Cinderella Top 5 – EP066

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This week Sonny and I scream “SHAKE ME” at the top of our lungs all night as we both pick our Top 5 Cinderella songs. We barely avoid an all-out brawl on mic when we both claim a song as our favorite, deciding in the end to let technology pick the true winner of the favorite song sweepstakes.

I remember seeing Cinderella in the 90's, long after their “heyday.” With rock considered passe at the time, I was psyched to be able to see a band I dug in a small club at an affordable price.

Cinderella blew the roof off the place that night, and I remember thinking, "Here is a rock band that, in an arena or small club, delivers kick-ass music to the roar of a crowd" and I have never forgotten that fact.

Sonny and I both decided we have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with this band, but both of us agree it's more love than hate. There are certainly more than enough killer songs to go around and make it a very tough task to decide which are our Top 5 Cinderella songs at the moment we happened to record this episode of the Growin’ Up Rock Podcast.

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87 mins


Sunday, September 23rd 2018