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Light Above Solitude

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Episodes of Light Above Solitude

#044: Each week the world seems to be opening up more and more around me. I have personally been feeling a need to slow down and take inventory of what is serving my soul's intentions and what is not. Today I want to share four quick tips to he
#043: **WARNING: This episode may contain triggering content.** The bond between a child and their pets is truly an irreplaceable connection that seems to stick with one for a lifetime. But do the animals in our early years mold our current liv
#042: A channeled message about the growth process and a little bit on the new book by Rebecca Campbell, Letters to a Starseed: Messages and Activations for Remembering Who You Are and Why You Came Here. If you would like to get a copy of the b
#041: I used to look at my life's process through the lens of society's expectations. With that mindset, a lot of the time my view on my own life fell short. Through deep reflection, I have found the self-discovery journey runs through every av
#040: Self Love has become such a buzzword and somewhat of a movement in the last few years. When you hear the term 'self-love' what comes to mind? Is it rainbows, butterflies, and bubble baths?! Sometimes, those are true. However, I think of s
#039: Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you know that the pain you experience in your body can actually be a ripple effect from your emotions? Holistic health is just that, holistic. We must be willing to treat and care for all of ourselves.
#038: I believe that everything we have gone through and everything that we will face in the future adds meaning to our lives. I don't believe in coincidences or meaningless pain. But that being said, how do we start to make sense of it all?! L
#037: I personally crave deep connections when I am socializing. To do that, I need to be in a safe environment to open up about my feelings. As an introvert, it can be difficult to find a community where you feel seen and heard. But I encourag
#036: Do you ever get the urge or gut feeling to take action on something that doesn't make any sense to do? Often we dismiss our gut feelings as something else entirely, like fear maybe. But the universe often has great plans for the action it
#035: How is it that some people seem to get everything they desire, while others have to hustle to even come close to their wishes? The Universe is made of energy and universal laws, much like Earth's law of gravity. Knowing this, there have t
#034: After a year of creating new ways to socialize and hours upon hours on computer screens, I think we are all looking for ways to connect deeper with the world around us. We are craving more connection with ourselves, loved ones, as well as
#033: Adding a mindfulness routine to your day not only helps with your mental health but also improves your physical health. Scientists have discovered that mindfulness techniques help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure,
#032: This week marks the Spring Equinox (March 20) in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that day and night are equal in length and the new season is officially beginning. This time of year symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle and new life
#031: Making decisions can be daunting. Have you gotten in the habit of looking for outside validation about decisions for your life? I am a recovering people pleaser and I have a few tips on how to start making the best decisions for yourself.
#030: Everyone has bad days that put us in a funk. So how do we move forward out of that energy? It is all about filling our toolkit with ways to become aware and in control of our personal vibration. Abby Kurtz is here this week to chat about
#029: Is there a best way for your body, mind, and soul to operate? And how can we start to uncover that and put it into daily practice? Your Human Design chart can help you become more aligned with the ways in which you were actually created t
#028: To quote one of my favorite people, Will Smith said it best... "Parents just don't understand". But why?! What causes the "Generation Gap"? What if we had a way to relate to each other? A way to start seeing the strengths in each generati
#027: Serial entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, and dog lover, Gila Kurtz is on the show this week to chat about how to start using your mindset and habits to your benefit. We are always manifesting the world around us, so where do we start in creati
#026: What is energy healing? And how can you start using it to understand and empower yourself? This week's episode is perfect for all ages looking to really start healing from the past and start stepping into your light and authenticity. Heid
#025: Join me today for my birthday as I try something a little different on the show. Today is going to be a ramble, soapbox type episode where I explore some lessons, thoughts, and ideas I have come to in my life. I cover topics like destiny,
#024: Are you looking to expand your knowledge on Tarot cards? Today's guest has a new way to work with an old favorite. In this episode, Sara Holodnick (a.k.a. Sara Galactica) is here to shine her light on the use of tarot to guide your journe
#023: Do you find yourself going through the motions, but are looking for new easy ways to add more intention into your life? I have 4 mindfulness tips for you today that will be easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  // SHOW LINKS // Y
#022: Are you ready to manifest money in an easy and relaxed way this year? Tasha Chen is a thought-leader in the finance field with a more spiritual approach to money. She is here to help you create a Prosperity Plan for 2021. Tasha believes t
#021:  Antonella Di Giulio is a pianist, a music theorist, and an author. She is here this week to talk to us about her journey and experiences with PTSD and how she has coped with others in her life who struggle with their mental health. From
#020:  What do you do when you feel fear taking over? Are we able to change fear into something more helpful for our situations? Let's talk about transmuting your fear to take leaps and bounds in life and what the Fool card in Tarot has to do w
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