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(0:01:30) Blu Rays: (Mad Max Collector's Edition), (0:02:00) Coming Attractions: (Hot Pursuit), (0:02:45) Box Office: Avenging FTW!, (0:10:15) TV Talk: Game of Thrones loses a major character, Flash goes Grodd, SHIELD is getting a bit protracted, (0:39:55) Darren: finished Future Crimes, more Voyager, deeper into cryptocoin rabbit hole, (0:58:30) Tripp: graduation, (1:01:40) Trey: workin' for on the weekend, has another podcast, (1:09:50) Age of Ultron in-depth, with surprise guest wife-of-the-Trey Sarah!
(0:01:40) Blu Rays: [Nothing of note], (0:01:50) Coming Attractions: (Ex Machina...Avengers: Age of Ultron), (0:10:00) Box Office: people still love that Furious franchise, (0:10:15) TV Talk: more progress on Daredevil, Game of Thrones has its biggest stray from the books yet, we stopped caring about Gotham, SHIELD better have something awesome in store, Flash turns a corner, as does Arrow, (1:10:10) Darren: Ben show, Bitcoins, Star Trek: Voyager, (1:34:35) Tripp: more Star Wars, more Hearthstone, (1:39:05) Trey: hardcore Hearthstone, DC Dicemasters, (1:53:00) Star Wars trailer!
(0:03:10) Blu Rays: (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies...Interstellar), (0:03:30) Coming Attractions: (Furious 7), (0:03:45) Box Office: people love that Furious franchise, (0:04:25) TV Talk: Walking Dead wrapped up, Daredevil hit Netflix hard, Flash gets weirder, SHIELD wasn't our favorite, and Game of Thrones premiered, (1:16:50) Darren: Something Rotten, Future Crimes, Kerbal Space Program, (1:25:15) Trey: Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain expansion, GAME WEEKEND, (1:41:05) Tripp: Star Wars kick, Hearthstone on the iPhone
(0:00:55) Blu Rays: (Exodus: Gods and Kings), (0:00:55) Coming Attractions: [Nothing Attractive Found], (0:01:20) Box Office: live action Cinderella takes home the prince, and Insurgent surges ahead, (0:02:15) TV Talk: I, Zombie is promising, Walking Dead gets domestic, The Flash killed the time travel fun, SHIELD gets split apart... again, , (0:44:50) Darren: Birthday, Blanca, Hamilton again, finished The Three Body Problem and started Rare by friend-of-the-show Keith!, (1:03:05) Tripp: Boll Weevil monument road trip, new Star Wars novels, Bloodline (Netflix), (1:13:05) Shaun: Just some comics (Ms. Marvel, Thor: GOT v3, Fables v19, IDW Doctor Who), Constantine catch up, attempt at Kimmy Schmidt, (1:30:25) Trey: Huntsville, a little more Transfomers, Yahoo Screen sucks, (1:41:00) Spider-Man comes home
(0:01:50) Blu Rays: (Nightcrawler...Game of Thrones: S4...Birdman...Big Hero 6), (0:02:15) Coming Attractions: (Kingsmen...Duff...MacFarland USA...Hot Tub Time Machine 2...Never Lose Focus...The Lazarus Effect...Chappie...Unfinished Business), (0:03:30) Box Office: 150 million shades of green, (0:03:50) TV Talk: Agent Carter wrapped up its mini-season, Constantine may or may not be back, Gotham retains its bonkers status, Arrow makes some weird decisions, The Flash tackles time travel, new DC/CW show rumor, SHIELD powers up, (0:50:15) Darren: Kimmy Schmidt/House of Cards, The Three Body Problem, Amazon mattress, WoW as always, (1:25:15) Tripp: worked all the basketball games, Pirate Latitudes, Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Nightcrawler, (1:29:00) Shaun: Trip to middle TN, Metal Gear Mania, A World without a Superman and The Return of Superman, some backlog movies (Fury, John Wick, Snowpiercer, The Theory of Everything, Dear White People, Nightcrawler), superhero TV catch-up (Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham), (1:53:10) Trey: is becoming a stereotype….caught up on Arrow some
(0:01:25) Blu Rays: (John Wick...Dracula: Untold), (0:04:20) Coming Attractions: (Jupiter Ascending...Seventh Son...Spongebob 2: Sponge out of Water), (0:13:15) Box Office: dat Sniper tho, (0:08:10) TV Talk: Gotham had a good week, and Agent Carter is fun but a bit heavy-handed, The Flash plays Peekaboo, (0:39:35) Darren: Hamilton, The Wire S1, Stupor Bowl, new WoW raid is hard, (1:06:20) Tripp: The Empty Throne, (1:09:40) Shaun: Assassin's Creed 3 and American Gods continues, Boyhood, Doctor Who series 6 finale, (1:27:15) Trey: DC deck building game, The Resistance, Scott Pilgrim, Letter 44, (1:44:30) Daredevil (Netflix) trailer
(0:01:50) Blu Rays: (Lucy...Fury...The Book of Life), (0:03:50) Coming Attractions: (Mortdecai...Strange Magic...Project Almanac), (0:06:30) Box Office: 'murica loves a Sniper, (0:08:10) TV Talk: 12 Monkeys premiered, Gotham is waning, Agent Carter is interesting, Arrow disappoints a bit, The Flash gains some momentum, and Parks & Recreation goes sci-fi, (0:41:20) Darren: The Wire, Blizzpocalypsageddon, stick lamp, (0:54:40) Tripp: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Let’s Be Cops, Betas, The Man in the High Castle pilot, finished Watership Down, (1:06:25) Shaun: Batman/Superman: Crossworld, American Gods and Assassin's Creed 3 continues, Doctor Who, Gotham, (1:16:35) Trey: Sex Criminals, Moon Knight, Scott Pilgrim Vol .1 first half, DC deck-building game, Small World, Google Fiber?, (1:38:40) We poke vicious fun at the fall TV pilot list!
(0:02:30) Blu Rays: (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...The Maze Runner...Tusk...Black Sails S1...Horns), (0:03:40) Coming Attractions: (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies...Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb...Annie...The Gambler...The Interview...Into the Woods...Unbroken...The Woman in Black 2...Taken 3...Blackhat...Paddington...The Wedding Ringer ), (0:21:10) Box Office: Exodus, Hobbit for 3 weeks, and Taken 3, (0:23:45) TV Talk: Dr. Who S8 Christmas special, Ascension, Agent Carter premiered, (0:51:45) Darren: Christmas travel woes, Serial podcast, cabin, WoW, mini-quad, (1:15:40) Shaun: Assassin’s Creed III, American Gods, Christmas Comics (Superman Unchained, Batman and Robin v4, Daredevil v1), Sports ball contests vegging, (1:30:50) Tripp: Christmas non-adventures, Watership Down, Marco Polo, (1:55:50) Trey: Hearthstone: Android, WoW, new phone, NPR
(0:01:15) Blu Rays: (Guardians of the Galaxy...Doctor Who: S8), (0:06:55) Coming Attractions: (Exodus: Gods and Kings), (0:22:20) Box Office: Katniss remains the victor, (0:45:25) TV Talk: SHIELD, The Flash and Arrow have their mid-season finales; Supernatural, Grimm and Constantine power through! We get off on an Inhumans tangent, (1:17:30) Darren: The Imitation Game, War of Worldcraft, (1:32:15) Trey: WoW, Goblins vs. Gnomes, Hellblazer V1., East of West V3, 10 days of Kwanza or whatever, (1:47:40) Tripp: Korean-style karaoke, literally got robbed
(0:01:50) Blu Rays: (How to Train your Dragon 2...22 Jump Street...Sin City: A Dame to Kill For...The Giver...Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), (0:12:40) Coming Attractions: (Dumb and Dumber To...The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1...Horrible Bosses 2...Penguins of Madagascar), (0:14:10) Box Office: Big Hero and Dummies carry the first two weeks, then it's all Katniss, (0:16:00) Movie Talk: our thoughts on Interstellar and a bit about Mockingjay P1, (0:45:25) TV Talk: Gotham and The Walking Dead are done for the mid-season, The Flash and Arrow have a crossover, SHIELD is still good, (1:02:40) Darren: Whiplash, Interstellar, Birdman, Homeland, Draenor, (1:22:45) Tripp: Interstellar, Mockingjay, (1:29:15) Shaun: Journey, One Piece manga, Arrow S2 catch up, Thanksmovies (Catching Fire, Robot and Frank, Queen to Play), (1:39:50) Trey: new TV, Lego Batman, WoD, (1:51:05) New Star Wars trailer, and the Suicide Squad cast was announced
(0:02:15) Blu Rays: (Maleficent...The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug...Hercules), (0:04:45) Coming Attractions: (Interstellar...Big Hero 6), (0:16:00) Box Office: Ouija keeps the top spot in its second week... yikes, (0:16:30) TV Talk: Off week for some, but The Walking Dead goes downtown, Gotham gets Zazzy, and Constantine continues, (0:43:40) Darren: two jobs, marathon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, (0:53:25) Tripp: football and basketball, (1:02:55) Shaun: lots of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Quantum and Woody v2, and some One Piece, (1:10:35) Trey: Dog and WoW
(0:04:15) Blu Rays: (Snopiercer...Deliver Us from Evil), (0:06:55) Coming Attractions: (John Wick...Ouija...Nightcrawler), (0:12:25) Box Office: Fury and Ouija squeak into the top spots, (0:14:15) TV Talk: Doctor Who feels off, SHIELD is solid, The Walking Dead is crazy pants, The Flash and Gotham continue to be decent, Constantine premiered, (1:05:25) Darren: new job, old job, NYU Little Shop, little Homeland S4, (1:10:15) Tripp: The World of Ice & Fire … The Slow Regard of Silent Things … The Death of Wolverine … The Annotated Sandman, Vol. 3, (1:20:25) Shaun: Batman Zero Year v2, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Gone Girl, Boardwalk Empire S5, and Assassins Creed: Revelations, (1:36:00) Trey: no time, Shadow of Mordor, some comics, (1:46:50) Marvel answers DC's movie ultimatum in a big way
(0:00:10) Trey has a new podcast!, (0:08:25) Blu Rays: (X-Men: Days of Future Past...Penny Dreadful S1), (0:12:55) Coming Attractions: (Fury...The Book of Life...The Best of Me), (0:18:30) Box Office: Gone Girl didn't leave the top spot, (0:31:15) TV Talk: The Walking Dead is back with a bang, Gotham is all over the place, SHEILD is hanging in there, (0:43:05) Darren: Gone Girl, WoD pre-patch, Life, the Universe and Everything, (0:50:30) Tripp: football, (0:51:15) Shaun: more Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Green Lantern: The End, Valiant Comics Bundle (Harbinger, Bloodshot & Harbinger Wars) and Arrow S2, (1:15:45) Trey: Infinity, (1:26:30) Super-ambitious news from DC
(0:02:00) Blu Rays: (Transformers: Age of Extinction...Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat...American Horror Story: Coven...Vikings: S2), (0:18:50) Coming Attractions: (Gone Girl...Anabelle...Left Behind...Dracula Untold...Alexander...The Judge), (0:30:35) Box Office: The Equalizer and Gone Girl take the top spots, (0:31:15) TV Talk: The Strain is over, Doctor Who is in a funk, The Flash premiered, Gotham gets zany, and SHIELD is having a great season, (1:30:15) Darren: "Through the Glade" and "My Other Job," darts, new phone, new workey works, (1:54:40) Tripp: cedes his time, (1:57:30) Shaun: Wonder Woman v5, Boardwalk Empire s4, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, world of sporting ball contests, (2:12:40) Trey: Some more Destiny. lots’o work. Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, Valiant and Oni Humble Indie Bundle
(0:01:25) Blu Rays: (Godzilla...Arrow: S2...Sleepy Hollow: S1), (0:04:05) Coming Attractions: (The Maze Runner...This is Where I Leave You...A Walk Among the Tombstones...Tusk...The Boxtrolls...The Equalizer), (0:13:00) Box Office: No Good Deed and The Maze Runner bring home the bacon, (0:19:05) TV Talk: Gotham series premiere, and SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow are back for season 2... also we talk about Selfie for some reason, (1:13:40) Tripp: worships the football gods, (1:13:55) Shaun: Geoff Johns’ Flash, Hellblazer: Original Sins, Seventh Son, Justified s4, (1:33:30) Trey: Destiny, Grand Budapest Hotel, (1:10:30) Shazam announcements!
(0:01:40) Blu Rays: (Captain America: The Winter Soldier...Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: S1), (0:03:05) Coming Attractions: (No Good Deed...The Identical...Dolphin Tale 2), (0:05:15) Box Office: Guardians remains strong, because other movies are weak, (0:06:25) TV Talk: Falling Skies, Defiance and The Leftovers wrap up seasons, and new fall shows on the horizon, (0:12:45) Darren: Hudson valley wine tasting, Naxx heroics, finished Ready Player One, Hitchhiker’s Guide re-read, (0:28:05) Tripp: vidja game football & real football … From Dusk ‘Til Dawn TV series, (0:42:30) Shaun: more Doctor Who series 5 and AC: Brotherhood, Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card, Captain America- Castaway in Dimension Z Book Two (all still applies lol), (1:04:55) Trey: Destiny, (1:10:30) Shazam announcements!
(0:01:10) Blu Rays: (Muppets Most Wanted...Batman: Assault on Arkham...The Amazing Spider-Man 2...The Walking Dead S4), (0:06:15) Coming Attractions: (The Giver...Let's Be Cops...The Expendables 3...Sin City: A Dame to Kill For...As Above So Below...The November Man), (0:08:30) Box Office: Turtle Power for 2 weeks, then Guardians retakes the lead, (0:15:05) TV Talk: True Blood is over (finally), The Leftovers has been interesting, as has Manhattan, Falling Skies is still on, and The Strain is kinda fun, and new Doctor Who!, (0:37:15) Darren: Fallon; Whidbey Island: hikes, s’mores, orcas, wine, chowder, football; Ready Player One; naxx, (0:52:25) Trey: Doctor Who party, TMNT comics, Multiversity, Naxx, fantasy football, lots of Simpsons, (1:07:35) Shaun: The Doctor’s “new” face, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory rereads, (1:44:45) Tripp: The Magicians trilogy
(0:01:55) Blu Rays: (Divergent...Need for Speed...Oculus), (0:03:30) Coming Attractions: (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Into the Storm...The Hundred-Foot Journey...Step Up: All In), (0:08:15) Box Office: Guardians blows up the box office, (0:15:05) TV Talk: Manhattan is still... intriguing, Crossbones got canceled, The Leftovers is crazy, (0:19:55) Darren: Ready Player One, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sharknado 2, Tonight Show tomorrow, (0:29:45) Tripp: Noah … This is the End … re-reading The Magicians … The Bourne Legacy, (0:43:45) Shaun: Guardians of the Galaxy natch, Batman Zero Year, Death of the Family, Iron Man Extremis, Doctor Who Tennant specials, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, (0:53:50) Trey: The Escape Room, (1:07:00) Guardians of the Galaxy in-depth!
(0:01:05) Blu Rays: (Noah), (0:01:30) Coming Attractions: (Guardians of the Galaxy...Get On Up), (0:10:05) Box Office: ScarJo wills the win using 100% of her brain, (0:12:30) TV Talk: The Strain is interesting, The Leftovers opens with a stoning, The Legend of Korra moves online, and Manhattan premieres, (0:27:25) Darren: Hercules, finished The Wise Man's Fear, Montgomery trip/Tripp, Naxxramas, (0:51:50) Trey: Naxxramas wing 2, Wildstar dungeon, rat queens, pretty deadly, (1:09:10) Tripp: 300: Rise of an Empire … The Monuments Men … Robocop, (1:23:20) Shaun: More Arkham Origins, Jaws in a theater, Avengers Arena v2 and half of 3, and Dr. Who S4 finale, (1:47:25) Comic-Con came and went with no really big announcements... weird
(0:02:35) Blu Rays: (Transcendence), (0:06:10) Coming Attractions: (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes...Planes: Fire and Rescue...Sex Tape...The Purge: Anarchy...Hercules...Lucy...And So It Goes), (0:15:45) Box Office: Transformers and Apes are what America wants to see, (0:19:05) TV Talk: Salem and Penny Dreadful finales, Manhattan is coming, True Blood, The Leftovers, Defiance, Dominion, The Strain, Falling Skies and The Legend of Korra all premiere, (0:42:15) Darren: caught up on House of Cards, started Orange is the New Black, 75% through The Wise Man's Fear, cut the cable, 'Bama trip, (0:50:00) Trey: Cleveland Rocks (kinda?), Hearthstone: Naxxramas, Vampirella, Mighty Avengers, Avengers AI, Wildstar, Ikea!, (1:08:50) Shaun: Batman Arkham Origins, Sega Genesis nostalgia, Sherlock S3 finale, Dr. Who- River Song, Orange is the New Black S2, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, (1:44:45) Tripp: The Lego Movie … Elysium … 47 Ronin … Jack Ryan: Something Somethingorother
(0:01:20) Blu Rays: (300: Rise of an Empire), (0:03:00) Coming Attractions: (Transformers: Age of Extinction...Deliver Us from Evil...Earth to Echo...Tammy), (0:07:00) Box Office: America hearts Kevin Hart and Michael Bay, (0:10:50) TV Talk: Penny Dreadful is interesting, Salem is watchable, Crossbones is not, and Sherlock got renewed and so did Community, sorta, (0:19:05) Darren: futbol, HTPC build, lake trip, (0:35:15) Tripp: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, (0:43:55) Shaun: Futbol, Assassin’s Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros., Fatale v1, Sherlock series 3, Orange is the New Black s2, Sucker Punch, and finally put Abe Lincoln to rest, (1:18:10) Trey: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dynamite 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle
(0:01:30) Blu Rays: (The Lego Movie), (0:02:15) Coming Attractions: (Jersey Boys...Think Like a Man Too), (0:15:25) Box Office: 22 Jump Street jumps into the lead, (0:18:15) TV Talk: Game of Thrones wraps up epically, (0:29:40) Darren: Copa Mundial, big chunk of The Wise Man's Fear (for me at least), slow-mo darts, HTPC decisions, (0:49:55) Tripp: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, (0:58:05) Trey: Loveless Cafe, Wildstar, (1:27:15-) DC vows to make one million movies
(0:01:10) Blu Rays: (Cosmos...True Detective S1), (0:06:50) Coming Attractions: (How to Train Your Dragon 2...22 Jump Street), (0:10:55) Box Office: The Fault in Our Stars is the star, (0:14:55) TV Talk: Game of Thrones does the battle for Castle Black, Crossbones is still bad, and Salem is kinda okay considering, (0:28:05) Darren: Fallon fail, new compy, a little more The Wise Man's Fear, more HTPC research, (0:45:15) Trey: Wildstar, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Locke and Key, (1:02:10) Tripp: finished Something Wicked This Way Comes, started Brave New World, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and Freedom Cry, (1:12:10) E3 happened, and there were some crazy awesome looking games
(0:01:00) Blu Rays: (RoboCop), (0:01:20) Coming Attractions: (Edge of Tomorrow...The Fault in Our Stars), (0:15:00) Box Office: Angelina Jolie's cheekbones win, (0:16:50) TV Talk: Game of Thrones somehow gets even better, Crossbones is terrible, and Penny Dreadful is intriguing, (0:44:20) Darren: anniversary, redecorating, The Wise Man's Fear, musical improv, new compy, (1:11:30) Shaun: The Marvels Project, Justified S3 and S4, Austin, (1:27:25) Trey: Wildstar, Locke and Key, (1:41:30) Tripp: finished Neuromancer and Skin Game, watched G.I. Joe: Retaliation, (1:50:45) The Dr. Strange movie is happening, and no one wants to direct Ant-Man
(0:01:20) Blu Rays: (null), (0:01:25) Coming Attractions: (Maleficent...A Million Ways to Die in the West), (0:06:45) Box Office: X-Men is on top, (0:08:55) TV Talk: it's an off week because of Memorial Day... , (0:10:30) Darren: House of Cards, cookout, more The Wise Man's Fear, toying with new computer parts, X-Men thoughts, (0:45:05) Trey: Dark Phoenix Saga, Godzilla, Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet, X-men: Schism, Cards Against Humanity, other games..., (1:06:30) Tripp: cookout, finished Dune, started Neuromancer and Skin Game (Dresden #15), (1:20:10) Shaun: The People’s Republic of Austin, Godzilla, Valiant Trades, Justified s3, and (old news) digging first foray into the Assassin’s Creed-verse, (1:34:45) Casting news for the Netflix/Disney/Marvel deal
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