Fit 226: Training Myths, Snacks, Realistic Time

Released Thursday, 16th May 2019
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In this episode: Training myths that have a tinge of truth,  rethink snack time with nutritious snacks you may not know about and realistic time management!


Here's few high protein, healthy snacks that will have you saying:
“I didn't know that was an option!”

  1. Lentils
    I know you’re thinking: “Lentils?!” Lentils are great protein-packed legumes that are easy to turn into super, shelf-stable salads. One cup has a whopping 22 grams of protein in just 300 calories! Not sure where to start? Try this recipe for lentil tabbouleh or this simple veggie and lentil mix. 
  2. Easy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
    A quick and easy sweet snack recipe that's still healthy!  In a microwave-safe bowl (or large mug):  mix 1/4 cup oats, 1 teaspoon brown sugar, 1 tablespoon flour (of your choice), 1 egg white, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon raisins. Flatten mixture into bottom of bowl and microwave on high for 45 seconds. Cool, pop it out of the bowl, and enjoy!
  3. Chocolate Milk
    Did you know that chocolate milk is actually a great source of high-quality protein?!(especially post-workout). Try keeping a single-serving, shelf-stable box in your gym bag or backpack for snack attack emergencies—just try to find one that’s also low in sugar!
  4. Single-serve cottage cheese
    Greek yogurt may have some high protein versions, but a single-serving container of nonfat cottage cheese has 3 grams more protein than a typical serving of Greek yogurt and is just 110 calories. Plus, it gives you 125 milligrams of bone-building calcium. (Keep in mind, though, it runs high in sodium, supplying 20 to 30% of your daily quota.)
  5. Hard boiled egg
    Although eggs used to be considered a nutritional no-no due to their high cholesterol content, we know better than that today!  Most nutritionists now agree that eggs are a powerhouse breakfast or snack when enjoyed in moderation. In addition to protein, the humble egg gives you a hearty dose of vitamin D and vitamin B-12 for just 77 calories apiece. Best part: they're easy to take on the run—just remember to peel them before you go to make eating them on your commute a snap. Even better: some convenience and grocery stores sell hard boiled eggs in packages of two, so they're a snap to snatch up when traveling. Protein: 6 grams per egg!



Here's a few training myths that sound like they might be true, but aren't completely accurate!

Myth #1: You need a Swiss Ballimage to build a stronger chest and shoulders.
If your goal is strength and size you'll want to focus on good old fashioned bench exercises and presses in particular like chest press and shoulder press. You can get strength gains from a Stability Ballimagechest workout, but not as much as you would on a stable surface. The Stability Ballimage is great for variety, to work the chest and core simultaneously and help train some of the stabilizer muscles of the shoulder. Of course, when training chest on the Stability Ballimage, you 'll use less weight than on a bench, but you get t hose added benefits. That's why this myth has a tinge of truth, the Stability Ballimage is a great way to mix up (or cycle thru) your training, avoid boredom and train your chest and shoulders differently. It's always good to focus on bench versions for strength. For ab training don't expect your chest exercises to do it all. You'll get some action, but you'll still want to do your Stability Ballimage crunches to create the nice line of abdominals.

Bottom line: mix it up, it's all good!

Myth #2: Always work out with free weightsimage.

Free weightsimage are certainly king of exercise, but occasionally,  machines can build muscle better.  For example, you may need to isolate specific muscles after an injury, or if your stabilizer muscles are too weak to perform a certain exercise, or if you are just too inexperienced to perform a free weight exercise and need help reinforcing the proper form. The majority of your training should be with free weights. Why? Because they allow a greater range of motion which enables your muscles and joints to stretch and strengthen through a greater range. Thus, keeping your joints more healthy. A newbie would begin on machines to learn proper form. Remember, machines mimic real world movements and free weight exercises too. A leg press can help you learn how to use your glutes and quads the way you would for a squat. The lat pulldown can help develop the muscles and motion for pullups. Machines have their place, but if you are a seasoned lifter, free weightsimage are your best tools to build strength or burn fat.

Or should I say what fitness statements have you confused? Please email me or post on Facebook or message me on twitter!

Realistic Time Management!

Time always seems to be in high demand! Calendars on the computer and our phones are great if we use them! But there is some benefit in paper and pen planning! How often do you take that 10 minutes from your day to plan the rest of it? In this section I'll share with you some of the top tips I learned in time management!

Tip #1: Be conscious of time
Be conscientious of amount of computer/TV/Internet/gaming time. Personally, I never get TV/internet gaming time. My internet time is always work or research. But I know even with that,

Time spent browsing even if it is work related can be one of the biggest drains on productivity. How do you fix this? Become more aware of how much time you spend on computer and/or internet activities.

By simply seeing how much time you spend doing something, you'll be able to change habits and reduce the time wasted. As always, awareness is half the battle! The next tips goes hand in hand with this one!

Tip # 2: Set boundaries
Set a time limit in which to complete a task. Setting a time constraint will force you to focus and be more efficient, even if you don't complete the task.

I know there has been plenty of times when I have the mindset of “I’m going to be here until this is done,” and yet when I actually have to stop to go do something else, then return to the task at hand, it always goes faster and easier. The break gives your mind a chance to recharge and then apply itself better when you return.

So, Instead of getting into a project and thinking,
“I’m going to be here until this is done,”
rethink that line to be,
“I’m going to work on this for ____amount of time”.

And then set a timer! Use your phone! Yup there are great timers that come with it! See the clock function! It may be difficult to pull away at first, but like any habit, with perfect practice it gets easier. After the first few times, your mind will recognize that the break does it good and helps it be more productive. You'll have faith that stopping is ok, beneficial and is going to make your task/project easier and faster to complete!

Tip #3: Reset your brain
Don't rush from one task to another. Leave a buffer-time between tasks. Take a few seconds for your brain to clear and reset itself for the next task at hand. This doesn't have to be a whole mediation process, just a brief walk around the room or outside will do. Having a drink of water and looking outside at nature can help your mind reset and be able to stay focused and motivated.

Three Success Tip Summary:
  1. Evaluate and/or keep track of time spent that is unproductive. 
  2. Set a time limit for certain tasks (and stick to the rules!) 
  3. Leave a time between tasks for your mind to reset!
As I say this, I realize that I am guilty of not doing the above “rules” most of the time for me to make some new habits!


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