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We are more disconnected from our food and drink than ever before! Generational cooking skills and food traditions are slowly withering away, and many of us have no idea where our food is actually coming from. That is why we need to start a con
This show will explore the deeper meaning of our relationship with food. We dive into issues related to body image, restriction, bingeing, purging, compulsive exercise, and eating disorder related behaviors. We utilize ideas from psychoanalysis
Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.
Servus, Kıvanç Önder’in konuklu ve uzun format söyleşi podcasti... Mottosu ise şu şekilde: "Hür iradenin, hür ifadenin, çarpışan fikirlerin ve nitelikli söyleşinin podcast hali"Servus’un omurgasında; politik doğruculuktan kaçınma, ‘eldivensiz’
William Davis, MD, cardiologist and author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Wheat Belly books, as well as Undoctored, brings the unvarnished truth about many health conditions. So much information in health is crafted by industry, bent to t
Hosted by Annette Mai White, aka That Veggie Gurl, Let’s Veg About It Podcast is an edutaining environment created to inspire, listeners to cook themselves well and empower them with holistic wellness tools and techniques to help their bodies t
Stress is the inflammation that robs us of life, energy, and happiness. Our typical solutions for gut health and hormones imbalances have let a lot of us down. We’re over medicated and under-served. At the LSL, we are a community of health savv
It’s easy to forget that we are part of nature. But, we are living, breathing organisms. We are walking biomes. This season, Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the science of YOU by traversing the boundary between our bodies and the world around us. Dis
A podcast about health, science, nutrition, aging, and fitness.
Join Brad and Kara as they jump into a new year trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Brad is a longtime lover of all things fast food and prepackaged goodness whereas Kara is a longtime fitness and healthy food enthusiast. However, in the name