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Elton Reads A Book A Week

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Episodes of Elton Reads A Book A Week

Enter the realm of what it is to be perfect or close to it anyway. Join Elton as he explores one of the only ways a person can attain perfection. It's not as easy as you think. APOLOGIES SECTION: Elton would like to apologize to the following
"What If?" by Robert Cowley is one of the greatest books you've never heard of. It's not fiction or science fiction but, could probably inspire both. A collection of essays written by historians that were asked "What if the outcome of one histo
In this episode-- Bill Gates, King of Microsoft, and one of the most odd, controversial, and insanely wealthy people on Earth. A planet could probably buy, lets be honest. Did you know he wrote a book of predictions about the internet BEFORE it
What happens when a man with a hood over his head drives a car into a small town? A mountain of dead people and a prison sentence, right? WRONG! Find out why common sense never made the final edit. Along the way, are witch trials, blue boars, e
Freddie Mercury led a life so big he couldn't fit into one episode (and it STILL not enough)! In this second half: cocaine dwarves, smoking vaginas, The Sex Pistols, Bohemian Rhapsody, David Bowie, possibly the Queen of England, and more. Join
Freddie Mercury considered one of the greatest frontmen of all was the living embodiment of excess. He lived his life moving at the speed of light, but the world, a disease, and fate would bring it to a tragic end. Join Elton as he tries to lig
It's the end of the world as the 80s knew it and they feel...apocalyptic! Listen as Elton gets to know "Mister Touch" and his rough band of New Yorkers as they battle a pandemic. Plus, survival tips! Contribute here: https://anchor.fm/elton-re
Steve Martin, The New York art world, Ice Cube, and 90s gangsta rap Pokemon; what do they have in common? This episode is what! "An Object of Beauty" may just be the single greatest book in the history of books that aren't listed as great books
Using "So, THAT Happened: A Memoir by Jon Cryer", we'll get into Jon Cryer's life and various pseudo feuds with other celebrities in this surprisingly sexually euphemism-filled episode of Elton Reads A Book A Week. Join Elton as he explores the
Take a trip through the strange world of male sexuality with Elton as he tries to navigate why men defer to their genitals, sex cults for old people, and why men think they're the best sex-ed teachers. Plus, a wasp loving doctor makes it all po
An actor that was so great people were afraid he might inspire Al Capone to murder and turn Americans into communists; Edward G. Robinson. In this episode, we'll learn what it takes to make it as an actor in a world that screams "Hell no, ugly!
Elton finds out a little bit more about the how's and why's of his travels in time (hey, that rhymed...and that did too!) Plus, Dean Koontz's time travel rules are right (well, some of them).  Part 2 of the "Lightning" by Dean Koontz episode. A
What if your life was, literally, supposed to be different? What if you had a "guardian angel" that was real...and never aged? Dean Koontz can answer those questions and in this two-part episode, Elton gets into the life of Dean Koontz and his
"UFOs The Public Deceived" by Philip J. Klass, a book hell-bent on ripping UFOlogists a new a**hole, takes apart UFO claims, but is that all?  Elton's journey into thrift books takes him into the rollercoaster world of debunking UFOs. Venture i
Time Traveling Elton (Titty) arrives in time to play substitute on the episode for "Successful Living", a book (that's not a book) produced by an accredited college funded by a radio televangelist apocalypse prophet,  to help improve lives...19
Sorry, I didn't think the audio in the last version was good enough. I messed with it and hopefully, it's better. Sorry about that, folks. Elton talks about "Living History" by Hillary Rodham Clinton while trying to remain apolitical, gets hel
What's wrong with marrying a time traveler? Elton breaks down Audrey Niffenegger's legendary debut while also confronting a time-traveling version of himself. Get ready for some 80s era stripper talk, literal self-loathing, and what may or may
Elton hits the bar to drown a depressing night when, while there he meets a mysterious man who wants to discuss a book he's recently read, all the while concealing his...true intentions. Music by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com/) Addit
Abducted, tied to a chair to wake up in a dank warehouse in the middle of nowhere can be tough, especially when being interrogated via speaker about a Pete Townshend book you'd recently read. Pete Townshend is the legendary guitar player for th
 "The Science of Evil" by Simon Baron-Cohen, a psychology book about "lack of empathy" being interpreted as "evil" that was so good, it inspired a game show that tortures a contestant with farts, hornets, and much, much more. Oh, and it's spell
 In this episode, Elton talks to kids, the Angel of Death, and Ed Sullivan himself to discover why Ed's Christmas book is so oddly morbid and death-ridden. So, you know, it's a family episode, but for adults; adults with death issues...and Chri
This episode is about The Founding Fathers, a time traveling jack-in-the-box invented by Benjamin Franklin, and a bong. Yep. No joke. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/elton-reads-a-book-a-week/message Support this podcast: htt
Elton uses his depreciated cunning, lack of wit, and The Reader's Digest Legal Question & Answer Book to construct a sound legal defense, in hopes of fending off imprisonment...for a crime he may--or may not have commited. "Hard Boiled" Kevin
ERABAW - Episode 006 - Judy Garland by Anne Edwards A painfully good book about the life, consumption, and death of Judy Garland I found on a shelf in a Goodwill store. The perfect read for traffic jams, Coors Light commercial shoots, Bar and
ERABAW - Episode 005 - Tower of Basel by Adam Lebor A crazy book about an actual secret bank that...may just rule the world. https://www.patreon.com/eltonreadsabookaweek https://www.facebook.com/EltonReadsTooMuch/ https://www.instagram.com/elt
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