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Episode from the podcastIncrease The Dosage with Chris J Snook

003 Losing It All and Coming Back Stronger with Amy Cosper

Released Wednesday, 3rd July 2019
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00:56 – Introducing today’s guest, Amy Cosper
01:53 – Amy’s background
03:57 – The truth about the glamorization of entrepreneurship
06:43 – The importance of having clarity of vision
07:50 – Chris’ football analogy
09:57 – The importance of strategy
10:21 – Amy’s motorcycle analogy
13:45 – How everyone can benefit from learning about the entrepreneurial process
15:42 – A time in Amy’s life when she encountered an incredible low
17:50 – How Amy rebuilt after losing her home in a fire
19:35 – Insights Amy has gleaned as a leader throughout her entrepreneurial journey
22:33 – The importance of maintaining mental health as an entrepreneur
24:30 – Finding the calm
29:19 – Amy’s theory on business books
31:30 – Where listeners can find Amy
31:34 – Amy shares with the audience what they can do to increase the dosage
32:32 – Chris thanks Amy for joining the show
“Most entrepreneurs are boot-strapping, they are self-funding. They are scrapping their way out of the hole almost every single day.” (04:24)
“There is one thing that sets successful entrepreneurs away from the failures. And, that is a clarity of vision, right? The ability to say what you do in three sentences or less is absolutely mission critical.” (06:53)
“Your story as an entrepreneur is absolutely your greatest asset.” (07:24)
“It’s strategy, right? Like, it’s all about strategy. And, like a great football player, entrepreneurs see things other people do not see. They see an impossible path that nobody else would see because they’re curious.” (09:57)
“The physiology of entrepreneurs is very different from mere mortals.” (11:20)
“It’s a lot like failing in a business. You cannot dig in the rubble. You have got to move on.” (17:23)
“We matter but we are responsible for our own destiny.” (26:01)
“Where you look is where you’re going.” (30:34)
Chris’ LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisjsnook/
Amy’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/entmagazineamy/
Amy’s Twitter – @AmyCCosper https://twitter.com/amyccosper?lang=en
Amy’s Email – [email protected]
Amy Website – http://amycosper.com/
Entrepreneur.com - http://www.entrepreneur.com
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