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Vitina is living the entrepreneurial dream. She's figured out how to combine her love of travel and wellness and make a career out of it. Cool, eh. But that wasn't always the case. She basically had to have a breakdown of sorts - or breakthroug
They believed in their business so much so, that they packed up their family and moved around the world to bring their vision to life. Founder of social enterprise and global lifestyle brand, Thankful, Kim McDonnell and her husband spent many y
It’s amazing to see couples blend their creative talents to create a thriving company, while still maintaining their own interests. JP and Kirsten McCrea have managed to do just that as partners in business and life. When they met, they were bo
Clinton Bopp knew from an early age that he loved art. It was almost as if he was born with the talent. But he never thought he'd make a career out of being an artist. It just wasn't practical. And to be honest, the career kind of happened a bi
Before founding her own sustainable fashion company, Kirsten Dickerson was working as an art director in the film world, as well as holding various jobs within the global non-profit leadership realm. Raven and Lily's origins began with Kirsten
Do you think that if you lived with less that you would be happier? This was the questions Cait Flanders posed to herself a few years back. Not one to shy away from setting personal challenges, she decided to do a self-imposed shopping ban for
These two were destined to create positive and lasting change in the world. They may not have always been personally aligned; but essentially, their values and morals were the same. Cassandra worked in development, while Edison toiled away in i
Ben Brown wasn't always super political. He was political in the sense that he got out to vote, but that was about it. He wasn't one to vocalize his political opinion to friends or family. Until one day he couldn't get this idea out of his head
Mary Neely grew up in the entertainment industry. Not only is she a native of L.A; but both of her parents also worked in the industry. So she's no stranger to the glitz and glam of it all. From an early age she wanted to be an actress. She got
Samatha Paige has had her fair share of 'bad' things happen to her in her lifetime. Enough to make a person ask "why me?" over and over again. But instead of dwelling on that, Samantha has turned her own heartache and trauma into something that
Ashley didn't always want to be a baker. In fact, her pastry class in college really frustrated her. She actually wanted to be a chef. But life had other plans for her and her creative heart. After working for many years as a line cook and sous
Not dissimilar to a lot of health professionals, Meghan found nutrition and a love for cooking slightly out of necessity. When she was in her early 20s, she was headed down the corporate path, and pretty stressed out. At that time, her doctor a
When you have the travel bug, it's almost impossible to shake it. For Tracy Komlos, her love for travel began at an early age, thanks to her parents who valued experiences over things. At the age of 19, she took off on a solo-volunteer trip to
There are those of us that do good in the world and then there are those who make it their life mission to invoke positive change by creating movements. We known them as change-makers. Alexis Jones is one of those people. She knew from an early
Melanie always wanted to be a doctor. She was going down that path, studying for hours and focusing all her energy on getting into that profession. But as life often does, she was thrown a few curve balls and her plans changed, setting her on a
Negative self-talk can take you down a dangerous and toxic path, if you let it. It can lead you to meet the wrong people. Open the doors to jobs that don't serve your highest self. And make you think that you're unworthy of happiness and love.
Life has a funny way of working out. When you have a passion and a desire to learn and grow, it's amazing who we get connected to and the opportunities that present itself. In Taylor's case, he never really dreamed of becoming a famous surf fil
Do you worry about money and your future? Are you constantly blaming yourself when you work hard, but then go and splurge on something you probably didn't need? I'm sure this is everyone. And the blame game, guilty conscience is a real thing wh
Life doesn't always turn out how we plan. And that's OK, because everything we do is a learning experience. When Christina Hug moved from Toronto to San Francisco to work in the tech and startup field, she hustled to land a 'dream job.' The exp
You know those people who have always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Those people who only talk about the businesses they've built or are building? Well, Tim Cormode was never that guy. This was not the path he thought he'd be on. He always want
What's a growth hacker, anyways? Unless you are familiar with the tech lingo, you may not know what a growth hacker is, little own what they do for a living. This isn't your typical marketing job. Growth hackers are basically creative, data dri
Samantha Skelly didn't always have a great relationship with food or her body, for that matter. For years she struggled in silence. Hiding her binge eating from friends and family, and masking it with over-exercising and fitness. It was only af
It's so easy to take our health and body for granted. Many of us go through life rarely having to fight any type of ailment, except for the common cold or flu. So when we do get sick, or get diagnosed with something, it can easily come as a hug
Leadership coach, Karlyn Percil, has always been on the track of motivating people and helping others live their best lives. But she wasn't always living hers. It wasn't until a chance opportunity forced her to confront her own internal demons,
Have you ever been bored of your life? Like you know there's something bigger and better that you're meant to do? Everything in your life just feels comfortable... Well, Matt Dajer and his friends were all experiencing those exact feelings. So,
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