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Question: Do some people do well on ketosis because they have defective glucose metabolism?I doubt that that's the majority of people that feel good in ketosis, but certainly people with GLUT1 defects need to be on a low-glycemic index diet at
Question: What to do when different folate markers don’t line upYou know, if you have high figlu on the NutrEval, which is Formiminoglutamic acid, which rises when there is Tetrahydrofolate THF, unmethylated folate, to metabolize figlu, and in
Question: Can sulforaphane hurt the thyroid?What I can say is that sulforaphane does generate thiocyanate ions, which do inhibit uptake of iodine into the thyroid and mammary glands. Although that is a matter of the ratio between isothiocyanate
Question: Are the PUFAs in phosphatidylcholine supplements a concern?I don't think so. I think that you're looking at fairly low levels of PUFAs in there, but the way that I see it is yes, we want to restrict PUFA beyond what's needed, but what
Question: Is dairy safe for overmethylators?There's so little methylcobalamin in milk that I think that it is totally insignificant with regards to methyl groups, coming into the methylation cycle. Generally, if you're experiencing over-methyla
Question: Should different macronutrients be eaten at different times of day?No, I don't agree with the principle. I think you want protein spaced out at every meal. And that's because your efficiency in extracting protein for muscle synthesis
Question: Is it OK to take two milligrams a day of MK-4?Two milligrams, I don't have major safety concerns over, but I would prefer for most people who aren't dealing with a clinical soft-tissue calcification issue take more like 200 micrograms
Question: How to feel great on a poor night’s sleep?I would say get rid of the poor night's sleep. And so that's go through the checklist of two to four hours of blue light blocking before bed, up to two to four hour, depending on your needs, p
Question: What supplements should be taken by someone on PPIs?I would first consider what you should do to get off the PPI. And so PPIs Are targeting stomach acid. And so I would first and foremost be thinking of excess histamine might be leadi
Question: Could methylglyoxal be causing elevated fasting glucose in low-carbers?Yes. I did my doctoral dissertation on methylglyoxal so I've covered it in a lot of different contexts, and the basic story is we know that diabetics have high met
Question: Is it important to hit the AI for total omega-6?I think it's totally normal to not meet the AI for Omega-6 and to exceed the AI for Omega-3. Question is really, if you have systemic inflammation going on, you frame this as, should I s
Question: How 30 minutes on the elliptical helps my head and neck tensionSo what the elliptical does is, it doesn't do a whole lot for moving my neck one way or another, but it does a lot for moving my thoracic spine and my shoulders through a
Question: Why does it take time to be fat-adapted when our body already knows how to burn fat?So the body does need time to get fat-adapted because yeah, the body knows how to burn fat, but fat adaptation is not about the body knowing how to bu
Question: What should someone with FH eat if they also have prediabetes?So first of all, it's a separable component of the diet so you need a low-saturated fat, low-cholesterol diet without necessarily eating a low-fat diet. Then second of all,
Question: How should I take zinc if it makes me nauseous?As far as I know, there's no relationship between the nausea and zinc deficiency. I could be wrong, maybe there's research on it I haven't seen or it could be not researched but I don't t
Question: Can familial hypercholesterolemia be managed without statins? I think there's the general perspective that there's no point in having LDL-C be any higher than 50; therefore, since it doesn't matter, let's provide a sufficient margin
Question: Is this a biotin deficiency? Beta-hydroxyisovaleric acid is well-established to be the most sensitive marker of biotin status. And actually typically it's done after leucine challenge, which is, no one does that. And so, generally in
Question: Why do vitamin E requirements stay elevated for four years when we stop eating PUFA? None of this really proves that long-term vitamin E status is compromised, and that will make the clinical effect of PUFA be net negative after four
Question: How long should our fasting windows be?I think someone who eats three meals a day and no snacking is doing a form of intermittent fasting that most people aren't doing. And I don't even have a basis for believing whether that is super
Question: What is the value of third party genetic reports?There are very, very few genes where we have really good information on how they impact nutritional requirements, but we have many, many, many genes where we have decent information on
Question: What is the value of the oxidized phospholipids test?It's interesting to measure, but we don't have real strong data on its correlation to disease risk.  And we also don't really know how much it reflects the oxidation of lipoproteins
Question: Can NADH supplements cram more NADH into the system?The NADH will be hydrolyzed to something along the lines of nicotinamide riboside, it will be absorbed and it will act like nicotinamide riboside does, which will increase the amount
Question: How to avoid losing nutrients in fat thrown out from an organ meat blendI don't think you're going to lose that many nutrients because the 25% fat, 75% lean ground beef mixed with those organs, most of that fat is coming from the marb
Question: How to manage the zinc-to-copper ratio?I don't agree with using the zinc/copper ratio in testing. So it is the case that zinc and copper need to be in a very loose range of ratios. So you don't want your dietary zinc to be more than 1
Question: Milk thistle, sulforaphane, and blood donation for iron overloadIf it's an uptrend, you probably want to do something about it. Someone in that situation could try the Nrf2 stimulators, like milk thistle and sulforaphane. But if it is
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