An Audio Drama and Comedy podcast featuring David Devereux and David Pellow
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richardn reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"A thoroughly enjoyable audiodrama and I recommend without reservation"
wilson64m reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"Before I'd listened to Tin Can Audio's previous podcast (simply titled "Tin Can") I assumed that every podcast was just a bunch of people giving their opinions on topics they weren't really qualified to be discussing. I had written off podcasting as an art form completely. Tin Can really changed my mind, showing me that podcasting is a medium through which artists can express themselves and tell a story. Middle:Below is further proof of this and I am so glad that I am a listener. Great cast, great scripting, great production. If you like well-written stories with atmosphere, look no further. I can't wait to see them at one of their live shows."
Vonlowe reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"Just going to say that I laughed before the beginning credits! I've currently listened to the first episode, but I'm definitely coming back for more! Top notch music and ambience - and the whole team are just lovely amazing people who made a great show!"
RogBest reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"A very well written, incredibly and ingeniously crafted podcast with some brilliant voice acting that leaves you wanting to know more about all the characters. All the while, laughing along and trying to not be scared by some of the ghosts/ spirits/ monsters encountered along the way. Plus, there's a cat. What's not to love?!"
Angelamarie32 reviewed this podcast 10 days ago
"Such a delightful listen! I especially like the cat’s snarky interactions with the main character. If you like light hearted ghosts, good writing and good voice acting, you’ll like this one!"
SarahOfGolding reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Love love love The comedy horror podcast lovers never had it so good. Master Devereaux and team are audiodrama gems and if you haven’t listened to this yet GET TOIT - it’s a treat for sure "
Julie1963 reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this series and was lucky enough to see the live broadcast in Glasgow. Created by talented , resourceful, entertaining and inspirational young people . I look forward to listening to future podcasts and following them on this amazing journey . "
mightywench reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Adorable podcast that always makes my heart a littler lighter. A go to listen for me on crabby days that always improves my mood."
JoJoMint5678 reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"The ‘Pringles’ of the podcast world! Absolutely brilliant and I always want more. Well done! "
JimmySprinkles reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Having met the team last week at UKPodCon. I gave this a go and wasn't disappointed. One episode in and I already plan on bingeing the rest tomorrow. I'm relatively new to the world of audiodrama podcasts but this one rates extremely high in my book - #fangirlingtweetsarecomeing..."
SpecsAK reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Great writing, fascinating story and premise and the audio work is a superb! Highly recommended!"
LilSammySnipSnop reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"No offence to other podcasts, but pretty much all other podcasts are SH*T compared to this (apart from another excellent podcast called Tin Can). Don't waste your time listening to any other podcasts just listen to this one (and Tin Can too) as nothing really compares. It's really really really really really really really really good"
Lumberjackson reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"I absolutely love this show! The story is really original and the characters are original and really well written and acted! It’s spooky, funny and addictive!"
HappySts reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"This is such a great show! The characters are intriguing and the show is super atmospheric! Plus there’s a cat and cats rule!"
lunaraptor reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Finally had a chance to start listening to this audio drama - already love! Fascinating story, charming characters, and wonderful sound - completely draws the listener in!"
SnazzyTapir reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Witty and atmospheric, Middle:Below is a brilliant audio drama with a quirky premise and lovable characters. I am particularly fond of Sans the cat!"
Dr_Dan_MD reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"This is a bloody lovely and well produced podcast. Had the absolute pleasure of attending their live show in January 2019 and it really demonstrated the writing capabilities, acting quality and audio prowess this show is capable of. Only complaint - I WANT MORE. "
CaptainRyMM reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"This a beautiful written story with lovable characters and a cat! There's a mystery that is yet to be discovered but we do know "bad things will happen" ♥️"
Alllexia reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"The sound is extremely good. It is full of sound effects that make the world feel alive and vibrant and it is loud enough to listen to it during my commute. The story is well-acted, the dialogue sounds natural and the characters feel like real people from the first moment. My favourite part about it is how fast and easy the world and story caught shape and engrossed me."
Emariewallis reviewed this podcast 11 days ago
"Great podcast! Interesting story and amusing characters. I’m looking forward to seeing where the story leads!"
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Oct 30th, 2017
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Feb 12th, 2019
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