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Sit with your eyes closed and concentrate all of your attention on your heart. Please repeat to yourself as you have in other exercises "I am not my body, I am not my ego - I am my soul" This is your real reality. This is the real nature of yo
The aim of this exercise is to change the habitual way we have walked in the past, and lift the habit into a meditation. A habit that will require no thought, we will just automatically and effortlessly slip into a meditation every time we wal
For this exercise, ideally you will be standing on top of your favourite mountain Stop for a moment and listen, only listen to the universe around you. Hear the music of nature, the sounds of the birds, the leaves in the wind, the grass swaying
All the things that you see, do they help define who you are? The sounds you hear, the things that you touch, do any of those define you? Yet the mind comes out through the physical senses. It paints pictures of the world outside o
Find a candle or a campfire for this exercise. As you gaze into the flame look back in time before anything existed. Our universe began as a huge explosion, the birth of our universe was in fire, it allowed everything to start afresh. It is t
This meditation can be practiced anytime you are in a situation where there are a number of people. Imagine that the people all around you are perfect, perfect souls. Sadly the outer distractions of their lives stop them from feeling their real
This is an exercise in expanding the 'aah' moment. This is what we call those moments of real meditation when perception shifts from the physical to the spiritual. These moments may happen any time, not necessarily in a structured meditation  
You are alone but not lonely as this walking seems more of a contemplation. This desert a place to remove yourself from the distractions of the world. After a time you find yourself at a crossroad and you are immediately aware that this cross
A mantra is a word or a phrase that is repeated over and over as a means of achieving focus and concentration for deep meditation. It can also be known as 'japa meditation'. The failsafe method of meditation is with mantras. No matter how much
Pick up a leaf. Place it in the palm of your hand. Look at how perfect it is. If it is decaying, watch how other little lives are beginning : the bacteria and insects that it is feeding. Look at how the circle of nature continues, how death cr
Music and meditation are inextricably linked. For many seekers music is the entrance to their meditation lifestyle and inescapably intertwined in the way they now regularly approach their higher self. Music may be considered the language of th
Please close your eyes and imagine yourself in the most perfect situation you could create here on earth. You are trying to visualize heaven here on earth. You might imagine yourself as being super-successful in your chosen vocation, or perhaps
Imagine a time before time itself existed. The universe is a symphony of planets, stars and suns but no life. The earth is just a mass of water and rock. You are a tiny drop hurtling through the heavens.   Feel your form drifting upon the wind
Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of a cliff looking out across an ocean. It is just before the dawn on a warm summer’s morning. All around you is still and soundless. Just slivers of starlight sparkling off the waves below saves a pitch-bl
Introduction The meditation exercises are intended to help keep your meditation practice new and fresh. It is usual to find that sometimes your daily meditations aren't as rewarding as perhaps previously, nevertheless, it is crucial to keep pra
Imagine the candle as an entrance way to the vast spiritual dimensions permeating everything, imagine it as the doorway to the inner universe. You might see this candle flame standing at the threshold between the physical and spiritual univers
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