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A weekly Technology, Podcasting and Hobbies podcast featuring Dean Giles
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Glazed Toenut – with Acadia EinsteinGuest:  Acadia Einstein Strangeful Things Podcast https://strangefulthings.com https://strangeful.libsyn.com Castle Rock Historical Societyhttps://crhistorical.com Personal https://twitter.com/Acadia https
Brussels Sprouts: The Tom Cruise of VegetablesGuest:  Squirrelly Mat Produce Stand Podcast https://theproducestandpod.com/ https://twitter.com/ProduceStandPod https://found.ee/ProduceStandPod Personal https://twitter.com/TheDudeNorth https://
There Might Be NipplesShow: John Gruden Vampires (Spike vs Cassidy coming up on Disputed) James Bond v Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) Janet Jackson’s nipple Football Hockey Hemp dog treats Moving Strippers Religion Devil’s Advocate Next Week:  Squirre
Tom Cruise’s Butt Cocaine – w/Jay Smith of A History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Film and Rock ‘n’ RollShow:Guest:  Jay Smith of A History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Film and Rock ‘n’ RollLinks!: https://rocknfilmnrock.libsyn.com https://linktr.ee/justthewors
Your MotherShow: DogsBean’s bladder infection FootballPete Carroll Ted LassoApple TV Comedian who says “your mother” in a back-East accent Kevin Meaney Carlos Mencia Cedric The Entertainer Next Week:  Jay Smith from A History of Rock n’ Roll
Deep Diving into DsShow: Don’s football non-trip Seahawks / Cowboys Ted Lasso Apple TV Phones 9/11 9/11 – One Day in America (Hulu) Flag weaponization Trump boxing match – Tito Ortiz/Evander Holyfield Physical and mental health Diabetes Depre
Spinning Tassels with Moxie LaBouche (Your Brain on Facts)Guest:  Moxie LaBoucheWhere to find: www.moxielabouche.com www.yourbrainonfacts.com Show: Life narrators VO work Letterkenny / Jared Keeso Unhealthy obsessions Gear / sound setup Going
Brock Lesnar’s Baby Voice – With Tim Farley (Armbar Audio)Guest:  Tim FarleyWhere to find:All links:  https://linktr.ee/ArmbarAudio Show: PodScure Podcast Network Don’s Covid Bowling/Fingering balls Scars Sex toys TikTok Tom M(AGA)acDonald Cri
40 Blocks of Shenanigans – with Tim Farley from Armbar AudioGuest:  Tim FarleyWhere to find:All links:  https://linktr.ee/ArmbarAudio Show: PodScure Podcast Network Wrestling Tom Cruise Cleveland Olympics Disputed MTV Weed Exercise\\punching t
Crazy Food SlitsShow: Don’s meds Dean’s eyes James Bond Henry Cavil Superheroes Disputed Podcast The Boondocks Podcast Letterkenny Live! Armbar Audio Podcast Podcasters Don’s apprentice Are they autistic, or just an asshole? “Friends” Podcastin
Hapkido Happenings – with Danielle from Trash Talking PodcastGuest:  Danielle Sauers Twitter: https://twitter.com/dhsauno https://twitter.com/trashtalkingpod https://twitter.com/ncletterkenny IG: https://www.instagram.com/dhsauno/ https://www
Don’t Press The Shiny Red ButtonShow: Punching Nazis Health problems The cost of healthcare Heavy Metal (the movie and soundtrack) Critical Race Theory The different flavors of generations KISS vs Heart Categories the USA is #1 for. Show Music:
The Remake of The Lost Podcast – with The MariJayne MavenGuest:  The MariJayne Maven Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariJayneMaven https://twitter.com/BoondocksPod IG: https://www.instagram.com/themarijaynemaven/ https://www.instagram.com/menag
Don’t Eat Crap Cake Crap cake Migraines Pandemic/shut-down Politics/3rd parties Tattletale dogs Guns\\Wild Wild West Boring horror movies Gore vs Nudity\\Sex Militia 42 Rebooting the universe The bane that is religion Flat-Earthers Occam’s Razo
It’s Always Sunny in Letterkenny – with Al GregoThis weeks guest:  Al Grego PersonalTwitter:  https://twitter.com/pftw Produce Stand Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ProduceStandPod Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ProduceStandPod Sho
Sweeping the Back Porch – with Lynxi KeiThis weeks guest:  Lynxi Kei PersonalTwitter:  https://twitter.com/lynxi_kei Trash Talking Podcast WWW:  https://trashtalkingpod.com/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TrashTalkingPod The Boondocks P
Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Rails – with Demond ThompsonThis weeks guest:  Demond Thompson Demond Does Podcast Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DemondDoes Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DemondDoes A Different World PodcastTwitter: 
Kim Coates Shouldn’t Listen To This EpisodeMay 12, 2021 Getting back to Normalcy Cheers vs Friends vs Seinfeld Drinking What We Do In The Shadows Superhero movies/TV shows Dean & Tiara moving to Portland Working with people you don’t like Being
•Problems with editing the last episode•Trump says so many crazy things that pretty much anything is believable now•NEED SOME GUESTS•Getting outside of comfort zone•Dean meeting lots of folks from the Black podcasting community•Integrating podc
•Welcome Back…Kotter?•2020 – The Thing•The Shit Show – AKA, the debate•International Podcasters Day•The Boondocks Podcast•Mental health•Fargo the movie vs. Fargo the TV show•Grumpy Don•The Yellow Submarine•“Unprecedented”•Vote•Viva Revolucion!•
Migraines, strokes, dogs passing, pandemics, etc...These and many other things are discussed....  Things like POO HOLES!!!We've missed you all.Music by:  Monkeyshorts (Seattle, WA)
Don hasn't shot anyone in Everett Voting this election SUCKS! Douglas Adams' view on leaders and religion Robert E. Lee was a traitor. Other statues Which god would you pick? Misinformation about the viros Amway stake in Hydroxychloroquine But
GET THE FUCK HOME! 45 is a COWARD! Working from home Reacting to others during this time Don's quick break Don's got cramps Peru, Paraguay, Pomegranate, or Portugal Mom's spaghetti Mouth-breathers NFL draft plans Tom Brady is the greatest thin
Things chatted about in this episode: Gettin' busy Tattoo art Quitting smoking Overdosing on LSD Stephen King and Joe Hill Locke & Key Stan Lee Prodigal Son Stumptown Prank shows suck Hunters Don's Coronavirus conspiracy theory Political talk S
Things chatted about in this episode: Don's shrink-to-fit jeans Salads The difference between KS and MO Shameless - US Letterkenny How Are Ya Now? Jess Salgueiro Lucifer Schitt's Creek Tiara's birthday weekend Bloody Mary's Death Stranding Bord
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