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Let's Make Fun

A daily Comedy, talk and Music podcast featuring Jeramie Sturdefant
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Episodes of Let's Make Fun

Every once in a while, a somewhat famous person will do something so douchey, that every sports station on earth will talk about it for a couple of days. Well, that happened again. Even though this isn't technically a sports show, we will discu
Every night before I go to sleep I think this, this will be the night our cat let's us sleep past 3 am. Every morning at 3 am, I am gravely mistaken. This week on the show, I try my best to learn ways to have our furry little friend shut the he
You know what's cool? Watching teams that you've grown up with take the ice, court and field without ever thinking a cable channel won't be there to help you see all of the action. You know what's not cool? When that cable channel DISAPPEARS!!
When you have the chance to go to Europe, I've always thought to myself: Don't take it! Mostly because London is full of wankers and the French are assholes. But when you remember that Switzerland is there, you go damn it!! Over the last week a
When I was a kid, flying was always one of my favorite things to do. Now that I am 6'4", flying is one of the things that make me think that hell is real. This week we travel to the land of watches, cheese and cake rolls. I'm talking about Swit
Get the chalk out and start writing down ages and grades because the kiddos are going back to school! This week is all about the most important generation: my generation. I tell you my biggest pet peeves when it comes to kids and their stupid f
Like waking up after a long night of drinking, learning is hard. With all of the technology out there to do stuff for you, who has time to let their brains soak in information? You do! This weeks episode will help us all figure out ways to stay
Sometimes there are things in life that need changing; underwear, hairstyle, your stance on racism. But unlike those other ones, your job actually matters. When you change your job, you change almost everything about your daily routine. Check o
Golfing can be one of those things that you enjoy for a few minutes until you realize all of the bugs and sun are trying to kill you! This week, we talk about all things golf. Whether it be how to start or what you're not supposed to do on the
Dieting takes all the fun away from life. What's the point of the weekend if you can't eat whatever in the hell you want? We get down to the bottom of some of the dumbest diets on earth. We also hear some stories from people where dieting can w
Summer is filled with hiking, pool days, hot temps and fireworks! I hate them all. This week I do my best to be the con to every pro that my wife, Kelsi provides. We also get to listen to a new band, Matt and the Skeleton Crew! Check out some R
I don't know what the worst part of glamping is. The giant yurts? The pretentious hipsters trying to make a quick buck from ignorant city folk? The combination of two words? All of those are awful. But what isn't awful is my guest, Samantha Ols
Guns don't kill people, people that drive lifted trucks and crotch rockets kill people. This week we get into some of the most annoying people in the world: Drivers. From the aforementioned douchey truck drivers to 107 year old forgetful great
Coming back from vacation is a lot like running. They both make you want to throw up and get you into better shape. This week we're talking about the disappointment of coming back from vacation, talk the most disappointing movies of all time an
When you get to do interviews, sometimes they got lost in the shuffle of an episode. This week I've put together clips from every interview I've been fortunate enough to do so far on the show. Learn with me as we talk to some very interesting p
Vacations are a necessity. At least that's what I've always thought. But it seems like some people don't take vacations that they have earned and deserve. We get into some numbers on what other countries give for vacation and what it looks like
It takes a special kind of person to want to deal with people all day. You have to put on that fake smile, laugh at stupid jokes and act like that one baby is cute. You know which one I'm talking about. Listen as we find out some of your great
There's nothing like sitting back, relaxing and watching your favorite local news anchors tell you what is going on in the world. But sometimes they (like all of us) will have bad days. We get to some of the most cringe worthy moments in news a
I'm not sure what's worse; talking to people or only communicating through memes. What I do know is that there are billions of memes out there and some of them are funny. We get to some of those, find out some that I've made and hear a sneak pe
Sayings have been around since Hector was a pup. However, sometimes they don't butter your biscuit. If you've ever heard someone use sayings that make no sense, then you're not alone. This week we get all of your stupidest sayings and words tha
Do you know baseball started? The local baseball team didn't know that, so this week we are talking baseball to see if we can get their heads in the game. We also get a couple of guests, we make fun of the local baseball radio guy and listen to
With the amount of bad commercials out there, it's crazy that more companies don't go bankrupt. On this weeks episode, we discuss some of the dumbest commercials ever made. We also get our first ever call in guest and a special commercial that
Aren't you just sick of not partying? Well go to a bachelor or bachelorette party dammit! Last week, I went to my first ever out of town bachelor party and I am still feeling repercussions. We get some of your comments, and you get to listen to
When was the last time you drove to a different state? If you're like us, you know how fun it can be. It also can be a pain in the ass depending on the weather. Check out the newest episode of the Let's Make Fun podcast as we talk about traveli
Going to the movies is one of life's most precious journeys. The planning, the money, the sneaking in food so you don't have to pay 10 times as much. It can all be a bit overwhelming. We talk this week about all of the worst, dumbest and most a
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