Cobras & Fire: Comedy / Rock Talk Show

A Music, Comedy and Metal podcast featuring Bakko
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AlexS reviewed this podcast on Jan 27th, 2019
"Get your head out of your ****. Get some squish. And listen to Cobras and fire. "
MarkAges reviewed this podcast on Jan 19th, 2019
"Fans of Enuff Z'Nuff should check out the Donnie V ep. "
Plop reviewed this podcast on Dec 25th, 2018
"Brand new listener. Started with the best of ep. "
GVogel reviewed this podcast on Nov 22nd, 2018
"Great stuff. Good and bad comedy, with some great talkers and interviews. "
sd200044 reviewed this podcast on Oct 29th, 2018
"These two are completely hilarious and have a show about basically nothing but play some awesome music and spout stuff that may or may not be true. In most cases probably is not true. Check it out if your not easily offended and you’ll like it. Take it from me Slow Talkin Steve. There is more than one way to rock a podcast and these dudes do it in a funny and completely crazy way. AAAAAA!!"
Beeker reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"Absolutely (drink) one of the funniest shows out there. Loose Cannon and Bakko are ridiculous. Some shows you may skip and episode if the subject doesn't interest you. It really doesn’t matter here. Most topics are just a launching point for idiotic and amusing conversation. I can’t stand the Hysteria record and I listened to that episode twice. If you’ve been a fan of rock and metal for a long time, you will enjoy this show."
AndyMan reviewed this podcast on Sep 24th, 2018
"I’ve been a fan of this show going way back. I think it was the Prince episode after hearing it mentioned on Decibel Geek. Bakko and LC are funny guys. I wish they were a live call in show because there are times I feel I need to chime in. Very funny sarcastic show and it’s keeps getting better. Good interviews too. "
BipolarBilly reviewed this podcast on Sep 23rd, 2018
"I give 5 fucks about this podcast. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕"
ToddAllen reviewed this podcast on Sep 23rd, 2018
"Love this show. Very funny guys who love music and don’t take themselves too seriously. I have learned a lot of new music from them. "
vmr907 reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"If you don't get Bakko and Loose Cannon's humor, you sir are perfectly rated. Get your fair share of comedy and music, hear the musical stylings of Bakko's cover band Black Sabots, LC's love for bands using the same few words while choosing to name themselves. They also take care of you, fans, jerk socks, choni wipes, what will these loving baffoons come up with next?"
Patty reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2018
"I discovered this show recently after listening to the KK Downing interview. I have just started going through the back episodes. I've gotten through 6 so far. Funny, rockecentric humor. And plenty of questionable advice for silly life situations. So far it's been a fun escape. The two hosts are likable and self deprecating. Absolutely Drink or the Tommy Lee fathers day ep were may favorite. Keep it up. I look forward to working my way back to your first show. Funny stuff. "
Brett reviewed this podcast on Sep 17th, 2018
"These guys make me laugh. Sometimes at my self. Good self depricating humor and jokes about rock music. The absolutely drink episode was great. "
ZachEarl reviewed this podcast on Sep 12th, 2018
"This show rocks. "
Jason K reviewed this podcast on Sep 11th, 2018
"Funny Rockin' podcast. If you buy them a beer they'll even give you a shout out and rate the beer.😉"
Wallygator reviewed this podcast on Aug 19th, 2018
"Lots of laughs and some pretty solid music can be found right here! Check them out and tell them the Canadian Geeks sent you. "
Thyercox reviewed this podcast on Aug 19th, 2018
"The funniest music podcast in the known universe. Loose & Bakko are the best cynics in podcast land."
Lori82 reviewed this podcast on Aug 19th, 2018
"These guys rock. Their show description mentions "absurd discussion". That is accurate. Vince Neil leaving the stage mid-show for a run to Chipotle, Blackie Lawless addicted to throwing meat at people, the Black Veil Brides lyric or not game show,Paul Stanley using AOL dial up service to tweet. LOL. Their KISS commentary is always good. The interview eps usually have a unique take to them. In summary this may be the most honest music discussion you can hear. "
JohnnyR reviewed this podcast on Aug 19th, 2018
"This show is one reason to look forward to Tuesday. Ruthless no holds commentary. Not something you can listen to in your cubicle. It can get graphic. I almost had to pull over when they discussed masturbating on the monsters of rock cruise. Very funny. No sympathy for those who are easily butt-hurt. "
Churcho reviewed this podcast on Aug 18th, 2018
"Funny show featuring lots of sarcasm. Funny commentary about music, musicians, bands and the industry as a whole. Fans of the 80's hair metal bands will dig this show. "
AngryJoe reviewed this podcast on Aug 9th, 2018
"Holy crap this podcast makes me laugh. I have literally sat in my car in front of my house listening to the rest of an ep or bit. I love KISS but they way they poke fun at them may be my favorite part of the show. But it's not a KISS podcast. It's an all things rock podcast. If you have a sense of humor and love 80's metal you will laugh a ton listening to this show. And the music they play ain't bad. Mix of old and new. KISS fans check out the Elder eps, Revenge Ep or even better the Sonic Boom ep. "
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