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Episode from the podcastIncrease The Dosage with Chris J Snook

006 A Crazy Leap that is Making Positive Impact on a Global Scale with Jeremy Wade

Released Wednesday, 24th July 2019
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01:01 – Introducing today’s guest, Jeremy Wade
02:32 – Jeremy’s roots and backstory
04:08 – How Jeremy ended up in Pittsburg State in Kansas
04:53 – Jeremy’s educational background
05:34 – Working for the United States Treasury Department
10:08 – Jeremy speaks to his role as a bank examiner
12:20 – The moment Jeremy realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur
14:04 – The decision to move to India to become an entrepreneur
19:53 – Jeremy describes the first time he experienced feelings of doubt regarding his decision
24:08 – The inspiration to start the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation + Entrepreneurship (JSiE)
27:10 – How Jeremy pitched the idea to launch a startup within a university
32:09 – Supporting Tibetan entrepreneurs
36:41 – The evolution of JSiE
39:07 – Emotions Jeremy felt when his business became scalable and viable
41:18 – Next steps for Jeremy’s entrepreneurial journey
42:51 – Designing massive online courses on social enterprise
45:43 – Bringing in partners and sponsors
48:15 – Chris summarizes some data from Jeremy’s courses
49:53 – Jeremy’s upcoming initiatives
52:36 – Advice Jeremy would give to his younger self
55:45 – Advice Jeremy would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs
1:01:24 – Where listeners can connect with Jeremy
“I was thinking long term, long term perspective. Ya know, ‘Where can I add value, contribute over the course of my career?’ And that’s I think what led me to where I’m at today.” (13:07)
“Things come very easy in the U.S. and, a place like India, things don’t come so easy.” (22:13)
“The very first thing we did, actually, is the thing that’s probably the most interesting thing we’re still doing is supporting Tibetan entrepreneurs.” (33:10)
“I think that the nature of being an entrepreneur is there’s no such thing as permanence. The only permanence is whether or not you’re going to continue to adapt.” (40:34)
“Don’t get so attached, if you can, to short term outcomes. Think about the process as much as possible.” (56:28)
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