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Episodes of Meaningoflife.tv

Unpacking the Dao De Jing's famous opening line, "The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao" ... "The way" as a descriptive and prescriptive moniker ... Rising above the perspective of the moment ... The relationship among Daoism, Confuci
Helen's forthcoming book on gender ... Why are younger women attracted to novel gender theories? ... Social constructivism vs. self-constructivism ... Did feminists bring this upon themselves? ... Helen: Immigration caused Britain's politica
Nikita’s new project, Psychopolitica.com ... A collection of DMT stories ... The drama and the silliness of life as experienced by children ... The ontological status of DMT entities ... Three big pretenses: “I exist,” “I know what’s going on,”
David's new book, That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation ... What does the New Testament actually say about Hell? ... Original sin and the crucifixion of Jesus ... David's case against eternal damnation ... Free will, si
Robert's essay examining whether pansexuality is obligatory ... Orientation vs. desire ... Is the push for trans rights undermining gay and lesbian rights? ... Dan: Sexual attractions can't be subject to moral scrutiny ... Kant and the malleab
In praise of Uncut Gems ... Why does Adam Sandler's dirtbag character evince such sympathy? ... Punishment and forgiveness in narrative storytelling ... In praise of Dolemite Is My Name ... Eddie Murphy's triumphant return to SNL ... Is offen
In a new TEDx talk, Alex calls for a science of UFOs ... Why Bob finds two naval sightings credible ... Alex: "There's some decent chance that these things are alien" ... Alex's proposal for a UFO monitoring system ... Might it be suicidal to
Spencer describes being quarantined in Wuhan, China ... What is "moral realism"? ... Can you be a moral realist and a moral subjectivist at the same time? ... Revisiting Plato's Ring of Gyges ... Dan: There's no evidence of morality beyond per
Skye and Massimo's new co-edited book, with Daniel Kaufman, How to Live a Good Life ... Existentialism's intersections with Stoicism ... How Skye encountered Existentialism while in business school ... Sartre and de Beauvoir's famous attempt t
How Massimo's midlife crisis moved him from biologist to philosopher ... What's the point of philosophy? ... Philosophical doubt as as a counterweight to scientific confidence ... John mistrusts science's yearning for certainty ... Massimo's p
Steve's childhood experiences of euphoria in nature ... Why Steve prefers "wakefulness" to "enlightenment" ... Does being "awakened" make you a better person? ... Steve: "Being a parent is a spiritual path" ... Steve's new book, Spiritual Scien
Defining "moral realism" ... Cognitivists vs. noncognitivists ... Are moral beliefs just expressions of human desires? ... Human happiness is better than human suffering...right? ... Considering whether you can be both a Darwinian and a moral
Why Joe left academia ... Bemoaning the apathy of today's college students ... Joe's nonprofit, the Gotham Philosophical Society ... How can philosophers help improve a place like New York City? ... Should philosophy be parochial or universa
Rhonda's path to meditation and Buddhism ... Rhonda's new book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice ... Is equanimity the enemy of activism? ... Using mindfulness to overcome biases and stereotypes ... How Rhonda deploys contemplative practices in
In praise of non-elite institutions ... Spencer’s journey from Mormonism to professional philosophy ... Does philosophy matter? ... The role of temperament in shaping philosophers’ views ... Does moral philosophy contribute to moral progress? .
Catherine's new book, How to Be an Epicurean ... How Epicureanism is like and unlike utilitarianism ... How the ancient Epicureans viewed nature and reality ... Comparing Epicureanism with its big rival, Stoicism ... On suffering and death
Are philosophers experts? ... Socrates didn't have a PhD ... Massimo hates when teachers claim to learn "just as much" from their students ... What does philosophers' expertise actually consist of? ... How much is philosophy like mathematics? .
Jay's new book, Enlightenment by Trial and Error ... Why Jay embarked on a path of mysticism ... Ayahuasca, unitive experiences, and bad trips ... Jews who are "religious but not spiritual" ... Finding “real happiness” through meditation ...
A new study says empathy can increase political polarization ... How empathy operates in today’s political environment ... Is cognitive empathy a form of intelligence? ... The Machiavellian uses of cognitive empathy ... A counterproductive #Re
How should we define censorship? ... The sort of censorship that has no inherent moral valence ... Various ways non-state actors can censor ... When private censorship has moral stakes ... Examining moral grandstanding ... A changed heart vs.
Meghan’s new book, The Problem with Everything ... The premature obsolescence of Generation X ... Meghan’s positive reaction to negative reviews of her book ... Joan Didion’s critique of the Women’s Movement ... The effect of online porn on Mil
Why Pope John Paul II did not like Roger's book Jesus Symbol of God ... Roger's new book, Faith and Evolution: Grace-Filled Naturalism ... The intractability of the problem of evil ... Ways to understand God not as a big person in the sky ... I
Why many intelligent people think we're living in a simulation ... The philosophical argument that you're probably not real ... How cosmic rays might (and might not) reveal that reality is fake ... Preston's dire warning against trying to dete
Why Crispin loves writing takedowns of cultural icons ... Crispin: Ludwig Wittgenstein is overrated ... Dan objects to people who try to live their lives philosophically ... Hume and the limits of human reason ... Wittgenstein's critique of re
Nick's new book, Automating the News ... Why Nick is not an alarmist about the automation of journalism ... The types of journalism jobs that algorithms can't replace ... Successful collaborations between human journalists and machines ... Th
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