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The key to managing all of our expectations (of the president, of our spouse, of our boss, etc.) is understanding the reality and accuracy OF our expectations. We cannot expect to have a Hallmark marriage or a textbook boss if it is impossible for those people to actually function in those contexts. Meaning, if our expectation of a spouse cannot be realistically achieved, guess what? We're going to bounce from relationship to relationship. The same is true of employers. If we have an unrealistic expectation, we are going to bounce from job to job. Don't be a Hobbes in wishing for something unattainable. Be Calvin and go for what you can get.
Really, where is the love in today's world? We're not talking about the kind of empty pleading like 'can't we all just get along', but more about genuine compassion and empathy needed to truly make this world a better place. From the 'wall' and the government shutdown, to the tripe that is Facebook, do we really CARE about our fellow humans or are we pressing our own agenda? Today, Jack helps us to figure that out.
We hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and take time to brighten someone's day. May you have a blessed holiday.
Taking a small divergence from the usual mind things, Jack gives some great sports commentary flying around the pros and college. And to top it all off, he helps us to understand the link between leadership in sports and our favorite word, say it with us...being HEROIC!
'Tis the season to be nice to one another. Really we should be nice to everyone all the time, but just like eating an elephant one bite at a time, be nice to one person for just one day and see what kind of a difference that makes. We all want people to be nice to us, but are we taking time to be nice to others? Not much more we can say here. Have fun with it and see who you can make smile!
Taking the time to objectively and sincerely reflect through our life experiences is one of the greatest actions we can take when we truly desire personal growth. Much like ripping off a Band-Aid, asking the tough questions about our failures can be very painful. It takes fortitude, confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, a desire to change. Change is not bad. It is uncertain. It is scary. But, it is inevitable. If we learn how to manage our emotions and take what we can from each experience, we can better utilize our superpowers and defeat the bad guys (depression, despair, anger, and resentment) once and for all. However, just like in the movies, we can never eradicate them, so we best make every effort to grow as strong as we can. Frohe Weihnachten!
How do we coach others to become their best? How much responsibility lies with the coach and how much lies with the player? It can be argued where the differences are and that argument is for another day, but it is important to understand the influence and impact that coaches, leaders, managers, supervisors, etc., etc., etc. When that influence (and RESPONSIBILITY, hint, hint, HEROIC) is understood, respected, and appreciated, the impact we can have on others, ourselves, and our peers can be tremendous. Get yer gridirons on, it's time to get crackin!
We like to throw the phrase around, 'forgive and forget' but do we really? Is it even possible? We think what is really being said is, 'don't bring it back up until you can use it against the person or situation that caused it,' right? Well, as you've heard us say over and over, it is all about the journey. Our lives are the culmination of all every wrong-doing, back-stabbing, double-crossing, two-faced, blessing, and favor we ever encounter. Rather than ruminate on them (as Jack likes to say), LEARN from them. Take the time to think through the experience and figure out what you missed the first time. What can you do to add to your journey rather than detract from it? This world only goes 'round once. Make the best of it!
What is your answer if someone asks you, 'What makes you different?' Do you give the business answer and rattle off your accomplishments and accolades? Do you give the self-serving answer and talk about all of your 'charitable' giving? What if the answer lies in the sum of all these experiences? This really is a powerful question and one that bears much introspection. Spend time thinking about what makes 'you' YOU. YOU might just be surprised at what you find. Also, let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is!
What is your answer if someone asks you, 'What makes you different?' Do you give the business answer and rattle off your accomplishments and accolades? Do you give the self-serving answer and talk about all of your 'charitable' giving? What if the answer lies in the sum of all these experiences? This really is a powerful question and one that bears much introspection. Spend time thinking about what makes 'you' YOU. YOU might just be surprised at what you find. Also, let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is!
Today, Jack takes us through the most important life lessons as he delves into what makes the world go round. In a throwback to our inaugural episode, Jack helps dispel some of the mystery that surrounds anxiety and argument at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Why are they such stressful times? It is just dinner!? It is the same thing we do EVERY SINGLE day! You would think this would be fairly simple to figure out, but there is more to this special time of year than a bowl full of cranberry sauce and platters of dry cheese. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Today we talk about the MASSIVE amount of money Mark Zuckerberg lost in this last year ($20 BILLION!!!), but we actually have a point with this. Mostly in his response to his employees, we see his true leadership come out and how it is so recognizable in so many leaders. What we do see are 'anti-qualities.' By this, we mean we see these qualities that appear to be important, necessary, and fundamental to great leaders, but the truth is they detract from the true purpose of leadership, which is to improve the lives of those you lead to THEIR betterment. It is very important that we make these distinctions as we interact with those around us and seek to leverage the influence we are given.
Why do managers, supervisors, executives, moms, dads, and coaches all seem to command attention more than siblings, co-workers, and teammates? It's because of that little title behind their name. Does that make them better human beings? Not in the least. What about the fact that your CEO probably gave more money away in a month than you made in a year? Does that make her/him better? Absolutely not! It all comes down to the human capital we interact with. Do you realize that by investing your time, energy, knowledge, skill, etc., etc. into another person, you WILL become infinitely more valuable than any dirtbag CEO (and I mean CEOs who are truly dirtbags, not CEOs in general)? Think about what makes you truly valuable to someone else? What can YOU do to make others feel that same way? Come on in and see how this shakes out.
How does #embracethesuck and #embracetheadventure connect? Listen up coconuts, as Dr. Seuss would say, “Oh, the places you’ll go” with the help of someone else and not alone. What if connecting with others meant that his or her success was dependent on our investing in them? What would that look like if we all believed that it did it? We plan for tomorrow but live today to create our masterpiece. Is our masterpiece for fame and fortune or something much bigger?
As we move through HEROIC, we encounter Openness next on our journey. Openness is what guides us to new experiences and provides the means to learn. As Maddy and I discuss the heated topic of the qualification marching band as a sport, we weave HEROIC throughout to show ample opportunity for growth and learning. When we learn to see ourselves and our interactions through these six behavioral aptitudes, we begin to notice not only their connectivity, but their absolutely fundamental hold on positive and effective personal growth. It demonstrates so well how we can become generative in our human-to-human influence. We want to know your thoughts though, get on facebook and let us know if you think marching is or is not a sport.
Being fake (or superficial as we like to say) isn't always as simple as it seems. We have the potential (and most likely are) to be fake on a daily basis. When we justify our behaviors with illogical reasoning (i.e. 'I'm the best', 'You're stupid', 'Because I want it', etc., etc., etc.) we can probably be sure superficiality has set in, right? How do we combat this? Well, take a wild guess...HEROIC, right? We counter superficiality with Responsibility. This means rather than seeing an interaction as something for personal gain, how can we view it as gain for the other person? How can we get a fakie frontside 180 on the other person (that means, how can we get them to go a different direction for their enjoyment and betterment)? This is where Responsibility trumps superficiality every time. Make sense? Well, sit back and settle in on this one and we'll explain it.
Just when you thought Halloween was over, Jack shows us how we might be living out every day behaviors as if it were Halloween. It is election day so responsibility is right in the middle of the maelstrom. Being responsible has so many different facets that we could spend the rest of the year just talking about them, but it is important to understand its basic, fundamental meaning and application. Being responsible has humility right there at its core, but also empathy. See what we did there? It's pretty easy once you get it rolling, so whether you are in your car, at the office, or at home, grab your juice box filled with your favorite drink and get your notebooks ready. Jack and I will be unpacking Responsibility and Superficiality from our HEROIC model this week and how they apply to our every day lives.
When did we become so oversensitive to every little thing? I am probably upsetting someone by saying they are oversensitive. It is almost like there is a massive vacuum of self-esteem (or explosion of greed, take your pick) in this country. All we want to do is complain about not being given enough and at the same complain that we were somehow offended in the process! Much like the debate surrounding Georgia governor nominee, Stacey Abrams, who claims she supports the 2nd Amendment and gun control at the same time. What!? Well...I actually agree with her. Get in the game, we got some thinkin' to do!
It’s Halloween coconuts and I hope y'all have a safe evening trick or treating with you kids. Be sure to grab an umbrella because it is supposed to be rainy, but what is Halloween without 40 mph winds and rain - the ghouls and witches love it. Jack’s Halloween special opens up with some controversy surrounding WIBC’s Tony Katz, and then takes off on a broom to Bristol, England. You just can’t make up stories like these on today’s podcast but then again it is Halloween - a time for strange occurrences and Jack is keeping it really weird.
All too often we like to throw around the phrase, 'walk a mile in their shoes' but do we ever stop to realize what a powerful and challenging statement it is. We think it, much like 'empathy' and 'leadership' has been used so much it has lost its effect. Daniel Pink said it perfectly (as we've been telling you!), 'Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes.' That cannot be overstated enough. We have to assume the other person's very essence if we want to truly empathize with them. Take time today to truly understand what the other person has gone through and is going through if you truly want to help. That's what makes this ol' world go round, you know?
Coming to you (kinda live) from the Garden State of New Jersey, today's episode is keepin' it real for the coconuts. Not really, but you try writing show notes for 70 episodes and we'll see how original YOU are! See what we did there? We just made you feel attacked and slightly belittled. See what else we did there? Put feelings into your head unnecessarily. One more thing: DON'T THINK ABOUT A PINK POLAR BEAR SITTING ON A BABY GRAND PIANO. You're welcome. What this is all about is the way culture loads our conversation and more importantly, what we take from it (inferences, and that's a bad word around here). Oh well, it will be more fun (or is it funner??) when we're all up to our eyes in jello pudding pops (you're welcome again).
To build on the last podcast of Empathy and Introspection and to drive home how openness and vulnerability enhanced a family vacation to The Big Apple, we are going to journey forth on the practicality and importance of openness and introspection. If you have never read the book or seen the movie, 'Ferdinand the Bull', then you are missing out! You might be surprised how this beloved children's story relates to adult life and what we've been talking about this whole with HEROIC.
Our good friends over at GetVokl invited us to participate in using their platform for our weekly podcast so today's episode is the audio from that broadcast. Join each Sunday night at 7:00pm (EST) where we will be live on GetVokl to get your thoughts and opinions as we work through HEROIC and its new counterpart: DISMAL.
After a little vacay with the fam to New York, I noticed a few things about myself that I wanted to share with you lovely coconuts. Do you consider yourself 'open' to new ideas? Do you think you are 'open' to new experiences? Are you 'open' to the idea that you don't (and never will) have all of the answers? How does that make you feel? Well, for me, I am not a big fan of it, but I will tell you one thing: It is better to have loved...oh wait, wrong cliche; it is better to be on the other side looking back than the safe side wishing it would happen. You know what I mean. I mean isn't it better to take the chance and say you tried than to live in regert (yes, I said regert) and hate yourself for it? That's right. I knew you guys were smart. Smart little coconuts. Pull up a chair, or a truck. Join us for a wonderful Friday edition of Crack Talk.
Crack Talk goes where others fear to tread. It’s pandemonium, our lovely coconuts and today’s podcast is packed full of straight nuttiness. Leading the way, Jack reads from the book of Genesis. But hang on to your seats because we aren’t going religious on you, we are just meandering down the road to how the Philadelphia Eagles might be able to improve their losing season. The craziness doesn’t stop there. Next up, Jack is asking for listener opinion on women’s right to wear whatever they want in public places. To clarify, is it ok for women to wear skimpy clothing in public? We are looking for YOUR opinion! Is it ok for women to wear clothing that is revealing the majority of her body? Is it okay for a man? Where does one standard start and the other stop? So much to say, and so little time to do it. Jump in and let's get crackin!
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