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CGCM Podcast. Also known as the Canadian Geeks with beers Chat Metal Podcast. "Just what the world needs, a couple of drunken Canucks blabbering on about music." - Cheers!

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CGCM Podcast EP#54-MORC Love Boat
CGCM Podcast EP#54-MORC Love Boat
LOVE, exciting and new. Come aboard, we're expecting you! The LOVE Boat soon will be making another run. That's right headbangers, the Monsters Of Rock Cruise is gearing up for it's 9th voyage on February 24th. As always the lineup is incredible. Some MORC veteran bands and a slew of fresh blood. This is destined to be an amazing good time. In celebration of Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2019, the Canadian Geeks present to you, the "LOVE BOAT" episode. Consider this your very own MORC 2019 primer pre-party! Starring Wallygator as "Doc", the Meister as "Isaac" the bartender and very special guest April as "Julie" your friendly cruise director. April Lee joins us all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to discuss all things Monsters of Rock Cruise. A 2 hour lesson on how to squeeze as much fun into the cruise as humanly possible. In this episode you will learn.. what to expect if you are a first time cruiser. advice on "pacing" yourself mostly at the bar!! the importance of making a plan to see the bands you "must see" when NOT to approach the rock stars Between the Meister and April, you have the experience of 16 Monsters of Rock Cruises. They are your Jedi Masters heed their advice you will. Also included in this episode is a total of 15 killer tracks from bands you will see on this years cruise. Music from Tora Tora, Rose Tattoo, Black n Blue, John Corabi, Extreme, Jetboy, The Wildhearts, KiLLeR DWaRfs, XYZ, D-A-D, Eclipse, Pat Travers Band and Brighton Rock. For first time cruisers, this is episode is an absolute must and for people considering it, this episode might be just what the Doc ordered. So climb aboard, Julie is here to answer all your questions, Isaac is here to pour the "Cloven Hoof" Rum or "Rhythm & Brews" beers. It's a MORC rock n roll party!
CGCM Podcast EP#53- Chatting Metal With Paul Stanley
CGCM Podcast EP#53- Chatting Metal With Paul Stanley
You read that correctly. The Canadian Geeks sit down and chat metal with Mr. Paul "Freakin" Stanley! It's a dream come true episode as Wallygator and The Meister chat via telephone with the Paul Stanley. So get yourself a frosty cold beverage, sit back and hear all about some of Paul's favourite metal music. Now seriously, you weren't actually expecting Paul Stanley from KISS? We are far more excited to introduce Paul Stanley, founder, and owner of Cloven Hoof Rum, the newest sponsor of the CGCM Podcast. Paul calls in from jolly ol' England to revel in some conversation and drink heavily with the Canadian Geeks. As Paul likes to put it "Raise the Hoof"! Paul talks about his passion for metal music, his passion for RUM and sharing his name with another famous Paul Stanley. It's the complete story of how Cloven Hoof Rum came to be and its very cool relationship with the metal scene. Cloven Hoof Rum is a proud sponsor of metal music and Paul spins a six pack of bands that he wants to shed some light on. The CGCM Podcast is proud to be the vehicle chosen to share the spotlight on these great bands.
CGCM Podcast EP#52-Best of 2018
CGCM Podcast EP#52-Best of 2018
It's the Canadian Geeks BEST OF 2018 Episode! What year would be complete without counting down Wallygator's and the Meisters' Top Albums from the year gone by? Now we understand that every podcast under the sun will have released or will be releasing their versions of their Best Of's but I would be willing to bet that none of them turns a top 10 list into a top 31 like the Meister tried to. So Happy New Beer everyone! We should note that for the fist time in CGCM Podcast history, the geeks were recording from separate locations due to scheduling limitations. We apologize with the slightly lower sound quality that resulted. Technicians are hard at work for the next one. Have a listen as the Meister's head nearly explodes trying to narrow down anything close to a top 10. Now in his defense, there really was an abundance of amazing music released last year. Now don't waste your time trying to find this stuff on the radio, it simply isn't there. Then again, if you are reading these shownotes on our podcast website you already know where to find the latest and greatest in real rock past and present! This episode delivers a dozen tracks pulled from each hosts top 6 albums of the year. You will hear music from Worry Blast, Red Dragon Cartel, U.D.O., Love Razer, Vandellus, Striker, Steel City, Dee Snider, Lee Aaron, Tokyo Blade and the mighty Judas Priest! Musically this could be our best episode yet. Throw in a couple of 2018 released Dick in the Dirt tracks courtesy of Hammer Down Hard - Total Annihilation and Snew's Your Freaking Me Out and what you have is one bad ass year end review show. We also wanted to take a moment and wish all of our listeners and our awesome sponsors a Happy New Year. - Cheers!

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