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Hey Everybody!This week we push on with GIJoe Extreme!Do you enjoy Ray getting called out? Then this is an episode for you!!!Enjoy!Patreon - - - @GijoePodc
Hey Everybody!We made it! We are back!!!And we are talking about MOTU: Revelation Episode 4, the one where they go to the underworld!Is this the one that finally gets Gina on board?One way to find out.....Enjoy!Patreon -
Hey Everybody!Last week got crazy town with scheduling and we just ran out of real estate to get the episode recorded!That's lame! So here is our bonus make-up throwback episode of Tales from the Cryptkeeper!Gina is not here for this one, but
Hey Everybody!This week we blow out all expectations with another really interesting episode of this series!Overkill had a rough childhood, and now finds himself with the ability to manipulate everyone in the world to love him....what could go
Hey Everybody!This week we go back into Masters of the Universe: Revelation!!Beast-Man! Mer-Man! And a twist reveal that BLEW US AWAY!!!Enjoy!Patreon - -
Hey Everybody!This week we get Extreme!!!! With more GIJoe Extreme!When Stone gets hit with a weapon that causes you to explode at the molecular level, he finds a surprising ally in Count Rainey aka Iron Klaw!Are we not even gonna bring up tha
Hey Everybody!This week we return to Masters of the Universe: Revelation for episode 2!!!#PromisesKeptGina seems to like this one more than ep 1, giving us hope and promise that she won't rage quit the show (This week)!!Enjoy!Patreon - Patreon.
Hey Everybody!This week we delve back into the world of GIJoe Extreme!A whole episode devoted to the backstory of the new villain Wreckage? A send up of the 'Hero/Villain goes to live with salt of the earth folk and learns about himself' trope
Hey Everybody!This week we embark on a quest and do something a little different, for the next few weeks we are gonna alternate GIJoe Extreme with all 5 episodes of the New He-Man Show!!!Masters of the Universe Revelation is a Kevin Smith helme
Hey Everybody!This week we go LIVE with an episode that we invited all the Patrons from Patreon to attend!It's GIJoe Find Your Fate Book 2, Operation: Dragon Fire!WARNING: There is no Gina in this episode.So join us as Ray and Chan and 9(!) Pat
Hey Everybody!This week we watched GIjoe Extreme episode 7 "Dawns Oily Light" where we learn more about Harpoon! Throughout this very solid episode of GIJoe, we encountered a disagreement that threatens to rip the show apart!!!Enjoy!Patreon -
Hey Everybody!This week we are talking Kidsongs, a live action 80's (Rebooted in the 90's) kids show where kids take over the means of production! We're doing the gritty 90's reboot!Yes it's Marxism on full display as kids run a tv studio afte
Hey Everybody!This week we accidently revisit the Operation: Star Raider Choose your own adventure book!Turns out we've done this one before and realized half way through! But we pushed on anyways do give you another LIVE take on this book! I
Hey Everybody!This week we sally forth into the world of GIJoe Extreme!When last we left our heroes they found out a dramatic secret about Iron Klaw! Will that factor into this week's outing?No? Hmm, well thankfully they gave us a good 'Germa
Hey Everybody!Last week we had some technical problems and then Ray took his first vacation in a year and a half!So, um, there wasn't a show last week!Also, it was just the show's birthday and...well....probably not the best week to have that h
Hey Everybody!This week we move forward with GIJoe Extreme with another very solid episode!!Do we dare to dream that the overall plot of the show gets furthered in episode 5? Yes I think we do!!!But yeah, we kinda dug another one...go figure!E
Hey Everybody!This week we advance onto Part 2 of the Orb-Tacluar!Why after listening to this one why not go back and check out Part 3 with Mortal Kombat??Savage Dragon was an Image Comic that was very popular in the 90s along with Spawn. In f
Hey Everybody!This week we delve deeper into the 90's treasure that is GIJoe Extreme!We got Microchips got villains that are.....competant?We mostly though have an hour plus of fun times and some of the time we talk ab
Hey Everybody!This week we talk Street Fighter!A couple weeks ago we enjoyed a Mortal Kombat Episode that turned out to be part 3 of a 4 part Obt-tacular!Well, here's Part One!!!Enjoy!Patreon - - Face
Hey Everybody!This week we look at an interesting episode of GIJoe Extreme where it is not clear (It is) whether a member of the Joe Team is loyal to GIJoe or SKAR!!!Let's keep this GIJoe Extreme Train A-Movin;!!!Enjoy! Patreon -
Hey Everybody!This week we go back to the well of Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm!This was all inspired by Gina's Birthday Movie Theater party that we all attended a couple weeks ago.Turns out, this random episode we picked was part of a
Hey Everybody!This week we have animation ROYALTY with us in the form of X-Men The Animated Series Showrunner Julia Lewald!Did you know she wrote episode 2 of GIJoe Extreme?We did and what a joy to behold, as it gave us the excuse to have her j
Hey Everybody!The entire KIHTP team got together IRL this past weekend for the first time in a looooong time to celebrate Gina's birthday and watch the new Mortal Kombat movie in theaters!It was awesome, and led to a conversation between us whe
Hey Everybody!This week we watch Foofur, the show that the worst saw, forgot, and immediately moved on from.Yup, so let's dive in!!!Enjoy!Patreon - - - @Gij
Hey Everybody!This week we start up Season 5!GIJoe Extreme!!!Let's all get fired up as the new Joe team faces the mysterious SKAR led by Iron (Don't call him Doctor) Klaw!And we are joined by the writer of this episode...the one and only Buzz D
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