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“I knew that if I wanted to reduce my chance of injury, I needed to learn how the body moved, and needed to learn nutrition. I need to learn the human body.” “You have to be so selfish with your time—it is the most precious thing.” “Interrupt y
“If I was going to do it on my own, I already would have done it.” “No matter what you’re going through, it’s up to you to interpret it how you want.” Key Takeaway: This week, hear from Tony Stephan, a dietician entrepreneur who has loads of kn
“The first time I experienced it, I felt great and I went and crushed weights.” “You heal 70% faster.”  “Just start somewhere.”   Key Takeaway: Elite Powerlifter and Strength Training Coach Ryan Conley joins us this week to talk about RPR – Ref
Key Takeaway:  This week, get an introspective look into Joe’s mind, and hear what he has to say about comparison and how he doesn’t let distractions overcome his thoughts. His insight will help you ask yourself whether what you’re doing is tru
“Mushrooms don’t work immediately. You have to take them regularly and they work in the background.” “Our society conditions us in a way.” “We often get into pathways that are fixed.” “We are nature; nature is us. That ultimately is probably th
“I could always control my effort. I could always control how much I could practice.” “If I worked more than the next guy, that would give me the best opportunity to play in the NHL.” Key Takeaways: This week we had the pleasure of talking to N
“I’ve had to overcome a lot of struggles in my life, and a lot of people would look at me and wouldn’t think that.” “Either you’re going to be complacent or you’re going to take action.” “I’ve never been happier in my life because I know that I
“I had no idea who I was.” “Why do I feel like my enough-ness are solely dependent on my accolades and achievements?” “I’ve never had a voice; now I have a voice.” “I never had a voice and I never spoke my truth.” Key Takeaway: This week, we we
“Your body is a self-healing mechanism.”  “The person who lives closer to their boundaries will be the one to win.” “If you’re green, you’re growing. If you’re ripe, you’re rotting.”  Key Takeaway: This week, we were stoked to chat with Aaron A
“I didn’t have a backup plan. I was all in.” “I had to work hard, get my head down and just allow my actions and my performances to earn the right of a locker room.” “Is this something I really want to do? Or is this something someone else expe
Key Takeaways: This week Alex and Joe chatted about the importance of your mindset and how prioritizing positivity and finding likeminded friends is all part of creating a healthy mindset. Plus you’ll hear about the new leap and challenge that
“Most people won’t stare their insecurities in the face.” “Why not me?”   Key Takeaway: This week, we sat down with fitness and mindset enthusiast Cody McBroom and heard about his journey from the very beginning (a chubby kid in high school) to
“Going through pain in and out of the ring…boxing has taught me to get through those moments in life.” “Everybody is talented and smart. It really comes down to your mindset.” “I knew that if I didn’t go for it, that pain of regret would always
“People can get caught up in personal development and not put that information into action.” – Joe “You always want to be the one adding at least 51% of value in each relationship you’re a part of.” “Sometimes you gotta pay to play.” Key Takeaw
“A lot of people take care of their body, but do not take care of their minds.” “Meditating is just being able to recognize your thoughts, hearing them, and releasing.” Key Takeaways: Karlee Garland, a well-established competitor and fitness co
“When all you do is compete, think about how much life you’re missing out on.” – Joe “You can lose yourself. You start to become the person you’re trying to be and you forget the person you were before social media.” – Taylor “Whatever gets eng
“Become aware of why you’re thinking a certain way and allow yourself to stop and take 10 breaths.” “The biggest thing getting in the way of my business was me.” “You don’t get what you want. You get what you need.” “People are so afraid of fai
“It’s important to have both failure and success. Failure is a far better coach than success is ever going to be.” “If every decade of your life, you wouldn’t want to punch 10 years ago you in the face, there is a problem..I hope 45 year old me
“I needed something to keep me healthy while also keeping me accountable.” “I was interested to find out what health was, not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Mind, body and emotional health are an all-encompassing thing that people
“People live through social media instead living a normal life.” “If you’re doing things for the right reason, you’re using social media to impact as many people as you can.” “Take advantage of the different opportunities you have and grow in d
“I had reached a point financially where I thought I’d be set but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt.” “There’s a lot of bullshit out there. I’m gonna come out and be transparent and honest with people.” “I’m confident but
“I knew what I was doing was wrong and I felt like I was losing myself.” “I saw the path of my life and I knew it wasn’t the right path but I couldn’t break free of it.” “People saw a lot of me that they liked but they didn’t see the dark side
“You can view kids as this blank canvas and you have a large part in forming who they become in their life.” “They weren’t doing these kids a service. These teachers weren’t setting a fire in these kids. They weren’t getting them moving and the
“I was always an entrepreneur growing up. At that point, I just wanted to chase money.” “There was something inside of me that felt like it wasn’t fulfilled.” “I learned from a very young age that it wasn’t all about me.” “ The more I was beati
“I am really starting to see a huge desire and want for people to understand how you can just quit a job and do a 180 in your life and start doing something completely different.” “Each day we wake up and it’s a new opportunity to progress and
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