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Authenticity & Diversity Part #2 – Jamil Sanders

Released Thursday, 15th April 2021
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Today we welcome back returning guest Jamil Sanders, Vice President and Relationship Manager of Key Private Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. In this episode, we shine a light on how accepting ourselves is the first step to accepting others. Jamil offers a wealth of wisdom and helps kick off our conversation by defining the importance of accepting yourself. He touches on the interconnectedness of acceptance and self-love, as well as why we should try not to take on the role of being our own harshest critic. Jamil then takes a moment to explain how he balances the dichotomy of being the best version of himself and forgiving of his flaws. By understanding that success and doubt come with ebbs and flows, he notes that keeping a constant balance of humility is one of the best ways to cope with unexpected adversity. For added perspective, Jamil references his wrestling experiences in high school. Later on in the show, we tuck into the importance of not just hearing those around us but listening to them on much deeper levels. To conclude, Jamil shares advice to those who want to want to make an active change to accept others and improve the lives of those around them. He suggests focusing on what people are and what they are not, as well as how we can have a more productive dialogue to encourage change. To hear more on why self-acceptance is one solution to many business problems, be sure to join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:
  • Jamil defines the importance of accepting yourself.
  • Jamil balances the dichotomy of being the best version of himself and forgiving of his flaws.
  • Jamil shares how he copes with success being met with sudden adversity.
  • Hear Jamil's definition of success.
  • Jamil touches on the virtues of using grace instead of blame.
  • We talk about what it means to truly listen to someone and process how they're feeling.
  • Jamil's advice to those who want to make an active effort to accept yourself and others.
  • Why dialogue should be centered around finding likeness and not differences.
  • A call to action for you to commit to over the next week.
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