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Episodes of FLOSS Weekly

What never stops and what's barely started are the topics debated by our panel of co-hosts: Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, Aaron Newcomb and Simon Phipps. We start with the SCO vs. IBM (and before that, many others) lawsuit, which was reporte
Doc Searls, Jonathan Bennett and Aaron Newcomb are together on FLOSS Weekly taking a look at the challenges of switching to Linux, even though Linux runs on many things used in everyday life. System76 has decided to build a non-Gnome desktop f
Deputy Director of Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kosta Peric sits with Doc Searls and Dan Lynch for a discussion on digital public goods as well as how the cashless future is being pioneered in Africa
Paula Hunter, Executive Director of Mojaloop, joins Doc Searls and Shawn Powers on FLOSS Weekly to discuss the state of digital payments today. Mojaloop is an open-source project that provides the rails for interoperable digital payments betwe
Paul Mutton of Netcraft gives Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman an hour of wisdom, experience and stories about items we can worry about less because he and Netcraft are on the case. If you care about cybercrime, phishing, malware, or any of t
Photographer Peter Adams joins Doc Searls and Simon Phipps on FLOSS Weekly. The Mount Rushmore of Open Source is Adams' "Faces of Open Source," which is 100 faces strong so far. Including the faces of Searls and Phipps. Adams talks about the p
Silicon Valley technology veteran, Mary Hodder, joins Doc Searls and Aaron Newcomb on FLOSS Weekly to talk open source in construction. Home construction is the original open-source field, and nobody knows more about making it work than Hodder
Can social media be decentralized? James Vasile of Open Tech Strategies and DSNP is working on several projects at once toward that goal. Vasile touches on these goals and much more including the fediverse, palgorithms (personal algorithms), a
Daniel Maslowski joins Doc Searls and Dan Lynch to talk about open firmware. Open firmware is an almost ironic term, especially for IP cameras, given the proprietary purposes of most manufacturers. There is a large and active community of code
Carl Richell, founder and CEO of System76 joins Jonathan Bennett and Shawn Powers on FLOSS Weekly. He's been selling Linux laptops and desktops for years, and now leads the team behind the easy-to-use Pop!_OS One of his biggest fans, Leo Lapor
Mike Schwartz of Gluu.org joins Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett on FLOSS Weekly. In a world where cloud native and containers are widely used, digital identity poses a critical challenge. No one person knows more about making digital ID work t
Richard North was the dog that caught the bus when all of a sudden his open source project, Testcontainers, took off, and now has more than a million monthly downloads and developers using it at Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Google and other setting
Former Linux Journal editor in chief Don Marti, who Doc Searls calls the world's greatest living authority on online advertising, speaks with Doc and Katherine Druckman about the rapidly changing adtech world. How are companies big and small c
Guy Martin has worked for everybody and done everything... or at least it seems that way. He also has 100% interesting, deep and knowing thoughts about important issues that have come up in his long career, especially in his current work in th
Clyde Seepersad of the Linux Foundation joins FLOSS Weekly to discuss trends in hiring, training, diversity, the massive demand, as well as the need for both old and new school approaches across every open source code base. Remember when open
Linux kernel security done right—by Google, no less—kicks. Doc Searls, Jonathan Bennett and Shawn Powers have a three-way roundtable discussion on FLOSS Weekly discussing recent open source news items. Is Microsoft making it easier than ever t
This show is a special date in open source history: the one we share with Nick Vidal, creator and alpha maintainer of Open Anniversary. Through the whole show, Nick schools Doc Searls and Shawn Powers on the important timelines of major and so
Jonathan Bennett, Dan Lynch and Katherine Druckman join Doc Searls in a roundtable discussion of open source. QR codes are used as fishhooks for tracking. How can this be stopped? Then there's the report of "death of open source" which is wron
Mårten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne, is a fan of the future of open source who also has vast experience in its past—especially in businesses of all sizes: from MySQL in its early days, through Sun Microsystems, Eucalyptus, HP, Nokia and other com
Dave Taht is one of the Internet's unsung (but singing) heroes, and is doing more than anyone today to rescue your Internet connection from something you haven't heard of, but should: bufferbloat. On FLOSS Weekly, Doc Searls and Jonathan Benne
Buster Neece, lead developer of AzuraCasts joins Doc Searls and Dan Lynch to talk online radio in the open source community and more. AzuraCast is "web radio in a box" that has an intuitive design and meticulous attention to detail for a great
Director of Technical Programs at RISC-V's, Stephano Cetola joins FLOSS Weekly. The RISC-V International was first to the table with an open-source ISA—Instruction Set Architecture—and every developer with a stake in the future is at that tabl
Jonathan Riddell, who created and leads KDE Neon, gives Doc Searls and Simon Phipps the fascinating backstory of the project and what makes it distinctive. Here's a clue, it was inspired by surfing. The conversation also ranges across the past
Martin Sosic, Co-Founder and CTO of Wasp joins Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman on FLOSS Weekly. Wasp is a simple and exciting new open-source language for developing full-stack web apps with less code. Sosic shares more about Wasp as well as
Doc, Shawn and Aaron co-host each other in a lively and deep conversation about higher education, open-source techies making themselves valuable, and a world in which there seems to be no limit to what can be done with surveillance—including w
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