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Inbetween 15 - Live Your Life Happy, Marlene Angel
Episode 15 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. What rhymes with "summer"? That's right, "bummer"! After catching up with Jon's list of shows that he's watching for the summer 2019 anime season, Ben chats with him about their experiences with hype and disappointment as anime fans. What shows let them down? How did they let them down? Is the internet to blame? The internet's probably to blame. (more…)
52 - Boss God of the Universe
Episode 52 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. It'd be so easy to make fun of the tropes of shounen battle anime in this description, but we're better than that. Ben, Duncan, and Jeff don't need to fight in order to reconcile their differences and become friends. Instead, they celebrate those differences as they discuss the beginning of the summer 2019 anime season and their topic for the month, shounen battle anime. Believe it! Sorry, couldn't resist. (more…)
51 - The Best Kind of Wrong
Episode 51 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. And now, the time is near / And so we face the season's ending / As hosts, we'll say it clear / We'll give our thoughts, and hope they're trending / We've dropped some boring shows / We've read a few intriguing essays / But more, much more than this / we've watched anime! (more…)
50 - Vampire Daddy
Episode 50 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. In the end (or, in this case, in the beginning) it's family that counts. That's why Ben, Andy, Duncan, Jeff, and Jon have chosen the topic of "family" as their theme for this episode, in a reboot of their podcast format that's moving away from deep dives on individual works and towards wide-ranging discussions of tropes and themes that apply to all anime. What old standbys will come up as they talk about bad dads, toxic siblings, and powerful moms? Listen and find out! (more…)
Inbetween 14 - Man, Stones, and Bamboo (The Legend of Koizumi)
Episode 14 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. As Von Clausewitz said, mahjong is the continuation of politics by other means. Join Jeff and Jon as Andy schools them on the centuries-old game of tiles and hands, learning a little bit about right-wing Japanese politics and Olympic skeet-shooting along the way. Is The Legend of Koizumi funny in spite of its extremely niche appeal? Is it funny because of it? Listen and find out! (more…)
49 - Your Big American Friend (Kiznaiver)
Episode 48 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Life is pain, folks. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something. More importantly, however, anime isn't pain, but Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jeff still do their best to sell you on the highs and lows of the shows that they're watching. Enjoy thirty minutes of Sarazanmai, twenty minutes of Carole & Tuesday, and a comparison between the old and new versions of Fruits Basket. Once you're ready, you can close out the episode with the discussion of Kiznaiver, the 2016 series that's the spotlight, and begin the healing process all over again. (more…)
48 - Hey, Try to Be Good
Episode 48 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. What happens when production difficulties force an anime podcast to delay its beginning-of-the-season episode? Well, listen and find out! Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jon all give their thoughts on the shows of spring 2019 and they're not too untimely. There's even a long digression on... Attack on Titan? Huh. Anyway, after the break they pick the 2016 anime Kiznaiver as their latest (and perhaps final) spotlight! (more…)
Inbetweens 13 - It's Clearly Not Fine (Kizumonogatari)
Episode 13 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. The boys (that is, Ben and Jeff) are back in town, and that means that it's time for another round of navel-gazing about the Monogatari Series franchise! This time, it's the long-delayed movie trilogy that tells the story of Araragi's first encounter with a hot girl... and with a vampire! There's so much to cover that they miss a bunch, though. For instance, there's not a word about Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade jogging her memory by digging through her literal brains, or about the recurring motif of a vampire hunter's head laughing in front of bad CGI flames. Still, they talk a lot! Maybe too much. Listen, if you dare... (more…)
47 - Famously into Drugs (tsuritama)
Episode 47 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. In this episode, we're visited by a benevolent alien named Jon, who wants only to enjoy all the anime! As he searches for more shows to watch and love, he befriends the anxious and depressed Ben, the troubled but talented Duncan, and the mysterious foreigner Andy. The wacky quartet talk about the wrap-up of the winter 2018 season, then they move onto the spotlight anime, which happens to have been based on their adventures, the 2012 show tsuritama! (more…)
46 - All the Way Thirsty
Episode 46 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. The science is clear: the human body is fueled by liquid and, therefore, its greatest enemy is thirst. There are many ways to protect your body and prevent thirst, like spit and slime, but the final imperative is not to drool too much over video games and anime girls. Join Ben, Andy, Duncan, Jeff, and Jon as they wander through this desert of content searching for the refreshment of a good spotlight, which ends up being the 2012 series tsuritama, and then listen to them play Andy's game about a superhero with a bean bun for a head. Nothing thirsty there, no sir. (more…)
45 - Don't Think, Feel So Good (Bungo Stray Dogs)
Episode 45 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. The best part of watching anime is that you get both the good and the bad. One day you're running with the wind, and the next you're rising with the shield hero. I can't think about any clever way to work Double Decker! into that framework, but those are what Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jon talked about before moving to this week's spotlight, the first cour of the 2016 series Bungo Stray Dogs! Get on it like a genetically modified soldier from the moon. (more…)
44 - Fish Men Can't Swim
Episode 44 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Have you ever thought about the wonderful diversity of life on this planet, our Spaceship Earth? Ben, Andy, Duncan, Jeff, and Jon have. Consider the elegance of the airplane girl or the fish man. Marvel at the wisdom of the thousand-year-old loli! There's even room in our hearts for the new serval girl, who's admittedly not as good as the old serval girl. Once you've recovered your senses, look to the second half of the podcast, where we pick the 2016 anime Bungo Stray Dogs as our next spotlight and play a game of "Idoln't Believe It!" (more…)
43 - Welcome to Anime School (Serial Experiments Lain)
Episode 43 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Surely there's been a misunderstanding! A normal, natural conversation about sex comedies in anime has transformed into a meditation about our self-made dystopia of technological isolation. What will Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jeff do? It's a gamble, but their only option is to talk through the plot and themes of their spotlight anime, the 1998 series Serial Experiments Lain, in hopes of finding some kind of salvation. (more…)
42 - Everything Is Isekai
Episode 42 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. It's our "transported to another world" special! Duncan sums up his thoughts on Bloom into You, the isekai about two high school girls struggling with love, and then Ben joins him to discuss the third season of A Certain Magical Index, another isekai about a world in which magic and technology fuel vast conspiracies. Don't worry, we didn't forget all the new anime this season that transport their characters to an exotic new setting! Jon talks about shows with isekai premises like women flying airplanes and a boy and a girl competing over love. Andy even checks in with an isekai of his own, about a twentysomething woman just trying to make it in Japan! After the break, they choose the 1998 cyberpunk isekai classic, Serial Experiments Lain, for their next spotlight. See you on the other side! (more…)
41 - Normal Anime Jeans (And Yet the Town Moves)
Episode 41 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. I'm not moving or speaking, but you can understand me perfectly from my body language, as if you're hearing my voice in your head. The set of my shoulders says, "Ben, Andy, Jeff, and Jon go over some highs and lows of the fall season of anime." The tilt of my head says, "They also discuss the 2010 series And Yet the Town Moves for their spotlight." Most of all, the line of my jaw says, "Believe in yourself. If you do your best and don't forget your friends, you have it in you to be the greatest hero who ever lived!" (more…)
Inbetween 12 - A Very Thatcher Christmas
Episode 12 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. Happy holidays! We got you a Christmas episode. What, are we too late? Well, if Honey & Clover can have its Christmas episode in May, we can certainly have ours in January. Snuggle in with Ben, Andy, and Duncan as they talk about Christmas traditions in Japan, iconic Christmas episodes from anime, and what terrible shows they would give each other as part of a white elephant gift exchange. (more…)
40 - You May Already Be a Winner!
Episode 40 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Classic panel! Everyone's got their favorite. Jon talks more about Run with the Wind fulfilling all his dreams of friendship and athleticism, Ben agonizes about whether SSSS.Gridman is a successor to Neon Genesis Evangelion or just an imitator, and Duncan patiently explains to both of them why Bloom into You shouldn't be confused with Iroduku: The World in Colors. After a short break, they pick the 2010 anime And Yet the Town Moves as the first spotlight of the new year! (more…)
39 - Countermeasures: Twin Tails (Another)
Episode 39 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Join Ben, ○○○, Duncan, Jeff, and Jon as they take a closer look at the fall season's breakout hits, including SSSS.Gridman, Run with the Wind, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Then they... Wait, are there more hosts in this episode than when we started? Where are these opinions about Another coming from? This spotlight of the 2012 horror anime must be cursed! We have to listen to the entire podcast to see if there's a way to beat it and send the dead back to death. (more…)
Inbetween 11 - No Vegetables, Only Meat (Hanamonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, & Tsukimonogatari)
Episode 11 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. What is the relationship between words and reality? Do words describe a reality that exists independently of their use and meaning, or are words actually the medium through which reality is perceived and understood? For instance, if Aniplex decides to brand Hanamonogatari as a finale movie for Monogatari Series Second Season instead of an OVA epilogue for the entire franchise, does that make it so? If Ben and Jeff discuss it alongside Koyomimonogatari and Tsukimonogatari, does that make the podcast a work of media criticism? Listen to find out! (more…)
38 - A Massive Conglomeration of Wizards
Episode 38 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Who can look into the mind of Ben and know what anime he's watching this season? Not Andy, Duncan, Jeff, and Jon, that's for sure! Come on, guys, we've been doing this for over three years now. Join us for a rundown of what to watch (and, more important, what not to watch) in the 2018 fall anime season, then check out the 2012 horror anime Another that we picked for our next spotlight! (more…)
37 - Human Is the Real Man (Parasite Dolls)
Episode 37 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Emerging like an advanced hunter-killer android from the mouth of a cute-looking cat, the hosts are burning holes through walls with our hot takes on anime! Actually, there aren't that many surprises among the anime discussed, but who could pass up a chance to evoke that disturbing moment from this episode's spotlight, 2003's Parasite Dolls? Tune in after the break to get the skinny on everything. (more…)
Inbetween 10 - The Badminton Shinsengumi (Hanebado!)
Episode 10 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. What happens when an unstoppable spear meets an unbreakable shield? No, we're not talking about your favorite sports anime, we're talking about Jeff and Jon talking about the controversial Hanebado! that aired this summer. One hates it, but loves it a little, and the other loves it, but hates it a little! Who will triumph? (more…)
36 - Omoshiroi Amore
Episode 36 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. Doesn't Hanebado! make you feel magnifico? Aren't Grand Blue and Lupin the Third just suteki? Will Ben ever say nein, nyet, or ohi to long-running series that he's not enjoying? Come discover the multicultural and multilingual inspirations of Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jeff as they decide on the 2003 OVA Parasite Dolls for their next spotlight! (more…)
Inbetween 09 - What Would Hanekawa Do? (Monogatari Series Second Season)
Episode 09 of Key Frames: Inbetweens, a mini-podcast about anime. When does an error become a mistake? When you watch another installment of the Monogatari Series franchise. That's how the saying goes, right? As they discuss Monogatari Series Second Season, Ben and Jeff even develop a lot of affection for the characters that other fans hate to love, like Tsubasa Hanekawa and Nadeko Sengoku. Listen and maybe you will, too! (more…)
35 - Old and Dying in Japan (In This Corner of the World)
Episode 35 of Key Frames, a podcast about anime. We were sitting down to do a podcast on a movie about one of humanity's greatest atrocities and we asked ourselves, "How best can we undermine our gravitas here?" The answer was obvious, and that's why we also talk about How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, Robot Girls Z, and Golden Boy. After the break, join Ben, Andy, Duncan, and Jon as they talk about their spotlight, In This Corner of the World! (more…)
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