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When everything is possible, how can you decide on anything? Artist and Curator of Awesomeness, Scott Erickson discusses some helpful limitations to apply to your life to help you get to the work you want to be making in the world. See acast.c
Social work is hard. Social workers need to be equipped with tools to go into a field filled with trauma, hurt, and oppressive systems.Jesus didn't come to encourage people to take bubble baths in an effort of self-care. He came so that we woul
What does it look like practically to live into the biblical narrative in the “helping professions”? Bethany will share her personal experiences, explain how the gospel narrative applies to therapy and social work, and spend time exploring how
Is it possible to honor God as a government official? Can you promote justice as a public servant? Come hear from past and current government officials at both the local and federal level about why the answer to both these questions is a resoun
Steve, Co-founder & CEO of Aura Health, has unexpectedly become an entrepreneur by listening to God; with a pre-med background, he ended up co-founding a software company with his brother to improve the world's emotional health.Steve shares his
Join Tasha for a discussion around education and continuous learning. Whether you are interested in an aspect of education in the classroom, in the lecture hall, or in the community room, this will be a time you don't want to miss!Participants
We have more texts to read and more media for writing than at any other point in human history, and yet we struggle more than ever to understand and persuade one another. At the center of this tension is our epistemological crisis--a crisis of
Every year, the sports industry brings in billions of dollars, and nearly 75% of youth in America participate in at least one sport. This past year, we've seen sports go through major shifts as COVID-19 forced changes in sports patterns and the
We often think of vocation as connected to “job” or “career,” and while that is one part of God’s call on our lives, we are invited to respond in a much broader manner.This workshop will include both a personal story of a call to education as a
Can your faith in Jesus Christ really make you a better engineer? Absolutely! And a better doctor, business leader, teacher, mechanic, restaurant worker—or whatever is your day job. But your faith doesn't impact your vocation automatically. You
COVID-19 challenged us to reveal what we really believe in, and it changed life away from normal in a way that continues to this day. Trusting God in the face of so much uncertainty requires faith in every area of life and in all kinds of vocat
Jesus healed people. Paul was healed as part of his conversion to Christianity. And the whole arc of the gospel is that God is healing and redeeming the world. It is no mistake that in Genesis, God completes his creation by breathing life into
This workshop will explore the following topics and questions: Did law exist before the Fall or was it a result of the Fall? What is the definition of justice? What is the relationship, if any, between beauty and justice? Why are we called to s
This workshop will help you reframe your passions, talents, and dreams into plans. You will leave with tools and motivation to frame a life more rooted in what you're designed to do rather than just what you're "supposed to" do. See acast.com/p
As a society, we have never been more cynical, or more hopeful. We seem to want to escape the world and transform it—all at once. We’ve shifted our trust away from most institutions and leaders. In this crisis of hope, Redemptive Entrepreneursh
While our main issues are not our identity, our identity is usually our main issue. In this sports-crazed, fame-and-fortune, clout-driven, name-dropping society, we all desire to be known, loved, embraced, and accepted…especially athletes. Big
Colleges and universities offer amazing opportunities and challenges for followers of Jesus to grow in and live out their faith, both for students and professors. In the first part of this workshop, Catherine shares her own story of being a sci
Artificial Intelligence is here. Its impact will be bigger than the Second Industrial Revolution. Every aspect of the lives of every person on the planet will be touched by this revolution. As Christians—even if you’re not an aspiring computer
How do you know if you are being “called” to vocational ministry? While many of us long for a direct word from God like the prophets received, we rarely get anything of the sort. In this workshop, we will talk about how you can discern a callin
In today's techno-environment, people are particularly hungry for authentic, clear communication that doesn't depend on emojis to evoke the powerful truths that unite us as human beings. Illustrated by wild stories from interviews with people o
The Bible invites us to an abundant life, which includes God moving beyond what we can imagine. What if God wants to use you to spark a revival on college campuses? How can we see the realities of Scripture made manifest on our campuses?We will
Paige Wiley and Luke Bobo are the authors of Worked Up: Navigating Calling After College, a resource for students bridging the gap from college to career. Highlighting a few key selections from the book, this workshop will dispel common myths s
Do you find yourself wishing that political campaigns would disappear? Do you wonder how Christians are supposed to engage in something that seems so corrupt and broken? Does your vote even matter? How can you talk politics with people who don’
How does your faith impact your vocation? I’m not actually sure it does. But I am positive it impacts how you carry yourself, how you perform, and the effect you have on your colleagues. There are endless possibilities of jobs you can do, but t
While our main issues are not our identity, our identity is usually our main issue. In this sports-crazed, fame-and-fortune, clout-driven, name-dropping society, we all desire to be known, loved, embraced, and accepted…especially athletes. Big
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