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Hella Tired Podcast

A Technology and Podcasting podcast featuring Bubba McComb
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RedditSamurai reviewed this podcast on Jan 8th, 2019
"King of Kings, Lord of Lords. All humanoids shall bow in the galactic presence of the young lord B.M. This is the best podcast to have ever existed. "
FanBoi221 reviewed this podcast on Jan 8th, 2019
"I cannot stop listening to this audio masterpiece. I wanna have sum kidz wiff u."
SadboiShinobi reviewed this podcast on Jan 8th, 2019
"If you’re not listening to this gold mine of a podcast, I don’t know what tf you’re doing. This is the Mecca of entertainment, the pinnacle of interest and lore. This is quite possibly the best podcast that ever existed. I was referred here by Satan the Dark Lord himself. I gotta say, I love the devil so much more now for this recommendation! "
Bubba_Mccomb reviewed this podcast on Dec 15th, 2018
"If you like what's going on here, make sure you RATE & REVIEW as well! "
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