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"Love is an action word not just a feeling." ~ Kristianne Wargo Loves has been a topic a lot lately. Why? It's a fundamental need to us as human beings. In a variety of surveys, it's been found that people rate having healthy relationships as o
Do you have any bad habits that you overuse?  When you begin to overuse a muscle, it gets stronger. That is fantastic, unless it's the pesky bad habits like anger, short temper, tone of voice, not listening, frustration, expected perfection, an
"Love needs an action to be taken daily. Loving with intention." ~ Kristianne Wargo  Here is a tough question for you today... How are you treating the love of your life? Going about your daily responsibilities, there seems to be a tendency to
How are you talking to yourself today? What did you tell yourself while taking a shower? Words of affirmation. Speaking words of encouragement and emotional support comes with the territory of being a mom. However, where are those words for you
"Balance is all the buzz; everyone grasping to obtain it." ~ Kristianne Wargo How are you today? What's on your schedule and to do list? Busy, busy, busy beeee! You are feeling in control and so relaxed. Balanced. Nope? You're not. Most of the
Are you always trying to accomplish the BIG stuff everyday, only to find yourself falling behind.  Make your day filled with small consistent victories. Imagine what happens when you add up all those small consistent victories how much success
Life can get tangled up sometimes. Many trials, tribulations, challenges and celebrations. With it all, overwhelm can be a norm in daily living. Overwhelm is defined as having a strong emotional effect on. It can feel suffocating. Can't catch y
Today, you will be given non-negotiables and 8 eating strategies to healthy living. Food is a necessity in life. How we eat is a learned trait. One question that comes up is what did I eat while losing weight and how do you eat healthy now? So
"God loves the lowly. When we live humbly, He takes our small efforts and creates great things." ~ Pope Francis  Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time. He is a man spreading hope, faith and love.  So many people in this
"When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred." ~ Thomas Jefferson Nothing is worse than being in a store/public area and experiencing a child's temper tantrum. The screaming, sometimes kicking. Yells of "why me" and "tha
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." ~ Ashley Wargo Nothing is more exciting than playing dress up when you were little. Now that you're older, playing dress up is fun, so long as it's YOU! Fitting into a mold, being someone you're not, is
As you get older, the one thing that doesn't stop growing is fear. When you were young, you would be willing to try almost anything.  Now you're older (and wiser), and the fears seems to paralyze you. Soon it becomes destructive keeping you fro
"You are guided by silent love and friendship around you." ~ Fortune from Panda Express You know when you feet hit the floor, you want nothing to do with the daily struggles ahead. Yet you still manage to drag yourself to the bathroom and begin
"Self-sabotage is like a game of mental tug-of-war. It is the conscious mind verses the subconscious mind where the subconscious mind eventually wins. ~ Bo Bennett When you were young, remember when tug of war was a fun game. The strength, resi
Today my desire for you is to be HAPPY! Truly enjoy your day, being present in all you do. Live life intentionally. There are days, weeks and months that go by where you take yourself TOO seriously. It's time to lighten up.  I want you to creat
Body shaming is all about not loving your own body. Someone told you once upon a time ago that your body isn't good enough. Maybe it came from a comment, a teasing classmate in middle school, a best friend, your mother, or worse...your sweethea
"Change is tough and you can always come up with 100 reasons not to do something or quit in the process, but reaching a goal that you bravely fought and won, is invigorating and a worthy reason for doing it." ~ Barbara Corcoran Everyone loves t
"You are beautiful right where you are today!" ~ Kristianne Wargo How many times a day are you told you are beautiful? NOT ENOUGH!!! You have a way about that makes people smile! Today is YOUR day to be beautiful! Be Present. Be Incredible. Be
"Wreck-less living has you running; stop running and start participating in your life." ~ Kristianne Wargo How is your life? Are you living recklessly? Or are you living a wreck less life? It's easy to get caught up in the hassles and chaos tha
"It doesn't have to be the crazy big, over the top, heart throbbing, pay a attention to me...start from scratch." ~ Kristianne Wargo We all begin somewhere. But wanting to be somewhere now fast, means you need to do something different and star
"A victorious mindset gives you a reason to live out your SOUL why!" ~ Kristianne Wargo In general conversations, everyone asks the question, "What is your why?". If you hold onto your why, you can accomplish anything. When the going gets tough
"There is no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can." ~ Henry Ford With the busyness of life, the ongoing responsibilities, slowing down is not an option. And then with deadlines looming, you come to a point where you can GO no mo
"The giant in front of you is never bigger than the God inside of you." ~ Christine Caine What "giant" are you fighting today?  Life has so many discomforts, challenges and struggles, that throwing in the towel is the easiest solution. YOU have
Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have super powers? Think about it. IronMan, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman, Wonder Twins. What super power would make your life easier? You have a secret super power that you refuse to use. Instead you prefer
"Stop hiding behind the curtain and share your heart. Be YOU!" ~ Kristianne Wargo What can you do to pick yourself up when you are feeling down? Being hurt, teased, made fun of, not living up to everyone else's expectations can be a sledge hamm
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