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Published author and educator Craig Dunham joins me to break down Obama's statement against identity politics. From there, we dive into education, civility and why ancient philosophy is so vital to a distracted, dumbed down culture. 
Actress (The Chi) and upcoming talk show host Felicity Joy Solomon unpacks her conservative beliefs...and explains why the controversial black conservative movement, like Candace Owens and Kanye West, are gaining so much attention in 2018. 
Note: Had an audio issue...gets better at minute 26.    "I just can not help but categorize the complete cancellation of the Roseanne show as an overreaction. Not to mention the loss of syndication for the old episodes. There are so many people
Rapper Meek Mill pulls out of a meeting with President Trump over prison reform. It's one of the most overlooked stories of the week, and the main point of differing with my guest Melvin Taylor, a NYC radio and TV host who was formerly a studen
I thought this podcast was done. But when I went to delete it, I found that it was still getting hundreds of downloads.  I guess I should explain. I started Neighbors Again as a way to find common ground in an increasingly divided America. At t
Adam Kail is the CEO and founder of Harrison Gray Search and Brothers Leather Supply. He's also one of the five most popluar guests on Neighbors Again so far :) In this episode, Adam breaks down the proposed tax reforms, and goes into detail ab
This is an absolute must hear. Brian Owens is the most inspiring person I've had on Neighbors Again to date. Connect with Brian: website. Rolling Stone Feature. Twitter. Facebook. 
Connect with BJ on Twitter. Check out BJ's organization Build a Better Us.  Listen to my other shows: Stronger Together (Sunday nights at 9pm eastern/8pm central on "Shine.FM Podcasts" if you're not using native iTunes)  The C
Haydn Shaw is one of the most brilliant business minds I've ever met, and my co-host on the career oriented podcast The Consultant and the Millenial. Hopefully you can find that show on iTunes or wherever you download podcasts by the time this
Drew Griffin is a fellow writer for Relevant Magazine and penned an article entitled "Do We Love Amendments More than People" after the Vegas shooting. The article link seems to be broken at the moment...but we try to find some common ground be
Ruslan Karaoglanov immigrated Southern California with his family as a young child.He learned the immigrant work ethic from his parents and hip hop from the neighborhood.  Which is a story we've heard before. What makes Ruslan unique is that hi
Griffin Jackson lived in Lebenan, a place where up to 1/3 of the entire (albiet tiny) nation is made up of refugees.  For two people who share a very similar worldview and generally agree on how to handle the refugee crisis, we find a lot to di
Haydn Shaw is one of the foremost experts in America on generations...and also the other half of my new business podcast, The Consultant and the Millennial. (If you didn't get it, he's the consultant, I'm the Millennial). The name is screwed up
This episode was recorded on Thursday, 8/28...when Trump's Afghanistan plan was the biggest news in the nation. Within 24 hours of recording, Hurricane Harvey hit, Trump pardoned Joe Apiro, and declared that he would go after Dreamer immigrants
Chris Spangle is hilarious, and one of the hosts of one of the best, most well thought out (and yet most irreverant) podcasts in the Libertarian space, We Are Libertarians. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, my new podcast with Hay
One of the side effects of the events in Charlottsville is the cry to tear down monuments of George Washington in Chicago and to have Mount Rushmore blown to bits. But what does erasing our past do to democracy? Neighbors Again is raising money
It took me four full days to be able to sit down and tackle this topic. I'm sure I'll have guests on to discuss this tragedy moving forward, but first...I had to just hop on a mic and talk about 10 questions and responses around the events in C
Last week, a Mosque in Minnesota was bombed. Five years ago, a mentally ill man killed several Sikhs at a temple near Milwaukee. Multiple Hindus have been murdered by White Supremacists this year. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims hold to very differen
Rapper Derek Minor (@thederekminor) joins me to talk about Colin Kaepernick's lack of signing to the NFL, and the complexities of speaking out as a person in the public eye. We start by talkingabout article I wrote in Relevant Magazine, so if y
  My friend Beowulf (@nowitsthenews) helped build a Conservative talk radio empire, even as his own politics skewed further towards Bernie Sanders land.    A conversation about real news, fake news, responsible news...and whether or not those a
Tyler Sickmeyer and I met in an Nashville Starbucks. Six hours later, i ran into him again, when he showed me a fresh tattoo and told me he was quitting college. Connect with Tyler: Check out Tyler's podcast, The
...and so begins a new experiment. Got something to say? If you're interesting, then there's a place for you on the show. Ian Philpot (@IPhilpot ) thought I was liberal bashing, so I asked him on the show to see what he meant by that. This one
Kyleann Hunter (@RambaKy) is a former Marine and current PhD student with legislative experience. We dive into Trump's tweets about trans soldiers, and what the trans issue looks like in the day to day operations of the military, as well as wha
Big moments from this episode:  Even people who make movies and TV for Netflix aren't really sure what success looks like in the Netflix age.  How boxer Lil B Hop went from living in one of the worst neighborhoods in America to acting in a movi
Yes, this is two CFO episodes in a row. Christina Butler-Triem (well, just Christina Butler in 2nd grade), is an elementary school friend that I lost track of when my family moved to the north side of Pike County, IL. Since then, she became one
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