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Answers in the Form of Questions: A Definitive History and Insider's Guide to Jeopardy! For $1000, Alex, what is a fantastic new book from author Claire McNear? Culture and sports journalist McNear has written a delightful history not only of t
That parenthetical quote above comes directly from the fantastic new book Loving Sports When They Don’t Love You Back: Dilemmas of the Modern Fan, and we are very excited to have that book’s authors, Jessica Luther and Kavitha A. Davidson, on #
The concept of “building an author platform” provokes fear in many writers: Why do we need to be media stars in addition to writing great books? The simple answers: so you can get paid more for your work, get your books into more readers’ hands
You’re writing your book, dreaming of the Hollywood stars who will play the leads in the TV or movie version. But what are the chances you’ll really see your book on the small screen? How might that happen? And what are the chances of that happ
You want to write a nonfiction book. Maybe you’ve already written a book proposal. Maybe you’ve already sold the book. Now you have to actually write it, which has you wondering: HOW DO I ACTUALLY WRITE A BOOK?! They don’t give you a handbook w
Just because you started your career in one genre doesn’t mean you have to stick with it for the rest of your life—just ask Judy Blume and J.K. Rowling! But it’s not as easy as it might seem (especially when you’re not Judy Blume or J.K. Rowlin
Why do you have to finish your novel before getting an agent? What should you look for when choosing agents to send it to? What does an effective fiction query letter include? We walk through exactly how to get from having a cool novel idea to
We answer questions from listeners Beth Schap, Kirthana Ramisetti, and Curtis Honeycutt! From Beth: Can you become enough of an expert on a passion topic to be a credible author of articles or books if you're not in that industry? And if so how
Ben Widdicombe is the only writer to have worked for the New York Post’s Page Six, TMZ, and The New York Times, “an unusual Triple Crown,” to say the least. It also helped him build a resume of interviewees that includes bold-faced names from H
Curious about self-publishing? Considered trying it, but found the whole process complicated and more than a little intimidating? Ditto, which is why we sought out expert advice from Miral Sattar, founder and CEO of self-publishing go-to sites
Anna David’s done the memoir thing, to critical acclaim. And having shared her own story, as well as that of one very interesting, Golden Globe-nominated actor, in multiple books, now she’s created a clever new way to tell even more of her life
We know it means money in our bank accounts, but beyond that, there is a lot about book advances that a lot of authors don’t know. While it might seem, for instance, that publishers are just pulling arbitrary numbers out of the air, there is a
We continue discussing ways to strengthen your author business plan in a recession with superstar business coach, branding expert, and author Dorie Clark. As Clark explains, authors are uniquely positioned to turn their platform into more money
Whether you’re making most of your living from writing books or using it as a side hustle, you still must contend with some sticky financial issues: how to manage large(ish) checks with long dry spells in between, how to pay taxes when they’re
We continue our discussion about how to handle book releases when events are canceled, authors are stuck in their houses indefinitely, and it’s nearly impossible to break into a packed—and terrifying—news cycle. This week, we get insightful soc
Publishing a book is stressful enough, as we have noted many times on this podcast, even in the most normal of times. But books are continuing to come out, even as much of the world takes to quarantining itself in the coronavirus pandemic. That
There are any number of things related to releasing a book that can send your stress level off the charts … like, for instance, monitoring how well your book is doing on the sales charts! That’s why it’s so crucial to practice extra good self c
It’s harder than ever to break through the crowded media landscape to get coverage for your upcoming book release. But one great way to do it—and to literally create your own publicity—is to pitch articles and essays that you yourself can write
Think publishing a book is a competitive business? So is promoting one! Book tours are not a given for the majority of authors, and planning an event – even finding a venue to host you – takes a lot of time and know-how. On this episode of #Aut
It’s harder than ever to break through the endless media noise to get the word out about your book. Grand Central Publishing publicist Kamrun Nesa walks us through how you, as an author, can generate publicity for your work, and how you can bet
Introvert, extrovert, it doesn’t matter: asking other authors for help, especially for the considerable favor of a book blurb, can be nerve-racking. Jennifer and Kim have been there, and share some specific tips for approaching your fellow scri
After you’ve written a book, what happens when you turn it over to your editor to be published? Suddenly, after months or years of being alone with your work, you’re suddenly subjected to outside feedback and faced with some major decisions reg
From selling a book idea to selling yourself as the best person to write it, a stellar book proposal is a must. Jennifer and Kim chat about the specific parts of a proposal – with examples from the winning proposals that sold their books – incl
With self-publishing available at the click of a mouse and traditional publishing struggling to find what works, going outside the Big Five looks better than ever. Is some form of self-publishing right for you? We’re talking with Anna David, th
Every book project begins with an idea. And after that, it’s up to the author and her or his agent to get that idea out into the world (more specifically, into the hands of an enthusiastic editor). From finding the right agent and how to manage
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