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16: Discovering Your Message to the World

Released Wednesday, 4th May 2016
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We all have shit we want to say to the world.
And I'm no different.
But there was a question at a recent retreat I was on that just plain stumped me.
It was about my message to the world.
And I couldn't for the life of me bring it all together into anything coherent.
It pissed me off!!
But it's such an important thing to know the answer to so that you get clarity on a number of things...
What you want to say.
The kind of impact you want to make.
Your legacy!
And that's what I cover in today's podcast.

I talk about...

  • The powerful question to help discover your message that had me stumped.
  • Why it's vital to know what message you want to bring.
  • How to have that message shining through all your activities and businesses.
  • Leaving the legacy that you want to leave.
  • Why the business 'USP' is dying, and how your message and story is the new USP.
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