State of the Empire: A Lucasfilm Podcast

A Star Wars, Film and TV podcast

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A Star Wars speculation podcast, where we “Look For News in Alderaan Places!”

Head to a galaxy far, far away and jump straight down the garbage chute for the latest news and rumors from the Star Wars Universe. We'll do anything to get a scoop, even make it up! And that's not all - we've got Indy Inquiry and Willow Watch, our segments dedicated to Indiana Jones and the Lucasfilm fantasy epic, Willow!

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There's a lot to #Solobrate right now. We've got a new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and in Denny's across America, galactic gourmands can treasure the taste of the the inner rim.But are these Co-Reactor Pancakes drizzled with as many shocking revelations about the forthcoming film as the juicy …

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Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Just ask Lord & Miller.To celebrate 50 episodes of State of the Empire, Cap went out to L.A. to hang with Matt and storm Lucasfilm for Solo intel. And... well, though we didn't end up like the Bothan spies, at least they had something to show for …


When it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story intel, we're still scraping the bottom of the bantha bin. That's why, in typical State of the Empire fashion, we're putting our snouts where they don't belong and rounding up some unusual suspects: advertising partners. Will you quench your 5-0-Thirst in a …


We've often heard that in the Lucasfilm archives nothing goes to waste.We knew that Solo's story samples from an abandoned plot thread from The Empire Strikes Back, we'd noticed similarities between early drafts and some events from The Last Jedi, but folks it turns out we don't know the half of …


Rebels ushered in the Disney era of Star Wars and in four seasons has become one of the most beloved corners of the galaxy far, far away. This series has literally and figurative bridged the era of the prequels and the original trilogy, introduced incredible characters who've redefined the story of …