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Success. If you're like me, you can't get enough of it. And you've probably spent way too much time - and possibly money - searching for it. In books and videos. You dress for it. You chase it. You fake it ‘til you make it. You travel far and w
My guess is that you are extremely important. There are probably dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people holding their collective breath and waiting on your every move. You are the glue that holds everything together in your world.   It’s e
Last year was a rollercoaster ride for nearly everyone I know. Lots of changes and losses and upheaval. Some sweet moments, of course. But in so many ways, it seemed like one of the most tumultuous years ever. At least in my lifetime.   So how
We're barely into the new year and you've already used, lost, grown tired of, or broken all of your favorite holiday toys. The leftovers are gone. Or're still wearing them under your "fat" pants. The next decent excuse for a merry c
It's here again. That time of year when you've run out of...well...  Year!   Where did the time go? How did another entire year just slip away in the blink of an eye? And more importantly, how did you not make good on that laundry list of res
Last week I talked about how to deal with those rude, obnoxious people you've undoubtedly been encountering in spades this holiday season. Bad drivers, selfish shoppers, lazy, incompetent customer service people...and the list goes on.   We jo
 The woman who cuts in front of you at Starbucks and proceeds to place an order for a small village - and keeps revising it for at least 52 minutes. - The old man who zooms in front of you to steal the parking space you've been waiting patient
Hey Buttercup I got your number: You are superwoman. Not only can you bring home the bacon and fry it up in a bought the land, built the farm, selected the pig - after breeding, delivering, raising, and grooming it - cured and smoked
Breaking News: Grown-assed woman found dancing in the streets in a pointy hat holding fistfuls of cake and chanting, "WooHoo, it's my birthday!" between bites.   Remember when YOU got that excited when your birthday rolled around? How long has
Today is American Thanksgiving. It's a day dedicated to giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. The myth we were taught as children revolved around the colonial settlers from Europe - or Pilgrims - and the native Americans. It was tol
Have you ever gotten super excited about doing something new...only to be immediately derailed by a well meaning friend or loved one? Of course you have! We all have. And sometimes the warnings, criticisms, and devil's advocate act can truly co
Some people always suck the air out of the room. They make everything about themselves. They are masters of to belittle you so stealthily that you may find yourself thanking them for the deed. They can make you smaller with
Ever wondered how you can let someone know that you just don't support them? Looking for ways to show someone you really don't care? We've all been there. So I'm here to show you 4 ways to say, "I don't got your back!" know...identify
Remember all of that fuss in Romeo and Juliet about a rose? You know, if it was called anything other than a rose, it'd still be a rose. It would look the same, feel the same. Smell the same. That's some deep stuff, right? Basically, Shakespear
When I was growing up, I was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I was also looney for Lucky Charms, crazy for Captain Crunch, and fanatical over Fruity Pebbles. Weekly grocery shopping with my family was stressful. I had to choose one and commit to it fo
See that woman over there? She's got a way better job than me! And that one? Man I want her car! And check out the brains on the one with all those diplomas on her wall! Grrrrrrrraaaaargh!!! Woah! Clearly I need to get a grip on my green eyed m
// I once joined the YMCA. I did it because I wanted to work out regularly and spend time participating in activities with my son. I was going to get in shape so I could be healthy, happy, and, I'll be perfectly honest here...HOT. I made th
// So you think you're motivated. You've defined what you want. You've figured out why. You've tapped into your desire. But there's still one more thing you gotta do. And it all comes down to this. What is it? Are you sure you're ready? Oka
// In the space between desire and action, there lurks a shadowy nemesis to all wishy washy scaredy cats and procrastinators. A powerful force to be reckoned with. A master of movement. A champion of change.  What is it?  Guess.  Don't daly or
What you want? baby, YOU got it!  Or do you?  Before you can get what you want, you have to not only know what it is, you gots to burn for it, deep down, in your soul! What am I talking about?  This is the stuff that moves mountains. It forges
// WHY? Because I said so. Because you have to. Because that's the way it works. Because it's always been that way.  Feeling motivated?  Of course you're not! Those answers never work. They didn't work when you were a kid. They don't work on y
// Have you ever fantasized about having a superpower? Maybe you secretly wish to fly. See through walls. Be invisible. Be invincible.  Well, I can't help you get any of those powers. And honestly, they seem like they just might be more troubl
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// We humans are social creatures. We rely on each other for so many things. We form friendships, groups, communities. We gravitate towards people who share our opinions and world views. We look to our mentors and heroes for guidance. And we n
How many times a day do you catch yourself saying, "I'm trying!" Cmon, you can tell me; what happens on the Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast stays on the Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Podcast.   Not ready to 'fess up out loud? That's okay.
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