Girls Gotta Eat

A Comedy, Health and Sexuality podcast

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Why do guys just want to f*ck you once then stalk your Instagram forever? Are you being bread crumbed? What's the deal with dads sending dick pics? And do you owe someone anal after an $800 dinner?

These are all topics discussed on Girls Gotta Eat -- a hilarious podcast from the ladies behind Instagram sensations @OneHungryJew and @BrosBeingBasic.

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The Friends are important in any relationship. In this episode we discuss, analyze, and offer advice for it all: 1) You don't like your significant other's friends, 2) They don't like you, 3) Your SO doesn't like your friends, 4) They hate him/her back. We also catch up on Rayna's DM doctor, …

Not Enough Ratings

We'd been getting a lot of listener questions about when to sleep with a guy, so here you go, ladies! We cover this topic + what to do physically with a guy before you move into sex territory, and also when to NEVER sleep with him. We also catch up on life things including doctors, diets, and DMs.  …


Is it ever too soon to travel with someone you're dating? How are you supposed to take a shit in a small hotel room? Why is vacation sex so much better than non-vacation sex? And WTF do you do when a trip with your significant other goes terribly terribly wrong? All this + more on our travel …


We share our experiences dating younger men and chat about whether this is a solid option for women in their late twenties and up. Rayna also dishes on her latest sexcapade from across the pond, and we play a game of 'Would You Rather' that (almost) crosses the line (not like we have one).  Follow …


In the previous episode, we discussed signs he may be a cheater. In this episode, we tell you what to do once you've confirmed the infidelity. But don't worry, we lighten this darker topic with plenty of overshares from our own personal lives plus an explicit game of Never Have I Ever.  Follow us …