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Srinivas Rao, Steps to Avoid the Wrong Path, and Breaking Up a Partnership – ES 006

Released Friday, 19th July 2013
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We tackle, in Round 1, Scott Dinsmore's 6 Steps to Ensure You Don't Pick the Wrong Path . Should you start off doing what you love in little pieces, or go all in? Joe and Dan will dig into those topics and more.
Then in Round 2, we introduce you to Srinivas Rao, the host and Co-founder of BlogcastFM, as he goes through the experience of his partner, David, leaving the show.  Was there more to the story than what they talked about in David's last episode?
We bring on Srinivas in the Main Event to discuss partnerships, replacing teammates, the creative process, and tons more! How should you go about finding a partner? What do you do when you hit a creative wall? Srinivas Rao will help you out!
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Steps to Ensure You Don't Pick the Wrong Path - Scott Dinsmore
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Academy on the Go with Srini and Greg Hartle
Litmus Test with Srini

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