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PT004: Opening Relations With Cuba

Released Monday, 26th January 2015
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Fred and Jeremy discuss why bringing proper documentation and a fat wad of cash to the Chinese Consulate would be a good idea; why the Sundance Film Festival is better than Christmas; and how soon everyone will be able to travel like Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The US Government is planning to relax travel restrictions to Cuba, allowing more Americans to visit. What demographic of travelers will make this trek? How will American tourism help the Cuban culture? And a question for you to reflect on for the rest of your day: What will this do to the price of Cuban cigars?

In This Episode

  • 01:20 Important update regarding the Tortuga Air

  • 05:29 10 year Chinese visas

  • 08:00 Treat yo’self: Jeremy’s Sundance excursion

  • 12:03 Cuba/US relations

  • 18:18 What the new rules really mean

  • 20:55 The future dynamic of Cuban travelers

  • 22:55 Open tourism affecting Cuban culture

  • 28:59 Would you go to a country with a travel ban in place?

  • 34:50 Word to the Wise

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