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This Ain’t No Disco ’90 – EP059

Released Sunday, 12th August 2018
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sonny is awesome lovin it growin up rock great feel awesome episodes
Steven and Sonny make gaining new rock and roll knowledge easy. While the music may be the main reason people listen, I really enjoy the knowledge I gain from each episode. If you’re one of those people like I am whose ever heard a song and said, oh! I know this song, I just can’t remember the name, listen and learn. They’re on air compatibility is great and I love the word of the day. I found the Episode This ain’t no disco to be most prodigious....lol. Listen to that episode and you’ll get it. ?
Like many of the “special “ episodes on Growin Up Rock, I love the This Ain’t No Disco series. Lots of great songs that I knew in 1990 as well as some lost gems that I’ve never heard. Good Work, Steven and Sonny!
The guys' vocabulary isn't prodigious, but the amount of fun they have trying to work in vocabulary other than "killer" is exceptional. Queensryche's Empire might be their best record but I'd have played Another Rainy Night or Jet City Woman because while they're overplayed it's because they're the best tunes on the record.
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