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109: When you know there’s “Something More” by TK Byron

Released Monday, 9th November 2020
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Today, we continue the conversation with a “launch coach”.  “What is that?” you might ask?? Stick with me…we will get there…
Taliah-Kate Byron is only 30 years old and I say that bc she dove into the multi-billion $$ self-development and coaching industry when she was only 17.   Getting stellar grades in Grammar school growing up…she chose a path less traveled than the oft worn path of University - she ”designed” her own education.  Whether it was a degree in NLP, experiential game design, Vipassana meditation, speech and drama or micro business design…she kept growing herself.
I met TK when a chapter of my life as a pro athlete was coming to a close and I was upskilling with NLP.  I was older than she is now and she was only in her teens!  I was struck by that.  Her level of engagement and participation was inspiring and I was drawn to the spark that she had brimming in her.
We have traveled many a PD road together (me always being 15 or so years older than her) and here we are again, but this time, she’s my COACH.  She is helping me craft my offer and “launch” my new signature coaching program for women just like me called The Awakened Mama.  
I have learned so much from this clever wiper snapper…but her coaching goes so much deeper than what her smart brain can produce.  
She “tunes in” when she needs to nail a brief, she has “mental clearing processes” before she does an ‘impact post’, she can write copy that just lands with people, and she creates marketing templates that make it easy for someone like me to step my words into – it just comes to life!
Clearly, I’m a fan!  And I know after you hear more about her, you will be too!
The Goods on TK:
With over a decade in the personal development industry, my love for this work started at 17 and quickly became a passionate side-hustle. I started keynote speaking and volunteering at youth leadership camps across Australia. When those camps struggled to get ongoing funding, it became my mission to learn everything about marketing so that coaches who were making a difference in people's lives could keep their doors open by having money in their back pocket. 
Contact TK:
         Facebook: @taliahkate
         LinkedIn: @tkbyron
         Website: www.badassbeings.com

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