Sam is in
This is the conclusion of my interview with Dr. Lilach Saperstein. If you missed the first part, Lilach and I discuss everything from the science behind hearing/sound to properly using sound effects in your marketing material to make it more ac
This is my interview with Dr. Lilach Saperstein. Lilach is different from most of the guests I have on this podcast. She’s into the science end of sound as an audiologist, specializing in helping parents deal with hearing loss in their children
This is the second part of my interview with Tom Eymundson. This part dives in deeper to the bigger necessity of having an audio brand. This audio brand is the connective tissue to your customers. Tom really lays out for us how important an aud
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