Episode 206: The New Mutants Trailer & Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Review

Released Monday, 16th October 2017
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MillennialJordan reviewed this episode on Oct 19th, 2017
"I rated this already, but this podcast is so good it deserves another one. So this show is fucked up, but the good kind of fucked up. The kind of fucked that will make you think you are fucked up. Which let’s face it, we all are...if you want good info, latest news, crazy ****, and laugh your **** off in public with people looking at you crazy while doing it? This is the show for you. Once again, it’s not a podcast, it’s a lifestyle. "
Stickels5992 reviewed this episode on Oct 19th, 2017
"so good"
Sticks017 reviewed this episode on Oct 19th, 2017
"Pop Culture Leftovers is the best pop culture podcast around. Brian, Jake, and sometimes Frank are so funny and entertaining to listen to, regardless of the subject they are talking about. I dont even care that they dont always get right into the advertised content. I also love that the podcast is so long every week. They are able to cover all of the awesome pop culture, TV, and Movie topics. If like things like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, or the CW-Arrowverse, this is the podcast for you!"
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