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Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

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Episodes of Lost in Translationmon

May is joined by Quinn and Chloe to talk about Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna while Digimon Ghost Game takes a week off.LinkdumpSegments:Intro: 00.00-04.42Discussion: 04.43-51.31Outro: 51.32-55.11Got something cool you wanna send us?We
May, Chloe, and Quinn discuss Mommies, product placement, Japanese translations, losing the game (dammit), and being here for sweaters.LinkdumpSegments:Intro: 0.00.00-00.04.56Discussion and Decisions: 0.04.57-0.38.54Postmon Pat, Pondering, and
Digimon Ghost Game's first episode dropped and Quinn, May, and Chloe have thoughts!LinkdumpSegmentsIntro: 00.00-03.41Discussion and Decisions: 03.42-28.47Postmon Pat, Pondering, and Predictions: 28.48-40.12Outro: 40.13-43.15Got something cool y
May is joined by Brady to talk about whether watching and enjoying Last Evolution Kizuna without nostalgia for Digimon is possible.LinkdumpIntro and Synopsis: 0.00-1.36Main Discussion: 1.37-43.45Outro: 43.46Got something cool you wanna send us?
May, Quinn, Chloe, and Evie discuss the end of the Colon and finally get around to making butt jokes.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 0.00.00-00.01.02Synopsis: 00.01.03-0.24.42Episode Discussion: 0.24.43-0.47.20Series Overall: 0.47.21-1.14.39Outro: 1.14
Omegamon appears for the first time for the third time.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-01.06Synopsis: 01.07-04.03Discussion: 04.04-46.35Outro: 46.36-50.42Got something cool you wanna send us?We have a PO Box!May Fisher-GuestPO Box 6258Dandenong,
This episode was almost half evolutions but we have the Digimon Ghost Game Trailer to talk about!LinkdumpSegments Intro and Ghost Game Chat: 0.00.00-0.12.19Synopsis: 0.12.20-0.33.21Discussion: 0.33.22-0.53.25Outro: 0.53.26-1.01.05Got something
The real Great Catastrophe was the friends we made along the way!LinkdumpSegments Intro: 0.00.00-0.04.30Synopsis: 0.04.31-0.33.12Discussion: 033.13-1.08.25Outro: 1.08.26-1.19.19Got something cool you wanna send us?We have a PO Box!May Fisher-Gu
This week's episode is a dissociative one and Quinn, Chloe, and May discuss Evangelion and Lost.So it's just your typical Digimon Podcast!LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-00.34Synopsis: 00.35-28.52Discussion: 28.53-50.42Outro: 50.43-57.43Got somet
May, Quinn, and Chloe come to terms with the likelihood of a Digimon Adventure 02 reboot and the possibility of a Digimon Frontier Sequel.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-00.37Synopsis: 00.38-25.07Discussion: 25.08-49.51Outro: 49.52-59.39Got somet
May, Quinn, Evie, and Chloe discuss how Eldoradimon frequently breaks physics whenever he shows up.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-03.34Synopsis: 03.35-08.54Discussion: 08.55-44.55Outro: 44.56-53.48Got something cool you wanna send us?We have a P
May, Quinn, Evie, and Chloe sit down and discuss how Mimi is a sudden coward and how Captain Joe rocks an incorrectly worn jacket.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 0.00.00-0.01.45Synopsis: 0.01.46-0.32-38Discussion: 0.32.39-0.53.22Outro: 0.53.23-1.00.48G
May is joined by Quinn and Chloe to talk about parents and backstory that is never touched on again.Also, May gives us a riddle to solve!LinkdumpSegments Intro: 0.00.00-0.01.30Synopsis: 0.01.31-0.30.57Discussion: 0.30.58-1.01.49Outro: 1.01.50-1
May, Quinn, and Chloe talk about how Taichi shouldn't exist and how Hikari is cracking a cold one open with the boys.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-02.51Synopsis: 02.52-26.08Discussion: 26.09-47.30Outro: 47.31-52.19Got something cool you wanna s
May, Quinn's ghost, and Evie discuss how this time we have entirely too many Taichis and how Mimi's Grandfather should ABSOLUTELY be the big bad.The curse continues.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 00.00-04.56Synopsis: 04.57-29.31Discussion: 29.32-46.55
May, Quinn, and Evie are joined by Austin to talk about how quickly Grizzmon dies, May has theories, Austin mourns, Quinn is literally sleepless in Seattle, and Evie loves Zanbamon so much she too becomes a ghost.LinkdumpSegments Intro: 0.00.00
We finally discuss the giant Rosemon in the room and have a few technical hiccups along the way.Segments Intro: 0.00.00-0.07.29Synopsis: 0.07.30-0.31.19Discussion: 0.31.20-0.55.31Outro: 0.55.32-1.02.43Got something cool you wanna send us?We hav
May, Quinn, Chloe, and Evie discuss the most incredibly animated episode of Digimon Adventure that crosses Mad Max with Xros Wars.Segments Intro: 0.00-0.23Synopsis: 0.24-20.39Discussion: 20.40-43.58Outro: 43.59-50.08Got something cool you wanna
May, Quinn, Evie, and Chloe discuss episode 53 of Digimon Adventure: and how yamete should mean yamate and how onsens aren't for everyone. May also recounts almost being murdered at an Onsen.Segments Intro: 00.00-09.51Synopsis: 09.52-28.14Discu
May and Evie have positive things to say this week and also create their own OC Floramon who is overly extreme.Segments Intro: 00.00-01.26Synopsis: 01.27-27.38Discussion: 27.39-48.11Outro: 48.12-56.35Got something cool you wanna send us?We have
This episode happened. Could basically leave the episode discussion there honestly.No idea who is communing with Aliens in the background noiseSegments Intro: 0.00.00-0.02.38Synopsis: 0.02.39-0.26.18Discussion: 0.26.19-0.56.01Outro: 0.56.02-1.0
I know, I know I've let you downI've been a fool to myselfI thought that I couldlive for no one elseBut now through all the hurt & painIt's time for me to respectthe ones you lovemean more than anythingSo with sadness in my heart(I) feel the be
The animators watched Evangelion one time and decided it was the pinnacle of animation.Segments Intro: 0.00.00-0.02.17Synopsis: 0.02.18-0.22.37Discussion: 0.22.38-0.57.33Outro: 0.57.34-1.07.25Got something cool you wanna send us?We have a PO Bo
Leomon survived somehow, Yamato won't address the vore in the room, and we're apparently having plot again. Maybe?Segments Intro: 0.00.00-0.02.35Synopsis: 0.02.23-0.27.19Discussion: 0.27.20-1.00.38Outro: 1.00.39-1.13.50Got something cool you wa
May, Quinn, and Evie unfortunately have to be awake to talk about a fight between two Red Agomans and not much else.Segments Intro: 00.00-00.32Synopsis: 00.33-25.58Discussion: 25.59-45.43Outro: 45.44-54.33Got something cool you wanna send us?We
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