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Be Spooked

A weekly Fiction, Drama and Science Fiction podcast
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Episodes of Be Spooked

A man in a pitch black room is woken by a sexy female voice over a loudspeaker. Slowly, he starts to recall the previous night - the club, the drugs, the crazy ex-girlfriend... But how does she know about the abortion?  See omnystudio.com/list
A diver stumbles across an unmapped chamber in a cave system that's full of dense mist and oddly high levels of oxygen. Is this where all the missing divers ended up? Performed by Jorjeana Marie and Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced by Kenn D
Museums are great places to visit with a child... the sense of wonderment they feel as a parent explains the world's mysteries makes it so worthwhile. But remember; museums also have tales of woe and destruction, as this little girl found out t
When a detective needs help to get evidence on a serial killer, she turns to the forensics lab... and it turns out that the proof has been staring her in the face all this time Performed by Jorjeana Marie and Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced
We all remember the time when we realize that in the end, everyone dies... So, is it good or bad to know the how and the when of your demise? Or might you be spooked? Performed by Elena Ho, Cassie Low, Jorjeana Marie and Kenn Delbridge Written
We're at our most vulnerable when we're asleep...  even more so if you're having an operation... if you wake up while your body is still under, you might be spooked Performed by Jorjeana Marie, Stephanie Bovis, and Kenn Delbridge Written & Pr
People are afraid of the dark because they fear what lurks in the shadows... When a child starts to realize there are bad things in the world, how they cope with this will shape their ability to deal with the forces of good and evil. So if Evil
If you're on a rescue mission to free a drug dealer's daughter, don't go on a wing and a prayer. Because if things go bad, heads will roll, and a nasty surprise could pop up... and you might be spooked.  Performed by Eric Hurst & Kenn Delbridg
When the stakes are high, play your cards close to your chest. If a casino is hosting the World Poker Showdown and 2 players start acting strange, the security team might be spooked Performed by Eric Hurst, Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge Writ
Being a good neighbour means occasionally turning a blind eye to what you see.   If your neighbour is the local drug dealer, best to keep your mouth shut.   See No Evil, Speak No Evil.   If you talk to the cops… you might be spooked   Performed
A man with a secret has to contend with his virtual assistant who knows too much, and has no idea when she's gone too far... Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Perfect… Yet… So if you let it run your life, you might be spooked. Performed by Stephani
When the Zombie apocalypse hits, be careful where you hide. If you pick the housekeeping closet in a zombie-infested hotel corridor, you might be spooked   Performed by Cassie-Anne Low & Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced by Kenn DelbridgeSound
2 Astronauts race to fix a problem on the International Space Station, but they're not alone in space... and out in space, no-one can hear you scream. So when the mission commander hears someone whispering in his ear…. he might be spooked.    P
Dead Men Tell No Tales... as long as they stay dead. If 2 crooked cops hit a cartel money run and they get more than they bargained for, they might.. be spooked Performed by Denise Keller & Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced by Kenn DelbridgeS
A woman makes a deal with a mysterious stranger for an algorithm to power her social platform... but when the stranger comes back 5 years later to get what was agreed on, the price turns out to be too high.   Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn
Hell hath no fury... like a woman scorned. If she wants revenge, you might be spooked. A sheriff and her deputy pursue a mysterious woman who snatched a newborn and ran into the woods. They track her to a shed in forest clearing... will they su
If you have something to say, don't wait til your dead Otherwise, it's too late If someone from beyond the grave speaks to you, you might be spooked Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced by Kenn DelbridgeSound Desi
Ever wake up the morning after and realize you’ve overslept? If you’re late for your own funeral, you might be spooked... Written & Producer by Kenn Delbridge Performed by Nixalina Watson, Paul Foster & Kenn Delbridge Sound Design and Mix by S
Half of all marriages end in divorce, the other half end when one spouse dies. If you want out, but divorce is not an option, your inner angel and devil will help you decide what to do. Be prepared… to be spooked. Written & Produced by Kenn De
The highest point on Earth is the peak of Mount Everest, at 8848m above sea level. The deepest you can go is almost 11,000m below the waves. The only creatures that at that depth are no more than half a meter. So if you encounter something bi
Our launch episode is from out of this world - did you know that before the start of humanity, the only thing you could see at night from space was lightning, fires and volcanos?  "Space Oddity" was written and produced by Kenn Delbridge Perfo
Our launch episode echoes how many of us feel in 2020, with our beautiful planet on the edge... perspective is everything when we cannot see a clear path ahead This episode was written, performed and produced by Kenn Delbridge Based on an orig
It’s Coming There’s nothing you can do to stop itIf You Scare Easily, You might Be SpookedBe Spooked presents Bite-Sized Tales of Things that Go Thump in the NightListener Discretion is Advised. Strong Language See omnystudio.com/listener for
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