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Clarity + Confidence Coach Carrie Riggin shares ALL about how to STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK. How to finally make some monay from your purpose!  Some hot topics from ep: Creating from lack vs. confidence How to leave your job and work with yo
Dr. Mary Schuster is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Women’s Health Coach. Also a yogi, Pilates instructor + lover of all movement.    In this episode, we dive deep into topics of: Birth control - when it's good, and when it's not (+ wha
In this episode, I am happy to share a bit about my journey with food + body. I share how to get out of a funk when you are in one (with your body/eating), why you may be over eating or eating in a way that you don't want to be, and how to just
The title says it all hehe. We are multidimensional beings, and sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we want to box in "who we are" with a label. But sometimes we need that reminder... that we can BE multiple "types" of people! The options are e
I'M BACK I'M BACK ... wait did you know I am back?  Have been missing my SS pods, and after a basically year (#2020) hiatus, we are back. Excited to share this good one with you - I think you will resonate. You know those "things" you do, that
I love this episode because it's about a few things: -Emotions not being who you are as a person -Living life day to day -Not labeling your emotions to be something that they may not have to be Tune in for some good wisdom on the above.   
Sign up for Danielle's 7 Day Path to Activating Your Inner Healer Program here: (you won't want to miss this one!) https://af.secomapp.com/the-moon-medicine/register   In this episode, I have Healer Danielle Mcghee on the podcast to talk all
I love this episode today - I loooovee talking about intuition. Today this episode is going to give you some insight on how to just make your life a bit easier, by being able to HEAR and KNOW what you need. Get rid of the "shoulds", and hear th
Hi all - today I felt inspired to come out with an episode on what I was feeling in this exact moment. A little heavy, a little agitated. So let's talk it out - let's chit chat about being annoyed and let's give that annoyed feeling some permis
Hi all! Today's episode is a HUGE worth the listen type of episode. I interview author Kate Rose on her book "You Only Fall in Love Three Times". I LOVED this book - mostly because Kate focused on the importance of growing through relationships
Ask questions and find possibilities! What if you dove into an area you wouldn't normally dive into, what you if  you asked questions you wouldn't normally ask? If you don't let yourself expand and explore, you will stay the same. Which is just
This episode is for those times when you want to "check out" of the world, or maybe just feel bleh. I'll share a few tips for taking a u-turn from that binge, over-dranken bottle, or what not. Let's talk check-in.    If you love this episode,
This episode takes a quote from Steve Jobs that I abssssolut love. Made that word up people duh. Listen to this episode because it is short and will give you a boost of "oh duh, I think I need to stop worrying too much again" reminders.    If
Welcome back ya'll! Woohoo. We're back in biz.  In this episode, I'll catch up with you a bit + we will have a conversation about this crazy interesting time we are all in right now #pandemic2020.  Talk to you inside!    If you love this ep
Short little ep to share with you how to find passion in anything you are doing! Not much to say for this one, the under 10 minutes of this will speak for it's self ;) I will catch you in March for season 2! Until then, subscribe to be notified
HAPPY NEW YEARS! In this mid-season episode, I have a few of my season one guests on and we are chatting about "2019 reflections" + themes of 2020 we are cultivating. This is a juicy little mini ep filled with great thought provoking questions
In this lil pod, you'll hear me talking to myself, while also walking around in the dark (by the sound of what I am saying, it was dark LOL) and in leaves (definitely in leaves by the sound of my feet). I decided to take this old recording from
To be honest, I just made up the title of this pod. LOL. I decided it's time to come back and give you something little once a week - now that I've had some resting time I'm excited to be ramping up for season 2 (some amaazzzzingg guests this u
Here it is ya'll! The finale of season one to my little baby SoulSpeak. In this episode I go over what the theme of my who season one seemed to be: Embracing, allowing, and o w n i n g. So excited to share some finale season one last words with
What would you do if you fell off of a 50-foot waterfall and seriously could have died? This episode is a little different for a few reasons... 1. Heather Friesen aka my long time love is the guest 2. Heather Friesen aka my long time love went
Giveaway for 50! Sign up to be notified www.thesoulspeakco.com/podacst Yes, yes I did add a digital heart into my podcast show title. I CAN DO THAT. I am excited about this episode ya'll! 50 is a happy number and also means SoulSpeak is gettin
THE ANSWER. We all have these crazy "what if's" "what shoulds" etc. etc. fill in the blank x 10. How do we just choose? How do we just listen to what our "inner voice" is saying? This episode just screams SoulSpeak The podcast, I feel a little
EEK! In this episode, you will get your little booty kicked (because we all need it). Sara Dann, biz coach, joins me in this episode to share her amazingly broad knowledge on getting things done and achieving your financial goals. You will hear
"She not only saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but she became that light for others." -This ep is brought to you by a random quote on my bullet board. Thank you, board. Since I already gave you the quote, you'll have to listen to the epi
Let's get cock - y. Had to. This episode is all about giving yourself permission to know how AMAZING you are. To do more than know, but to fully own and embrace your amaziness and literally let yourself thrive from just that alone. In this ep y
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