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SMACtalk 43: Apple Goes Back To The Future, 4" iPhone?

Released Tuesday, 10th May 2016
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Apple is releasing a four inch phone?! Back to the future indeed! In this episode Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman debate the logic behind this surprising product launch and make comedic references to the early days of mobile and the popular movie Zoolander.
Brian kicks off the conversation by recapping the evolution of the iPhone. What started as a phone with a music player evolved to a phone with a limitless amount of apps to a device we heavily rely on for all aspects of life. Phones today give us access to anything and everything - anywhere.
Does phone size correlate to improved functionality?
The technology and innovation behind some of the most vital parts of a mobile phone, memory chip and battery, have shrunk. To increase functionality we no longer have to increase the size of the device. Going backwards in size does not reflect the usefulness of the new iPhone or its ability to complement other choices in your mobile workflow.
Does fashion dictate mobile device design?
Daniel insightfully points out that the smaller build of the new iPhone may have been dictated by fashion trends. Large devices simply don’t fit into everyday clothing items. Or is it simply the fact that iPad sales have suffered since the release of the iPhone 6 Plus.
It seems likely that the smartphone will become the central hub for human connectedness. Question for you - will your future smartphone be bigger or smaller than the current phone in your pocket? Tune in to see what Brian and Daniel have to say!
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