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A Music, Comedy and Arts podcast featuring Aaron Camaro
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Rush5150 reviewed this podcast on May 3rd, 2019
"Ok Tired of Aaron being sad ..this is my third review 1 iTunes 1 Facebook and now here maybe this time I won’t have a spelling error like on the iTunes lol You guys are awesome and one of my podcasts mentors along with the combat rock and metal podcast !! Keep pushing on brothers and yes that Was and Reo Speedwagon reference lol "
Starski reviewed this podcast on Mar 20th, 2019
"Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Best Friends For the over 20 years I spent in the Marine Corps, I had two best friends that I would "geek out" with about our favorite type of music, hard rock & heavy metal. We would buy & swap music, talk about bands, and attend concerts together. In late 2015 we all three retired from the military within a couple of months of each other, and ended up moving to different parts of the country. After that happened, I really started to miss my music camaraderie. When I started my new civilian job, a desk/computer job, I needed to find something to help pass the time during the day. Well, one of my favorite albums from the 80's & early 90's is "Under the Influence" from the band Wildside. In September 2016 Wildside got back together for a one off concert here …"
CearealMan78 reviewed this podcast on Mar 15th, 2019
"Got turned on to this podcast by the Growin' Up Rock guys. Met them on the last MORC. Chris and Aaron are awesome!"
Aceshigh1986 reviewed this podcast on Feb 19th, 2019
"Found out about this podcast from a friend. Love you guys!"
Stevereno reviewed this podcast on Feb 16th, 2019
"Chris and Aaron do it right! They have introduced me to countless new bands and I love it! My library is constantly expanding from the bands they play. The banter between them is always fun to listen to as well. I hope to get down to Nashville and buy you both a beer sometime."
TrevorMcDougall reviewed this podcast on Feb 9th, 2019
"An absolute gem. Great tunes, greats info and interviews and fantastic hosts. Love it every week. "
thesynapticempire reviewed this podcast on Dec 21st, 2018
"Decibel Geek is a never miss podcast. even if the music isn't always necessarily in my wheelhouse, Aaron and Chris are always entertaining, and although 100% knowledgeable about their subjects, don't come off as know-it-alls and aren't afraid to say "I didn't know that". I cannot recommend this show enough! "
MightyK27 reviewed this podcast on Dec 18th, 2018
"I am a huge fun of this show! So glad I found them. There hasn’t been one bad show yet!!! Things I’ve come to expect from the show.... Laughter. Learning about new bands, new songs. Reminiscing about older bands, older songs. Sometimes they’ve even gifted me with older bands and/or songs I didn’t know existed but now listen to and love. Getting inside info, inside scoops. Great commercials. Great interviews. They don’t always agree but they always get along. And I always listen from start to finish. Yes even the intros. I don’t want to miss a thing. "
Beeker reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"Decibel Geek hosts Chris and Aaron are the reason I got into podcasts. They were doing this before Eddie Trunk. Before Jericho. And IMO they are better. Real talk about rock from two big fans waving the flag for the music we love. I never miss an episode. Kudos gentlemen. "
AndyMan reviewed this podcast on Sep 27th, 2018
"Great show with great music and interviews. Aaron and Chris are great guys. Did I say great enough. "
vmr907 reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"Take a cheese head and pair him up with someone that elevates him to stand at the top of the mountain and be more than the mouth of the south. That someone being the catalyst for an earth shaking movement, who isn't contractually obligated to kick ****, but just does. Together they are a force of nature, a natural disaster waiting to envelop your ears with more entertainment than most can handle. Accuse them of anything you want, but the only thing they're guilty of is loving music, and putting out quality shows. You feel me? Heck yeah!"
Defenseattorney reviewed this podcast on Sep 14th, 2018
"Long time listener, first time reviewer. This podcast is incredible. 300+ episodes of outstanding content. I love the Aaron & Chris have different types of episodes and ITS REALLY SPECIAL that they sometimes have listeners participate in the content. Great job guys! Also, can you answer a question? How are Cobras & Fire, CGwbCMfbisoswtf, Growing Up Rock, Digital Killed, Classic Rock Drops (and I'm sure I missed some) all connected? These other shows always seem to be mentioning Decibel Geek. Just curious."
PatCatalano reviewed this podcast on Aug 31st, 2018
"I came across The Decibel Geek podcast several years ago while I was battling Cancer. I was stuck in the hospital during chemo treatments for hours and listening to Chris and Aaron talk about my favorite subject was a piece of normality they brought me with every episode. The first thing I noticed is these guys love Metal, they truly have a passion for this genre of music and it shows. Surviving cancer has taught me one major important thing in my life. My time is valuable. I never waste a moment of it. I am happy to give some of that precious time listening to Chris and Aaron! Keep kicking **** and bringing the metal!! "
Thyercox reviewed this podcast on Aug 31st, 2018
"Legendary podcast, which changed my life by letting me get involved in music journalism, for which I am forever grateful. Thank you Chris & Aaron"
Wadzilla reviewed this podcast on Aug 29th, 2018
"Best guys in podcasting!!!"
Bakko reviewed this podcast on Aug 8th, 2018
"My gateway into podcasting. Good chemistry between the two hosts. Great content and interviews. Not just a KISS podcast people. "
Digitalkilledtheradiostar reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2018
"Aaron and Chris are the Velvet Underground of hard rock podcasts. They are the guys that served as inspiration for so many of us to start our own. The Albums Unleashed Series was a stroke of genius. I am a proud supporter of these two guys I now call friends. You will not regret subscribing!"
AndrewJakeobs reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2018
"Decibel Geek has become a cottage industry at this point with their podcast, their website packed with excellent articles/reviews from their many great writers (I had the privilege of being one of them for a year a while back), Decibel Geek TV on YouTube and, as of 2017, the Rock N Pod Expo which is the very first of it’s kind that combines rock/metal music and podcasting into an all day convention-style format. Chris C. (I’m too lazy to type out or copy and paste his last name) and AAron Camaro have more or less set the standard for rock/metal podcasting. Great stuff."
SteveWright reviewed this podcast on Aug 1st, 2018
"Chris and Aaron simply have one of the best podcasts going! These guys are a main reason that I started podcasting! Absolutely Love the “Albums Unleashed” episodes... Great variety of Hard Rock and Metal!"
RockerChickNY70 reviewed this podcast on Jul 30th, 2018
"Great knowledgeable guys with a super fun show. They've inspired a host of other podcasters including Growin' Up Rock, CGCM, and Cobras and Fire to name a few. Even better, they host a killer Rock N Pod Expo in Nashville which brings together rock and metal legends, podcasters, and music fans from around the world. "
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Jan 1st, 1980
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Aug 23rd, 2019
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